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Reversing blindness with stem cells
Oxytocin does not improve social functioning in children with autism spectrum disorder, NIH-funded study suggests
Study finds tens of thousands of ‘forever chemical’ sites in US
Bone Regeneration Boosted by Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Migraines Caused by Alterations in Metabolite Levels
Scientists Genetically Modify Plants to Grow Meat Protein
Endocrine Disruptors
The discovery of red blood cells acting as micro-electrodes opens new doors in medical research
A Paper Linking COVID-19 Vaccines to High Risk of Myocarditis Has Been Withdrawn
A rare feat: Material protects against both biological and chemical threats
Common Chemicals in Electronics and Baby Products Harm Brain Development
Researchers discover bacteria that can eat toxic metals from water
Flowers release their perfume in response to a bee’s electric charge
Eating less fat can save your hair, study shows
Tiny vehicles powered by light can fit inside the human body
Scientists pinpoint evolutionary genes that allow lizards to give birth like mammals
‘Gut bugs’ can drive prostate cancer growth and treatment resistance
Regenerating the cells that keep the heart beating
DeepMind Introduces ‘Enformer’, A Deep Learning Architecture For Predicting Gene Expression From DNA Sequence
Scientists stumble on rheumatoid arthritis vaccine with huge potential
Natural Compound in Basil May Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease
World-First Brain Implant Successfully Treats Resistant Depression in a Patient
Digenome-seq: genome-wide profiling of CRISPR-Cas9 off-target effects in human cells
The durability of immunity against reinfection
New Research Exposes the Biological Basis of Empathy
Brain imaging reveals artificial sweeteners can increase food cravings
Manufacturers allowed baby food contaminated with heavy metals to remain on shelves, lawmakers say
Deeper insights into cell death and survival
Self-replicating protocells created in lab may be life’s “missing link”
WHO and partners call for urgent action on meningitis
New clues hint that young boys who get serious viral infections might be more likely to develop autism
Unbreakable glass inspired by seashells
Liquid metal coating creates effective antiviral, antimicrobial fabric
A Gene-Editing Experiment Let These Patients With Vision Loss See Color Again
Air pollution likely cause of up to 6m premature births, study finds
Memorial Sloan Kettering launches center for unique needs of adolescents, young adults with cancer
Anti-seizure medication improves cognitive function in some Alzheimer’s patients
High-profile autism genetics project paused amid backlash
Scientists are training cyborg locusts to smell bombs
Scientists develop artificial skin that reacts to pain and temperature
Scientists are developing a vaccine for Type 1 Diabetes
False Memory Syndrome (FMS)
A microneedle patch can deliver COVID-19 DNA vaccines
Scientists reveal why children hate broccoli. 🥦
Scientists discover a link between exposure to traffic noise and dementia
Epic deploys tech to verify COVID-19 vaccination status, test results
New global program to help customers develop solutions to improve health outcomes and health equity
Math Equation of Mood Can Predict Your Preferences Better Than You Can
Vaccination slows antimicrobial resistance
In a First, Scientists Track 1 Million Neurons Near-Simultaneously in a Mouse Brain
In a gene tied to growth, scientists see glimmers of human history
New Solid-State Battery Surprises Researchers Who Created It
Watch Nanobot Carry Lazy Sperm to Fertilize Living Eggs
New Research Could Usher in a New Age of Solid-State Batteries
New bionics center established at MIT with $24 million gift
The Quality, Not Quantity, of Cardiovascular Fat Can Interfere With Memory Later in Life
Machine learning uncovers ‘genes of importance’ in agriculture and medicine
An algorithm to triage breast cancer surgery
A universal system for decoding any type of data sent across a network
Second-Hand Psychological Stress Can Lead to Depression
Single Cells Evolve Large Multicellular Forms in Just Two Years
Winged Microchip Is Smallest-Ever Human-Made Flying Structure — The Size of a Grain of Sand
Immune Cells in the Brain Share the Work
Bacteria Makes Contaminated Water Drinkable
Alien Planets Are Even Less Habitable Than We Thought
Obesity: Why exercising may be more important than dieting
Nuclear waste interaction in the environment may be more complicated than once thought
Scientists find a new way to reverse immune suppression in tumors
A genetic brain disease reversed after birth
Do Microbes Make Us Social?
