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New Wind Generation Technology Produces 6 Times More Energy
New fluorescent nanovesicles for intracellular biomarker detection
Meet the Reborn Moke, a Beguiling Buggy That Brings Attitude to Your Beach Commute
Wabtec unveils world’s first 100% battery-electric freight train
Dementia Patients Used Morse Code Training to Escape From a Senior Living Facility
Tarform begins delivering its slick-looking US-built electric motorcycles
These homes are off-grid and climate resilient. They’re also built out of trash
What Will Happen to the Sun?
This self-sustainable expanding trailer is a complete solution designed for urban nomads
This 3D printed portable toilet is made from recycled plastic!
AMD “Renoir-X” Ryzen 4700÷4500÷4300 processors get rumored specs
Leverage AI to Identify Valuable NFTs
China to cultivate over 200,000 new high-tech SMEs
Innovative New Algorithms Advance the Computing Power of Early-Stage Quantum Computers
An early outburst portends a star’s imminent death
Record-breaking molecular magnet
Shrinking qubits for quantum computing with atom-thin materials
Hackers Use Cloud Services to Distribute Nanocore, Netwire, and AsyncRAT Malware
The next phase of remote work will be even more disruptive
Quantum computing startup with executive office in Cary raises $15M, launches first-generation computer
Advances in theoretical modeling of atomic nuclei
Sunman builds gigafactory for its lightweight modules
Coal-hungry Indiana’s largest-capacity solar farm is about to come online
Ginsburgs Give to Create New Quantum Center and Building at Caltech
Ultralight Headsets Could Finally Make VR Comfortable
Observability: How AI will enhance the world of monitoring and management
North Korean hackers stole a record-breaking amount of cryptocurrency last year
Look! The James Webb Space Telescope is beyond the Moon
Russia’s Tu-160M strategic missile carrier made its first flight
OpenAI makes GPT-3 universally available to developers
1,000-cycle Lithium-Sulfur Battery Could Quintuple Electric Vehicle Ranges
Report: 69% of enterprises embrace quantum computing
LEGO DeLorean is a stunning replica of the classic with glowing lights and opening gullwing doors!
Are 3D-Printed Schools a Solution to Africa’s Classroom Shortage?
Mysterious Cosmic “Spider” Found To Be Source of Powerful Gamma-Rays
Physicists discover ‘secret sauce’ behind exotic properties of new quantum material
Tesla expands Gigafactory Nevada solar array toward goal to become world’s biggest
New insight into the internal structure of the proton
Kitty Hawk Flying Car
Golden opportunity: Savvy business alliances propel the robotics sector
Are robotic kitchens the future of food?
CycleBoard Rover review: A strange yet exciting mashup of an electric scooter and a skateboard
A treasure map for the realm of electrocatalysts
Digital influencers herald a new era of branding
Smart food packaging keeps food fresh and reduces waste
Lazzarini Design’s gargantuan helium-powered airship glides on water too
Why Do Machine Learning Models Die In Silence?
