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NASA’s International Partnerships, Artemis Team to Shape Lunar Exploration
Three Tissue Engineering Projects Awarded From Joint National Science Foundation and CASIS Solicitation to Leverage the Space Station
NASA picks Intuitive Machines to land an ice-mining drill on the moon
OpenAI’s GPT-3 Wrote This Short Film—Even the Twist at the End
Space Force activates Space Operations Command in Colorado
French Court Asks Microsoft for Safeguards Against U.S. Surveillance of Health Data
Extreme events in quantum cascade lasers
Elon Musk’s SpaceX Gets Bullish $100 Billion Valuation From Morgan Stanley, Double What Investors Said It Was Worth In August
The Elysium effect: The coming backlash to the billionaire ‘NewSpace’ revolution
New Time Dilation Phenomenon Revealed: Timekeeping Theory Combines Quantum Clocks and Einstein’s Relativity
Quantum Time Twist Offers a Way to Create Schrödinger’s Clock
SpaceX reaches 100 successful launches with Starlink mission
Does Consciousness Create Reality? Double Slit Experiment may show the Answer
U.S. space mining policies may trigger regulatory ‘race to the bottom,’
Overview on quantum initiatives worldwide
Xi stresses advancing development of quantum science and technology
Elon Musk’s Neuralink May Offer us Symbiosis With AI — Part 2
#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Let’s not make Newspace a paradise for hackers
High-speed internet for Hoh Tribe
NASA makes a significant investment in on-orbit spacecraft refueling
SpaceX’s Starship wins $53M from NASA for full-scale orbital refueling test
Airbus wins ambitious ESA mission to bring first Mars samples back to Earth
Nvidia will power world’s fastest AI supercomputer, to be located in Europe
ICEYE opens archive of 18,000 radar satellite images to the public
Japanese space debris specialist Astroscale raises $51 million
DOD Announces $600 Million for 5G Experimentation and Testing at Five Installations
SpaceX, Hughes and Viasat qualify to bid for $20.4 billion in FCC rural broadband subsidies
NASA advances plan to commercialize International Space Station
ISS crew fails to resolve air leak issue in Russia’s Zvezda Module with adhesive tape
#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Space Situational Awareness Together We Stand, Divided We Fall
US Army testing augmented reality goggles on dogs
DIA awards nearly $800 million in work to major defense primes
Elon Musk is working on a rocket that can deliver weapons anywhere in the world
IBM finally gets rid of some business to focus on the one that matters
LIFE BEYOND II: The Museum of Alien Life (4K)
Elon Musk Shares New Starship Details | SpaceX in the News
A Milestone for Small Modular Reactors (SMR 2020)
NASA to Provide Coverage of 71st International Astronautical Congress
Bringing the promise of quantum computing to nuclear physics
China Names 18 More Crewmembers for Its Upcoming Space Station
Grid AI raises $18.6M Series A to help AI researchers and engineers bring their models to production
Virgin Hyperloop selects West Virginia to test its futuristic transport system
This Swimming Squid Robot Looks Absolutely Amazing
A Robot Made This
A new interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests that reality does not depend on the person measuring it
The Coding School, IBM Quantum Provide Free Quantum Education to 5,000 Students Around the World
UAE to develop small lunar rover
The Pentagon Commissioned SpaceX to Build Missile-Tracking Satellites
SpaceX in the News Episode 115
Cognitive Electronic Warfare Could Revolutionize How America Wages War With Radio Waves
SkyWatch and Picterra combine imagery access with AI tools
China pushes ahead with giant 13,000 satellite LEO constellation
New York court readies OneWeb to start services next year
The Navy is training to meet a new kind of challenge from Russia in the Atlantic
DARPA mind-machine interface: US military readies TELEPATHIC ‘cyber defence’ tech
Astronomers Find Monster Black Hole With 6 Galaxies Trapped in Its Gravitational Web
#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Satellite Technologies Use To Monitor Climate Change and Manage Environmental Disasters
US Space Force plans to launch astronauts someday
SpaceX Boca Chica — Super Heavy Forward Dome Sleeved
New Website Lets You Help NASA Find Alien Worlds
The Harvest Moon of 2020 rises tonight! But why is it in October?