Salty Diet Helps Gut Bugs Fight Cancer in Mice: Study
TRNA therapies could help restore proteins lost in translation
Droplets Loaded With Coronaviruses Last Far Longer Than Previously Thought
Depression, bipolar and schizophrenia share gut bacteria similarities
Repetitive behaviors wax and wane among autistic youth
NASA Turned a Star’s Corpse into Sound — and It’s Magical
The Crucial Relationship Between PTSD and the Body
Big gap between Pfizer, Moderna vaccines seen for preventing COVID hospitalizations
The microbial molecule that turns plants into zombies
Time Until Dementia Symptoms Appear Can Be Estimated via Brain Scan
Directed evolution of a family of AAV capsid variants enabling potent muscle-directed gene delivery across species
Mending Broken DNA: Researchers Solve Puzzling Biological Search Problem
True Behavior of Dopamine Will Reshape How We Treat Psychiatric Diseases and Addiction
UK approves Europe’s first field trials of Crispr-edited wheat
Fukushima plant failed to probe cause of faulty filters
The Hunt for Drugs That Promote Ear Hair Cell Regeneration
U.S. Regulators Approve Texas Nuclear Dump Despite Opposition
Scientists Claim Overeating Is Not the Primary Cause of Obesity — Point to More Effective Weight Loss Strategies
This Common Drug for Memory Loss May Also Help Restore Eye Sight
Study Finds Evidence of Possible Link Between Herpes Simplex and Neurogenerative Diseases
The UK Just Launched the World’s First Graphene-Infused Road Upgrade
NHS England announces large-scale trial of potential early cancer test
A Clever ‘Gene Silencing’ Injection Has Been Approved For Treating High Cholesterol
Growth-Promoting, Anti-Aging Chemical Compound at the Root of Plant Growth and Animal Embryos
Mammals Carry a Graveyard of Viruses in Our DNA, And It Could Have a Crucial Purpose
Making And Breaking Eye Contact Makes Conversation More Engaging
Signs of Dementia Are Written in the Blood
Radiation Therapy Effectiveness Influenced by Gut Fungi
AI computers can’t patent their own inventions, a US judge rules
MRNA cancer treatment enters human trials after shrinking tumors in mice
A Laser Fired Through a Keyhole Can Expose Everything Inside a Room
Researchers developing smart dental implants that resist bacterial growth, generate their own electricity
Research uncovers new mechanism that promotes wound healing in skin
New tool reveals genetic influence of some sex-biased diseases, including lupus
Common medications accumulate in gut bacteria, which may reduce drug effectiveness and alter the gut microbiome
Watch: Artificial cells master a process once only done by the living
BMC Cancer
Multiple Sclerosis Linked to Infection in Adolescence
High Fat Diets Break the Body Clock — This May Be the Underlying Cause of Obesity
Photos of a new, sprawling Amazon warehouse in Mexico surrounded by deteriorating shacks have gone viral as the tech giant continues to expand its footprint internationally
Novel imaging method reveals a surprising arrangement of DNA in the cell’s nucleus
New Studies Find Evidence Of ‘Superhuman’ Immunity To COVID-19 In Some Individuals
NIH study illuminates origins of lung cancer in never smokers
Exciting research
NHS England approves ‘life-changing,’ cholesterol-busting injection
CRISPaper: Understanding CRISPR Gene-Editing through Art
Sugar feeding may inhibit mosquito ability to get infected, transmit arboviruses
Anti-CD7 CAR-T Therapy Yields High Response Rate in Acute Leukemia
Why ivermectin should not be used to prevent or treat COVID-19
Gut Bacteria Influence Brain Development
Researchers develop a hypercompact CRISPR
The Difference Between a Scientific Hypothesis, Theory, and Law
Scientists identify novel mechanism that links genetic defect in IBD patients to gut leakiness
Bill Gates says rich countries should shift entirely to synthetic beef
New glue stops bleeding in just 15 seconds
Researchers discover a common link between all cancers
A single head injury could lead to dementia later in life
New rechargeable batteries can store up to 6 times more charge
Drugs to use, avoid when treating COVID-19: Top health system physicians weigh in
NASA Is Designing a Swarm of ‘Hive Mind’ Weather Satellites
COVID-19: Monoclonal antibody combo reduces hospitalization
Beyond Dopamine: New Reward Circuitry Discovered
Why Words Become Harder to Remember as We Get Older
CRISPR-Engineered Cells Release Drug in Response to Inflammation When Implanted into Mice
Zinc-infused proteins are the secret that allows scorpions, spiders and ants to puncture tough skin
People Look Alike if We Think They Have Similar Personalities
Hidden bacterial hairs power nature’s ‘electric grid’
EdTech language platform Duolingo ups the AI ante
New gene therapies may soon treat dozens of rare diseases, but million-dollar price tags will put them out of reach for many
It’s Official: Spending More Than 4 Years on Mars Would Kill a Human /
Synthetic Biology Enables Microbes To Build Muscle Fibers That Are Tougher Than Kevlar
Immune cell ‘hubs’ discovered hiding in tumors
Researchers discover way to switch on and speed up tendon healing
Biologists Just Got Closer to The DNA Secrets That Stop Species From Interbreeding