AI Adoption Skyrocketed Over the Last 18 Months
Facebook’s hyperscale data center warms Odense
Scientists find ‘strange metal’ that behaves in ways they don’t understand
Robotic exoskeleton gives prosthetic legs a power boost
Symmetries Reveal Clues About the Holographic Universe
A Team Is Developing Robotic Arms to Feed People With Spinal Injuries
Podbike to begin delivering its four-wheeled enclosed electric bike-car this year
A coffee table that holds an electric fireplace is the ultimate winter essential
Woodside pitches massive solar and battery plant, minuscule dent in emissions
How John Deere created its autonomous tractor
3D-printed homes will soon be built in Brevard and a robot will do the job
MIT Physicists Detect Strange Hybrid Particle Held Together by Uniquely Intense “Glue”
Predicting the next NBA MVP using Machine Learning
Prager Metis sets up first CPA firm in metaverse
Oculus Quest Now Supports Hassle-Free Wireless SteamVR Gaming
Raspberry Pi system can detect viruses on other devices without use of software
Expo 2020: Nevomo’s tech upgrades existing railway tracks for high-speed supertrains
An autonomous drone helps save the life of a cardiac arrest patient
Powerful New Superpower Molecule Could Revolutionize Science
Rivian’s Next EV Could Be an E-Bike
New York to Spend $500 Million to Fuel Boom in Offshore Wind
Diminished reality flips the script on AR
Remember IBM’s Amazing Watson AI? Now It’s Desperately Trying to Sell It Off
Making a Social Impact With Crowdsourcing
This Lazy ‘SlothBot’ Could Change Conservation Forever
Is Space Pixelated? The Quest for Quantum Gravity
Sun Metals taps gravity energy storage tech in shift to “green zinc”
Xage lands $30M to bring identity security to ‘real world’ infrastructure
These Boston Dynamics Robots Perform Parkour Maneuvers to Push Their Limits
Heatherwick Studio’s 1,000 Trees opens in Shanghai
Meta delays return to office to an optimistic March 28
Drones in N.Y. Corridor Can Fly Beyond Visual Line of Sight #drone #droneday
These Will Be the Earliest Use Cases for Quantum Computers
Start UK Rollout Of Zero-Emission Jets This Decade
Hyundai’s vision for the future explained in 8 minutes (with Metaverse, Boston Dynamics)
Europe’s first carbon negative biorefinery opens in Istanbul
Zaha Hadid Architects: Masters of Recessed Lighting
This tiny home on wheels uses colourful windows to create a fun space for a young family
Responding To The Washington Post Hatchet Job On Electric Cars & Winter Driving
Google’s Child Abuse Detection Tools Can Also Identify Illegal Drawings of Children
Breakthrough could help you 3D print OLED screens at home
Formlabs’ new 3D printers are 40 percent faster
Core i9-12900HK Beats Threadripper 1950X In Cinebench R20 Benchmark
CES: Samsung Announces World’s First 240Hz 4K Gaming Monitor
Poland: Contracts for 135 PV farms signed
Solar shingles you can nail to a roof unveiled by GAF Energy
Samsung’s entry into smart projectors is here to replace your TV, speaker, as well as your lamp!
How combining human expertise and AI can stop cyberattacks
3D-printed home cuts construction time from 4 weeks to 28 hours, says Habitat for Humanity
Mathematicians Transcend Geometric Theory of Motion
Report: Computer vision teams worldwide say projects are delayed
The Long Wait for Community Solar in Washington State
Sweden Pushes For Real Green Steel
5G is Poised to Revolutionize Many Sectors, From Agriculture to Medical
What 1000-X faster simulation means for digital twins
Hyundai tells CES it’s bringing robotics into metaverse
ISun Wins Contract For 1,780 Solar Canopies At EV Charging Stations
Hands-on with Nreal Light, One of the First Consumer-available AR Glasses
What is the smart factory? The impact of factory 4.0 on manufacturing
RWE and Audi to build energy storage facility with second-life EV batteries
Ambarella launches 16-core CV3 AI chip for autonomous vehicles
A Chinese Lab Has Claimed a Major Breakthrough in 6G: 206 Gigabits per Second
CES: Intel Announces Core i9-12900KS at 5.5GHz and 22 Other Alder Lake CPUs
Samsung takes a stab at its own immersive metaverse store
Researchers develop carbon-air battery as a next-gen energy storage system
JFrog researchers find JNDI vulnerability in H2 database consoles similar to log4shell
Powerful Lasers Have Put Us at the ‘Threshold’ of Nuclear Fusion Ignition
Historical Cooking Sim ‘Lost Recipes’ Coming to Quest January 27th
The future of clothing could save your life
A New Theory for Systems That Defy Newton’s Third Law
Evading the uncertainty principle in quantum physics
Last Week in AI #149: AI enables brain interface for robot control, Deep Learning suffers from overinterpretation, and more!
Japan set to develop railguns to counter hypersonic missiles
China’s ‘Artificial Sun’ Just Broke a Major World Record For Plasma Fusion
New York State’s governor calls for 100% electric school buses by 2035
Making quantum computers even more powerful
Coming to a Mall Nearby? RoboCop Isn’t Just Fiction Anymore
A Neural Network Solves, Grades & Generates University-Level Mathematics Problems
Affordable solar homes — a solution for homeowner poverty & net-zero housing!