Bangalore airport and Virgin to study feasibility of a hyperloop downtown
Congress Wants a ‘Manhattan Project’ for Military Artificial Intelligence
How SpaceX Will Use Starship for Earth to Earth Travel
U.S. DARPA tasks Gryphon with nuclear thermal propulsion system
National Weather Service Warns of “Zombie Storms”
New detector breakthrough pushes boundaries of quantum computing
Review on Gravitational wave propulsion
‘Schrödinger’s Web’ offers a sneak peek at the quantum internet
New Intelligence: Chinese Copy Of US Navy’s Sea Hunter USV
D-Wave announces Leap 2, its cloud service for quantum computing applications
SpaceX’s Starlink satellites could make US Army navigation hard to jam
SpaceX Boca Chica — SN9 Forward Section Stacked — SN8 Waits for Lift
U.S. judge sends OneWeb’s rescue plan to vote and okays financing
SpaceX’s challenge of Air Force awards to Starship rivals to be rejected
How SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and others compete in the growing space tourism market
Ripjar, founded by GCHQ alums, raises $36.8M for AI that detects financial crime
OneWeb to Resume Launches with Arianespace in December
Rocket Lab’s plan to search for life on Venus in 2023 just got more exciting
Proofs of life on Venus can be obtained only through contact explorations
The ISS Is About to Get Its First Commercial Airlock
‘Venus is a Russian planet,’ Russian space agency director says
Discussed: What If We Became a Type II Civilization? — with Michio Kaku
The Sun enters a new cycle and will reach a peak in 2025
Doctors Are Preparing to Implant the World’s First Human Bionic Eye
Space Tug Company Names DARPA Military Veteran As New President
ESA awards €129.4 million contract to planetary defence mission Hera
IBM plans a huge leap in superfast quantum computing by 2023
#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: New Space – Overview and investment Trends
Microsoft wants to take on Amazon in connecting satellites to the cloud
Cryogenic 3D Printing Improves Bioprinting for Bone Regeneration
Vanderbilt leads $5 million project to revolutionize neurodiverse employment through AI
Colleges Are Mailing Brains to Students to Dissect at Home
New Chinese Space Plane Landed At Mysterious Air Base, Evidence Suggests
Blockchain platform commercializes digital bank guarantees in Australia
#SpaceWatchGL Column: ESPI Brief 43 – The new U.S. Defense Space Strategy
Pentagon says Microsoft still deserves $10 billion JEDI cloud contract
Could the universe collapse into a singularity? New study explains how
Study identifies limits on the efficiency of techniques for reducing noise in quantum resources
How Adobe is using an AI chatbot to support its 22,000 remote workers
China celebrates safe landing of secretive spacecraft as ‘important breakthrough’
The World’s First Living Machines
Pentagon warns that China’s Naval power is growing
39% of The World’s Rich Would Take a Space Flight – But Then What?
The brain reorganises itself in space but is not destroyed, new study says
Blockchain-powered ‘Smart Brain’ to govern China’s new ‘Aerospace City’
New Project to Clear the Seabed of Plastic with Autonomous Robots
NASA declines seat on Russia’s Soyuz for US astronaut ISS flight
Telescope finds no signs of alien technology in 10 million star systems
The Inspirational Impact of Space on The Global Civilization
Heaviest black hole merger yet is a first for discoveries
SpaceX once again postpones the launch of its 60 Starlink satellites; now scheduled for 3 September
Astrobotic awarded more than $1 million to Advance CubeRover Payloads
Sarcos Robotics raises $40 million to develop an exoskeleton for industrial applications
Business Incubation
Space weapons to counter China, Russia ‘coming’
Veterans Are Taking a Psychedelic Plant to Fight PTSD
Amazon Prime Air lands FAA approval for drone deliveries
Scientists create a robot made entirely of living cells
EU revives plans for mandatory quotas of women on company boards
Black hole ‘hair’ could be detected using ripples in space-time
Drug Cartel Now Assassinates Its Enemies With Bomb-Toting Drones
Farmers urged to be prepared for future price volatility
Elon Musk’s Las Vegas Boring Company tunnels ‘only a few months away’ from operation
“We’re going to use technology to remove our political enemies and call it removing hate speech!”
Neo Joins Coinbase-led Blockchain Framework
Robot Skin 3D Printer Close to First-in-Human Clinical Trials
FBI Reportedly Foils Russian Hack at Tesla Factory
Autonomous aircraft startup Reliable Robotics emerges from stealth with $33.5 million
New $115 Million Quantum Systems Accelerator to Pioneer Quantum Technologies for Discoveries That Benefit the World
South Africa to Build USD266 Million Space Hub: Promises Six Satellites
SpaceX, ULA line up 3 rocket launches in 2 days but will it happen?