This Is How Tardigrades Walk, And We Were Not Ready For The Footage
NIH launches study of extra COVID-19 vaccine dose in people with autoimmune disease
Watch Rivian R1T Wade Through 3-Foot-Deep Water in Trial
Specially designed monoclonal antibodies may prevent celiac disease, study finds
Toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contaminate indoor air at worrying levels, study finds
Experimental chlorine battery holds 6 times more charge than lithium-ion
Cholesterol Flags Violence Risk in People With Schizophrenia
Early-life sleep disruptions linked to irregular development of the prefrontal cortex
Germany is shutting down its coal power plants
New solar-powered water desalination device is 400% more efficient
Artificial pancreas successfully tested on humans at Cambridge
Most gut bacteria are inherited across generations, study finds
Artificial Intelligence can detect skin cancer
Researchers discovered the oldest known example of applied geometry
Children are eating more junk food, which is linked to diabetes and cancer
New birth control method uses antibodies to trap sperm
Scientists use ultrasound to trigger immune cells to attack tumors
Scientists invent a new way to turn sunlight into fuel
Solar energy could supply over 40% of the US electricity by 2035
New wind turbine can power a house for 2 days with a single spin
Engineers created the world’s toughest self-healing material
Tesla is building a robot, and its first prototype could arrive next year
Artificial mini brain develops an eye that can “see” light
Short naps during the day won’t restore a sleepless night
Frogs were once used to detect pregnancy
Calling Through the DNA Wire: A Newly Discovered Genetic “Switch”
We Can Make Powerful Nature-Inspired ‘Pesticides’ Without Poison, Scientists Say
A standard for artificial intelligence in biomedicine
The potential of deep learning in managing power networks
Why Reducing Brain Tissue Inflammation Is Good for Our Minds
Visual response shows promise as biomarker in autism-linked condition
Estimates of Americans with long COVID-19, per state
Inflammation gene may be possible drug target for endometriosis
RNA technologies explained
Altered microbiome after antibiotics in early life shown to impact lifespan
Berries may lower blood pressure with help from gut bacteria
Genes for Alcohol Use Disorder and Alzheimer’s Risk Overlap: Study
Discovery that TRPV4 gene regulates cartilage growth might yield future therapies for joint repair
Prozac Changes Fat Composition of the Brain
‘A combination of failures:’ why 3.6m pounds of nuclear waste is buried under a popular California beach
CRISPR pinpoints new leukemia target and a ‘pocket’ that could make it druggable
Long COVID in young adults: ‘Fight or flight’ response affected
Sudden Death From Deep in the Brain?
Gene Editing Used to Block Mosquitos’ Ability to Identify Targets
Earbuds That Read Your Mind
Complex Trauma Linked to Cognitive Impairments and Mental Health Disorders
New Technique Surveys Microbial Spatial Gene Expression Patterns
Hydrogen lobbyist quits, slams oil companies’ “false claims” about blue hydrogen
AI Blood Test Can Spot Lung Cancers With 90 Percent Accuracy
Fracking linked to surface water quality for first time in new study
CRISPR pioneer Feng Zhang’s latest work delivers mRNA, gene therapy with a human protein
A parent’s genes can influence a child’s educational success, inherited or not
Research Shows Extensive Damage Caused by Common Teeth-Whitening Products
Researchers reveal new insights on mechanism that could help treat muscle-related diseases
Scientists Sent the World’s Weirdest ‘Blob’ to the ISS
Scientists 3D Print Living, Viable Brain Tumor, to Practice Killing It
Facebook launches VR remote work app, calling it a step to the ‘metaverse’
New Video Shows How Well a Cop in a Jet Suit Fairs Against Suspects /
EPA Will Ban A Farming Pesticide Linked To Health Problems In Children
Moderna’s mRNA HIV Vaccine Is About to Start Human Trials
Histamine and Inflammation Could Be Key Players in Depression
Heart disease: Gut bacteria and a high fat diet
Researchers May Have Discovered the Root Cause of Long COVID Syndrome
Widespread Pain Linked to Heightened Dementia and Stroke Risk
Team develops AI to decode brain signals and predict behavior
Loss of placental hormone linked to brain and social behavior changes
Researchers Transfer a Human Protein Into Plants to Supersize Them
New Inflatable Low-Cost Prosthetic Allows Users to Feel
New clean energy tech extracts twice the power from ocean waves
Rocket Relaunches Gene Therapy Program as FDA Lifts Clinical Hold
A New Theory of Life’s Multiple Origins
Improving Photosynthesis in Crops To Boost Yields
How (And Where) The Brain Analyzes Math and Language Spoken Simultaneously
A New Way to Study Neurodegenerative Diseases
‘Fingerprints’ of extreme weather revealed by new statistical approach
CRISPR gene editing: The key benefits (and risks) of modifying our natural world
‘A new low’: TRICARE cuts services for children with autism, concerning military families
China Is Preparing For Life After Fossil Fuels
Eating a Western diet impairs the immune system in the gut