Why AR, not VR, will be the heart of the metaverse
Solar model project for reconstructing flood-hit area in Germany and Belgium
Old Coal Plant Site to Be Transformed Into a Walkable City
IBM Has Created The Largest Ever Superconducting Quantum Computer
An “Uncrashable Car”? Luminar and Volvo Say They Are Close
This Compressed Air Grid ‘Battery’ Is an Energy Storage Game Changer
Nvidia unveils Omniverse free version for millions of creators and artists
John Deere breaks new ground with self-driving tractors you can control from a phone
Razer’s latest absurd concept is a modular workstation with a 65-inch OLED
Scientists Created The First ‘Liquibot’ That Runs Without Electricity
In a ‘world first,’ battery-grade lithium, vital for EVs, is produced from mica in granite
546-acre film studio expected to open in Bastrop in 2023
Solar Farms Could Boost Bumblebee Populations, Study Says
Individual artificial intelligence: A new technology that will change our world
World’s First Small Modular Nuclear Reactor Starts Producing Energy in China
How DevOps platform Zeet accelerates application deployment
The Autonomous Electric Ferry Concept Glimpses the Future of Public Transportation
Changing the properties of ferroelectric materials
A New Sodium-Ion Battery Could Speed Up Our Rush for More Solar Power
AI could repair the damage done
49.9 MW solar farm with biodiversity enhancements
New smart mailbox is built for drone deliveries
Start-up of 22nd Run at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC)
Stanford Researchers Bring “Dead” Lithium Back To Life
H-Tec Systems researches mass production of PEM electrolysers
Bluetti launched the world’s first sodium-ion solar generator
LG’s latest indoor gardening appliance stands at 3 feet tall and will automatically grow all your plants for you
Western Australia’s Solar SPS Push Continues
This ground-breaking water jet could jump-start the electric boats revolution
This Microsoft Model Excels at Common Sense Reasoning
Self‐healing crystal voids in double perovskite nanocrystal
Old Martiki mine in Kentucky to be turned into a 200MW solar farm
Researchers are working toward more transparent language models
This automated wall-climbing robot was designed by Hausbots to streamline home-construction projects
DBPOWER’s portable power station has 18W USB-C/250W AC at $135, more in New Green Deals
These new nailable solar shingles are installed like a traditional roof
Blink introduces seven new charging products at CES including plug & charge and V2G technology
Fine-Tuning the BART Large Model for Text Summarization
Harnessing programming techniques to improve R scripts
Physicists “cautiously optimistic” about CERN evidence for new funda
Making Hydrogen Generator From Washers And a Water Bottle
Sunovation supplies stunning solar roof for Moscow
SLAC building the world’s brightest X-ray laser
The 126-Rotor Windcatcher Will ‘Dramatically Slash Costs’ for Wind Energy
Kids build DIY microscope from LEGO & cheap phone parts
Elusive Ethics: Robotic Warfare and Autonomous Weapons
Huawei FusionSolar 2021: All-scenario PV & Storage Solution
‘World’s Fastest PC’ Hits 100 KPH Packing Core i9-12900K and RX 6900 XT
AMD Ryzen 9 6980HX 6nm “Rembrandt” mobile processor brings 5.0 GHz to Zen architecture for the first time
New search and rescue drone listens for human screams
Cyclists’ biometric data could show us how to make streets safer
Shanghai doubles down on the metaverse
China to cut new energy vehicle subsidies
Virgin Galactic gets greenlight to fly space tourists
World’s First Festive Snow Globe That Generates Its Own Snow Is Here
With Webb’s Mid-Booms Extended, Sunshield Takes Shape
Chemicals Left Over from Early Earth Might Be Sitting Near Core
This transforming autonomous fleet of electric car pods is built for socializing in 2050
A four-legged soft robot that doesn’t need any electronics to work
Predicting the Difficulty of Texts Using Machine Learning and Getting a Visual Representation of Words
TealBook to power supply chain visibility with AI and latest $50M
Robots and AI assist in building wooden hanging gardens in Switzerland
New Malware Uses SSD Over-Provisioning to Bypass Security Measures