Submarine could explore seas of huge Saturn moon Titan
FCC Grants OneWeb Market Access for 2,000-Satellite Constellation
SpaceX to Launch Masten Lunar Mission in 2022
World leaders can rest easy for now after researchers find new ways to reveal DeepFakes
White House announces creation of AI and quantum research institutes
Neuralink event: what to know about Elon Musk’s highly-anticipated reveal
SpaceX: Elon Musk explains why we’ll go to Mars from ocean spaceports
Did life travel between Earth and Mars? New study supports theory of panspermia
PredaSAR successfully completes Critical Design Review to launch world’s largest SAR satellite constellation
Artificial Intelligence Will Surveil And Study Released Prisoners
A Tesla Electric Jet? Elon Musk Says 400Wh/kg Battery Volume Production Possible in 3–4 Years
Russia to continue bilateral dialogue with US on all space issues
Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre reviews updates on Hope Probe and strategic plans
An AI just designed then 3D printed a completely new form of rocket engine
Upcoming space mission to test Purdue-developed drag sail pulling rocket back to Earth
This piece was written as part of the Artificial Intelligence and International Stability Project at the Center for a New American Security
Martian Soil May Not Support Astronaut Agriculture
Neuralink Brain Chip Update: Elon Musk Says Neurons Will Fire Up in Real-Time on August 28
Asteroid 2018 VP₁ may be heading for Earth. But there’s no need to worry
Scientists Develop Nanophotonic 3D Printing for Virtual Reality Screens
New UK space projects to boost global sustainable development receive £3.4 million cash boost
A new quantum paradox throws the foundations of observed reality into question
Lambda School Gains Additional $74M For Online Education
BlackBerry is back from the dead – 5G and QWERTY keyboard confirmed! 😲
How quantum computers could make future humans immortal
The term ‘ethical AI’ is finally starting to mean something
Miners on Decentralised Storage Network Compete For 4 Million Token Prize
This NASA Animation Shows What It’s Really Like to Travel Close to The Speed of Light
GPT-3, Bloviator: OpenAI’s language generator has no idea what it’s talking about
Electronic Cooling Technology Could Be a Quantum Computing Game Changer
NASA’s Artemis Mission looks to help better agriculture
SES taps SpaceX for two additional Falcon 9 launches
Astronomers Mystified by Eerie Phenomenon on Mars: Ultraviolet “Nightglow” Spreads Across the Planet’s Sky Every Night
NASA’s New $10 Billion Telescope to Study Quasars and Their Host Galaxies in Three Dimensions
China Issues Guidelines on Developing a Sci-Fi Film Sector
Why is it important to consider human rights in space?
Amazon envisions aerial drones pulling skiers and surfers across water, new patent filing reveals
Surviving bacteria in space
The Cybernetic Theory of Mind: The Five Foundational Axioms
Scientists grow the first functioning mini human heart model
China is aiming to attract partners for an international lunar research station
Trio Of B-2 Stealth Bombers Deployed To The Island Of Diego Garcia As Seen From Space
You Could Win $25K Worth of 3D Printing Services
US Army Researchers Creating Robot Tech Directly Inspired by T-1000 Villain from “Terminator 2”
Air Force Eyes Adding Nuclear-Armed Hypersonic Boost-Glide Vehicles To Its Future ICBMs
Oumuamua Could be Alien Probe as New Study Rules Out Alternative Explanation
Scientists Use Gene-Hacking to Seemingly Cure Herpes in Mice
Harvard Astronomers Propose That Our Star System Used to Be Binary
Future mental health care may include diagnosis via brain scan and computer algorithm
Survey finds science fiction one of many factors impacting views of AI technology
New tool helps interpret future searches for life on exoplanets
NASA’s Asteroid Mission Completes Final Test Before Sampling Run
‘Cyborg’ technology could enable new diagnostics, merger of humans and AI
The quantum state of play — cloud-based QCaaS and Covid-19
Sorry, Despite Decades Of Exploration, Mars Remains Almost A Total Mystery
Commercialising space exploration and development
The Legal Industry and COVID-19 Challenges
U.S. Space Force and U.K. Ministry of Defense to hold International Space Pitch Day
The covid-19 pandemic is forcing a rethink in macroeconomics
Space calendar 2020: Never miss another launch, meteor shower or celestial event again
#SpaceWatchGL Opinion: Space Traffic Management – Impact of Large Constellations on Military Operations in Space