An extra finger rewires the brain to make you feel like it’s part of your body
New nasal spray treatment could help patients with Parkinson’s disease
Space Hotel with artificial gravity scheduled to open in 2027
New skin patch can provide early warning for strokes and heart attacks
Snake venom “super glue” can stop bleeding within seconds
Vegan children end up shorter and weaker than non-vegan eaters, study finds
Scientists successfully reversed age-related memory loss in mice
Chronic pain might affect how your brain processes emotions
Ginger stops progression of certain autoimmune diseases in mice, study finds
Scientists develop a new model for faster-than-light warp drive
Scientists create rare diamond in minutes and without heat
Brain Cholesterol Regulates Alzheimer’s Plaques
University of Utah researchers may have found a way to fix a broken heart
How a Specific Synapse Type Regulates Anxiety-Like Behavior
The ancient Persian way to keep cool
A poorer father-child relationship predicts increased math anxiety in children one year later
August 14 1912 Scientist predictions of Impact of Coal on our Planets Climate were correct
A chemical in plastic is tricking hermit crabs into thinking trash is food
How to Get Smarter: Start With the Brain Itself
Antibiotic resistance: Alternating between drugs not the answer
Magnetizable Concrete in Roads Could Charge Electric Cars While You Drive
Tiny bubbles: Treating asthma with gene-silencing nanocapsules
Where extreme weather is getting even worse, in one map
Reaping double benefits with solar farming
Beige Fat “Indispensable” in Protecting the Brain From Dementia
Bio-Inspired, Blood-Repelling Tissue Glue Can Seal Wounds Quickly and Stop Bleeding
Marburg virus: Man who died in Guinea found to have disease
Brain Structure in Premature Babies Linked to Emotional Processing in Preschool
Brain Connectivity Can Build Better AI
Scientists Reversed Aging in Mouse Brains With Poo Transplants From Young Mice
The UN climate report pins hopes on carbon removal technologies that barely exist
Sunscreen Concerns Escalate as Another Potential Carcinogen Found
How do Listeria bacteria move from the intestine to other areas of the body?
MIT Researchers Devised a Way To Program Memories Into Bacterial Cells
Technological Singularity Will be the End of Human History
Frequent Peanut Consumption May Increase Cancer Spread in Patients
Nutritional Supplements Could Help Treat PTSD
Caltech’s New Space-Based Solar Project Could Power Our Entire Planet /
Scientists Shorten Daddy Long-Legs’ Iconic Limbs to Figure Out How They Got So Gangly
Eye test may help diagnose long COVID
Why People With Autism Read Facial Expressions Differently
Gene Targets of Stress Hormones in the Brain Identified
Synthetic brain cells that store ‘memories’ are possible, new model reveals
Rust? Trains? Why clean energy is turning to exotic ideas to fix its storage problem
U.S. Navy is developing a solar-powered plane that can fly for 90 days straight
How mutations in top autism gene could lead to seizures
Fracking in Pennsylvania used toxic ‘forever chemicals’
Why Not Turn Airports Into Giant Solar Farms?
Marijuana-Like Brain Substance Calms Seizures but Increases After-Effects
New process yields more, purer RNA at a fraction of the cost
Study Yields Tiny Targets for Healing Human Memory
‘Master Face’: Researchers Say They’ve Found a Wildly Successful Bypass for Face Recognition Tech
Cognitive decline: Investigating dietary factors
The Pentagon Is Experimenting With AI That Can Predict Events ‘Days in Advance’
Repair of Mitochondrial Recycling Defect Linked to Parkinson’s Disease
Machine Learning Approach for Predicting Risk of Schizophrenia Using a Blood Test
News, opinion and sports from Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico
Report: Some Los Alamos nuclear waste too hazardous to move
Researchers identify cell type that regulates liver regeneration with touch
Map shows the surface area that we would need to power the world, the EU or Germany solely through solar power
How sex cells get the right genetic mix: An interdisciplinary approach solves a century-old puzzle
Scientists boost gene knockdown in human cells via chemically modified RNA CRISPR
Learning Foreign Languages Can Affect the Processing of Music in the Brain
“Synthetic hinge” opens a door to smart, glucose-responsive insulin
Artificial intelligence uncovers the building blocks of life and paves the way for a new era in science
New Treatment Option for Advanced Urothelial Cancer Patients Shows Promise in a Phase 2 Clinical Trial
World’s first magnetised fusion power station to be built in UK
China nuclear reactor shutdown may be ‘a sign of caution over new design’
Stem Cell Scientists Explore the Latent Regenerative Potential of the Inner Ear
Neuroscientists Unveil Wiring Diagram Containing 200,000 Cells and Nearly Half Billion Connections in Tiny Piece of a Mouse’s Brain
People who live to 100 have unique gut bacteria signatures
ABB Propulsion for U.S. First Fully Electric Tug
DeepMind says it can predict the shape of every protein in the human body
Sarcoma Awareness Month: 2021 Immunotherapy Research Updates
13 Possible Psoriasis Complications
The Arctic Is Now Leaking Out High Concentrations of ‘Forever Chemicals’
Researchers identify a cellular defect common to familial and sporadic forms of ALS
How An Altered Strand Of DNA Can Cause Malaria-Spreading Mosquitoes To Self-Destruct
New Research Finds Children With Autism Have a Distinctive Gut Microbiome
Scientists Develop ‘Food Generator’ That Turns Plastic Into Edible Protein
Biomarker Could Help Diagnosis Schizophrenia at an Early Age
Large study finds COVID-19 is linked to a substantial deficit in intelligence
Nuclear power’s reliability is dropping as extreme weather increases
Philip Morris International CEO says cigarettes should be banned and the company will stop selling Marlboros in the UK within a decade
Mapping the futures of autistic children
AI Detects Sunken Ships With 92 Percent Accuracy From The Sky
Brain-Repair Discovery Could Lead to New Epilepsy Treatments
Investigational Magnetic Device Shrinks Glioblastoma in First-in-World Human Test
‘Advanced’ Nuclear Reactors? Don’t Hold Your Breath
Immune Macrophages Use Their Own ‘Morse Code’
Neurotransmitter Levels Predict Math Ability
Preclinical study finds success in reversing age-related memory loss
AI-enabled BeachBot robot to clean up cigarette butts on beaches
The US Army tried portable nuclear power at remote bases 60 years ago – it didn’t go well
Scientists develop a new immunotherapy to treat cat allergy
A new material can turn regular glass into night-vision goggles
Some viruses have a totally different genome to the rest of life on Earth
Earth is trapping ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, NASA says
Artificial sweeteners can turn healthy gut bacteria into diseased ones
Spinal implant could help treat pain without the need for invasive surgery
The surfaces of silicone breast implants can affect the immune system
New smart foam material gives robots the ability to self-repair
People who believe conspiracy theories have lower critical thinking abilities
Self-powered implantable device induces quick healing of injured bones
Scientists use electricity to help blind people regain sight
A new diabetes test can detect blood sugar directly from the saliva
Artificial Heart Successfully Transplanted In the US
Dubai is making its own fake rain to beat 122F heat
Brain ‘Noise’ Keeps Nerve Connections Young
Pathogenic fungi colonize microplastics in soils
Why identical mutations cause different types of cancer
Chemists Found an Effective Remedy for “Aged” Brain Diseases
Non-Neuronal Cells Drive Sex Differences in Early Brain Development
Researchers Find Common Denominator Linking All Cancers
Autism Can Be Detected During Toddlerhood Using a Brief Questionnaire
Armed guards protect tons of nuclear waste that Maine can’t get rid of
Researchers unlock secrets behind liver regrowth and regenerative medicine
Chevron’s Carbon Capture Struggle Shows Big Oil’s Climate Hurdle
Alcohol Use Linked To Over 740,000 Cancer Cases Last Year, New Study Says
Psilocybin induces rapid and persistent growth of neural connections in the brain’s frontal cortex, study finds
Advanced New Artificial Intelligence Software Can Compute Protein Structures in 10 Minutes
Where You Live Can Greatly Affect Your Heart and Brain Health
The Virus Trap: Hollow Nano-Objects Made of DNA Could Trap Viruses and Render Them Harmless
Fermented vs. high-fiber diet microbiome study delivers surprising results
Researchers Shocked to Discover Bacterial Parasites Behind Rise of “Superbugs”
Newly-Discovered ‘Borg’ DNA Is Unlike Anything Scientists Have Ever Seen
Compound Derived From Turmeric Essential Oil Has Neuroprotective Properties
Paralyzed man’s brain waves turned into sentences on computer in medical first
Mini-Brain Study Shows How Environmental Risk Factors Can Amplify Genetic Risks for Autism
Researchers Create New CRISPR Genetic Tools to Help Contain Mosquito Disease Transmission
Species of Gut Bacteria Linked to Enhanced Cognition and Language Skills in Infant Boys
How a Common Fungus May Contribute to Digestive Issues
Harnessing the Dark Side: Optical Singularities Could Be Used for a Wide Range of Applications
Bad Dog? Research Suggests Superbug Link To Man’s Best Friend
Gene editing ‘blocks virus transmission’ in human cells
Brain fog and rheumatoid arthritis: What is the link?
Memory Making Involves Extensive DNA Breaking
Immune System “Clock” Developed That Accurately Predicts Illness and Mortality
E.P.A. Approved Toxic Chemicals for Fracking a Decade Ago, New Files Show
50 Years Ago, Scientists Found a Virus Lurking in Human Cancer Cells
Scientists Discover That Mating Can Cause Epigenetic Changes That Last for 300 Generations
Cell Structure Previously Associated With Disease Actually Improves Brain Function
‘A wake up call’: One of the world’s largest oil pipelines might be in trouble
Researchers discover new genetic driver of autism and other developmental disorders
FDA OKs Bispecific Antibody for Rare Lung Cancer Subtype
Researchers have taught a drone to recognize and hunt down meteorites autonomously
DARPA program seeks to develop camera tech that mimics the human brain
Type 2 diabetes: Could targeting the liver help?
Australia’s First Fully Automated Smart Farm Will Use Only Robots For Field Work
Work Like a Dream: New Anticholinergic Drug Keeps PTSD Flashbacks and Nightmares Away
How a Series of Sleep Loss Impacts Mental and Physical Wellbeing
Mapping phenotypic and aetiological associations between ADHD and physical conditions in adulthood in Sweden: a genetically informed register study
Cloud seeding not a fix to droughts, but adds significant impact to water levels in Idaho
Potential Treatment May Prevent Cancer Cells From Hijacking Metabolic Pathways
Rejuvenating Mouse Brains With Ketamine or Flickering Light
New nanotech will enable a ‘healthy’ electric current production inside the human body
Huge Supply of Water is Saved From Evaporation When Solar Panels Are Built Over Canals
Big Oil Knows Hydrogen Is Dead End, But Uses It To Delay Electrification
Common Mechanism Underlies Some Behavioral Traits Seen in Autism and Schizophrenia
Smart foam material gives robotic hand the ability to self-repair
ISS researchers repaired DNA in space using CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing
Scientists investigate a new class of anticancer drugs
Cannabinoid Pathway Linked to Psychiatric Disorders
Video shows fire in Gulf of Mexico after gas pipeline rupture
A noninvasive technique for neurological conditions
Harvard, MIT researchers create COVID-19 diagnosing mask
Molecular machines talk to living cells for the first time
Tel Aviv team develops RNA ‘missiles’ to directly target cancer cells
Brain Circuit for Spirituality Identified
How Pesticide Companies Corrupted the EPA and Poisoned America
Addicted pancreatic cancer cells die when denied key protein
China’s army of robotic rollers paving a road to future infrastructure
Big oil and gas kept a dirty secret for decades. Now they may pay the price
Experimental device could treat ear infections using jets of plasma
Walmart launches private label insulin brand to lower prices
Beer yeast genetically engineered to detect and treat gut inflammation
Railroads To Pour Cold Renewable Energy Water On Koch Industries
Prevailing Alzheimer’s Theory in Question With New Discovery
A Never-Before-Seen Type of Signal Has Been Detected in The Human Brain
Sanofi, Google Launch “Innovation Lab” Aimed at Drug Discovery
First CRISPR-Based Gene Drive Developed in Plants
Radiation Speeds Up Biological Aging in Head and Neck Cancer
China turns on world’s second-biggest hydropower dam
Statins Used to Lower Cholesterol Linked to Doubled Risk of Developing Dementia
Tesla Model S Plaid Defeats Cars Built To Win Pikes Peak — “Nobody would expect us to be faster than that.”
Researchers engineer cells to destroy malignant tumor cells but leave the rest alone
Compound Tested for Alcoholic Liver Disease
IQ Tests Can’t Measure It, but ‘Cognitive Flexibility’ Is Key to Learning and Creativity
Loss of circadian regulation allows for increase in glucose production during lung cancer
CRISPR injected into the blood treats a genetic disease for first time
Babies Can See Things That Adults Cannot
Study shows potential dangers of sweeteners
An autonomous drone for search and rescue in forests using optical sectioning algorithm
Baltimore spy plane program was invasion of citizens’ privacy, court rules
Study suggests scientists may need to rethink which genes control aging
Blood test to detect 50 types of cancer ‘accurate enough to be rolled out’
No lab required: New technology can diagnose infections in minutes
Researcher introduces new CRISPR 3.0 system for highly efficient gene activation in plants
Inflammatory Proteins May Slow Cognitive Decline in Aging Adults
Pathogenic gut bacteria linked to weight loss from low-calorie diet
Growing food with air and solar power: More efficient than planting crops
Telehealth Extends Coverage of High-Risk Maternal-Fetal Care
COVID-19 tied to brain tissue loss, early research suggests
Google deepens its healthcare presence: A timeline of the last year
EPA to review part of cancer-linked chemical regulation after industry request
How pancreatic cancer cells dodge drug treatments
New Research Reveals COVID-19 Leads to Cognitive and Behavioral Problems
It’s True: Stress Does Turn Hair Gray (and It’s Reversible)
Michelin, GM testing airless tires on Chevy Bolt EV for 2024
Microglia-mediated inflammation of the amygdala in autism
A Hardware Engineer Built A Self-Balancing Autonomous Bicycle /
A CCTV Company Pays Remote Supervisors to Monitor Employees
Experimental brain implant instantly detects and relieves pain
Scientists are developing a tablet that rebuilds tooth enamel and whitens your teeth
Scientists created a drug that acts as Trojan horse to kill cancer cells
Scientists develop a ‘cheap and easy’ way to extract lithium from seawater
Scientists discover a method that allows stem cells to regenerate muscles
Alzheimer’s vaccine shows promise in Phase II trial
Weight loss can restore pancreas function in type 2 diabetes
New drone can pollinate flowers, just like honeybees
Robots are stacking shelves in Tokyo’s convenience stores
Rates of Parkinson’s disease are exploding. A common chemical may be to blame
How vaccines stack up against CDC’s 5 variants of concern
Tesla unveils its new supercomputer (5th most powerful in the world) to train self-driving AI
Biologists Raise Alarm: Brain Damage Caused by Even Small Amounts of Plasticizers
Commercial Video Games Could Help Treat Mental Illness
A Distinctive Inflammatory Signature Found in a Genetic Form of ALS
Nuclear energy: Fusion plant backed by Jeff Bezos to be built in UK
Study: Half of US cosmetics contain toxic chemicals
A New Challenge For Personalized Cancer Care: The Information Explosion
A frozen leap forward for age-related macular degeneration stem cell-based therapy
Fifty-nine labs around world handle the deadliest pathogens – only a quarter score high on safety
American honey contains traces of radioactive fallout from nuclear tests
Exclusive: US assessing reported leak at Chinese nuclear power facility
Deposits of Copper And Magnetic Iron Found in Alzheimers Patients Brains
A California Startup Now Offers a Full EV Battery in Just 10 Minutes
Scientists 3D-print human liver tissue in a lab, win top prizes in NASA challenge
National Geographic adds 5th ocean to world map
After 60 years, scientists are still trying to crack a mysterious serotonin-autism link
Humans Can Learn How to ‘Echolocate’ in Just 10 Weeks, Experiment Shows
Unexpected discovery opens a new way to regulate blood pressure
Activating Genes With a Smartwatch to Control Insulin Production
Vegan diets in children may bring heart benefits but pose growth risks
Gene Changes Linked to Severe Repetitive Behaviors
ADHD Drugs Can Affect Later Generations
Researchers rewire the genetics of E. coli, make it virus-proof
Tuberculosis drug causes “power failure” in ultra-fit cancer cells
Experimental vaccine forces bacteria down an evolutionary dead end
Researchers identify how to prevent cancer metastases
Tesla Model S Plaid achieves new quarter-mile world record in 9.2 seconds
‘Gene therapy is a game changer for our son’
COVID-19 can infiltrate insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, study suggests
New tool activates deep brain neurons
New Research Shows How to Boost Muscle Regeneration and Rebuild Tissue
More than half of Europeans want to replace lawmakers with AI, study says
Diet and Lifestyle Change Reverses Aging
Hundreds of antibiotic resistant genes found in the gastrointestinal tracts of Danish infants
The Orca: This Autonomous Submarine Will Fight the Wars of the Future
Morphing computer chip repels hundreds of professional DARPA hackers
Eternally five years away? No, batteries are improving under your nose
Imiquimod Spurs Regression of High-Grade Cervical Lesions
World’s smallest single-chip system can be injected into the body
HIV patient fully recovers without drugs thanks to his rare immune response!
New smartwatch can detect COVID-19 from your sweat
Researchers discover a gene that could help prevent Alzheimer’s disease
A toxic chemical in tires is causing salmon populations to die
Breastfeeding protects mothers from diabetes, new research shows
Scientists develop a gene-editing tool that’s more powerful than CRISPR
People who live beyond 105 years old have a rare self-repairing DNA
Electric cars will be cheaper to produce than fossil fuel vehicles by 2027
New technology eliminates tumors, and could revolutionize cancer therapy
Boys Born Very Prematurely May Age Faster as Men
Genetic tricks of the longest-lived animals
Scientists find new human coronavirus that originated in dogs
Novel concrete battery could let buildings store their own energy
Face masks effectively limit the probability of SARS-CoV-2 transmission
Sperm help ‘persuade’ the female to accept pregnancy
Eating a Western Diet Impairs the Immune System in the Gut – May Increase Risk of Inflammation, Infection
Nikola Tesla invention from 100 years ago suddenly makes more sense in the 21st century
Some RNA molecules have unexpected sugar coating
Study finds alarming levels of ‘forever chemicals’ in US mothers’ breast milk
NASA 3D-Printed Engine Hardware Passes Cold Spray, Hot Fire Tests
Windows 10 has a built-in ransomware block, you just need to enable it
‘Neurons on a chip’ reveal patterns across autism-linked conditions
Biotech cos Tzar Labs and Epigeneres to launch early-detection cancer tests
International research team argues for combining organic farming and genetic engineering
Genetically engineered grass cleanses soil of toxic pollutants left
Eviation prepares to fly Alice, its stunning luxury electric plane
This chain reaction could explain rare blood clots linked to some COVID-19 vaccines
Tesla prepares to disrupt ethanol producers
Piles of ancient poop reveal ‘extinction event’ in human gut bacteria
First commercial-scale offshore wind farm in the US gets federal approval
New genetic ‘CopyCatchers’ detect efficient and precise CRISPR editing in a living organism
New neuroelectronic system can read and modify brain circuits
AIDS virus used in gene therapy to fix ‘bubble baby’ disease
Reinforcing the Body’s Defenses against Cancer
The Pentagon Inches Toward Letting AI Control Weapons
Reversing a Genetic Cause of Poor Stress Tolerance
‘It’s like the embers in a barbecue pit.’ Nuclear reactions are smoldering again at Chernobyl
Blind Patients Hope Landmark Gene-Editing Experiment Will Restore Their Vision
Autism-related conditions linked to altered visual perception
A Small Dutch City Is Using Electric Cars to Feed the Grid
Blue Robotics Develops ROVs, Underwater Thrusters & Scanning Sonars
K-MAX TITAN, the world’s first commercial heavy-lift unmanned helicopter
Microwave Processing Isolates Red Ginseng Compounds That Suppress Lung Cancer Metastasis
Have scientists found the key to beating prostate cancer?
Alabama Coal Mine Seems to Be Leaking Pollution While Workers Strike
Biggest ISPs paid for 8.5 million fake FCC comments opposing net neutrality
Partners of People With Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder Have Often a Mental Disorder
Coal is losing the price war to wind and solar faster than anticipated
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Scientific Challenges and Solutions for Cultured Meat Manufacturing
Startup sets out to tackle the gene therapy manufacturing crisis
The enzyme that could help 700 million people worldwide
Meet Manta, a sea-cleaning sailboat that feeds on plastic waste
FDA Places Gene Therapy LX1001 on Fast Track
Persuading the Body to Regenerate Its Limbs
‘Last resort’ antibiotic pops bacteria like balloons
EPA Moves To Cut A Group Of Powerful Greenhouse Gases
Chronic Itching: The Crossroads of the Nervous and Immune Systems
A milestone in muscular dystrophy therapy
Too Much Salt Suppresses Phagocytes
New Directed Energy Device for Biomedical and Military Defense Applications
Stressed out: The cancer cells that survive chemotherapy, but at a cost
‘Pokemonas’: Bacteria related to lung parasites discovered, named after Pokémon
The Army’s New Night-Vision Goggles Look Like Technology Stolen From Aliens
Perfectionistic cognitions appear to play a key role in clinical anxiety
New genetic target for blood cancer treatment
World’s largest compressed air grid “batteries” will store up to 10GWh
Oncogene Linked to Worsening of Blood Vessel Malformations in Brain
International research teams explore genetic effects of Chernobyl radiation
EU calls for rethink of GMO rules for gene-edited crops
Swap and go: electric trucks to run between Sydney and Brisbane using exchangeable batteries
Download and 3D-Print 18,000 Artifacts from Art History through Scan the World
Court sets in motion EPA ban on pesticide linked to developmental issues
COVID-19 ‘brain fog’ inspires search for causes and treatments
More Compact and Efficient Vertical Turbines Could Be the Future for Wind Farms
New groundbreaking implant designed to correct presbyopia
FDA lifts clinical hold on uniQure’s gene therapy amid cancer concerns; shares jump
Saudi Arabia’s Shift To Renewables Could Save It $200 Billion
Farming Robot Kills 100,000 Weeds per Hour With Lasers
Clear link emerges between COVID-19 and pregnancy complications
The Immune Link Between a Leaky Blood-Brain Barrier and Schizophrenia
FDA to scrutinize unproven cancer drugs after 10-year gap
3D biomaterial used as ‘sponge’ for stem cell therapy to reverse arthritis
Offshore wind firm to work with researchers on recycling glass fibers to tackle blade waste
Scientists Develop Truly Biodegradable Plastics
Malaria vaccine hailed as potential breakthrough
“Ice cube tray” retinal patch is loaded with cells to restore vision
Scientists cast new understanding of how skin repairs itself
Why small planes still use leaded fuel decades after phase-out in cars
A lesson in electric school buses
This Map Lets You Plug in Your Address to See How It’s Changed Over the Past 750 Million Years
Europe is building a ‘digital twin’ of Earth to revolutionize climate forecasts
Electric Aviation Trailblazer Bye Aims To Dethrone The King Air
Scientists Just Bioprinted a Pancreas That Could End Diabetes
Inhaled CRISPR Treatment Targets Influenza and SARS-CoV-2 Infections
Strange New Genetic Disease Discovered That Causes Children’s Brains to Develop Abnormally
American Honey Still Contains Radioactive Fallout From Nuclear Tests Decades Ago
Bacterial Molecule Can Slow Sjögren’s Progression, Preclinical Study Suggests
Beehives Are Held Together by Their Mutual Gut Microbes
Special Ops Soldier With Jetpack Boards Ship in Amazing Video
Cancer Cells Could Travel Through the Interstitium: Study
The short and long view of how AI is changing health
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The Universe Is a Machine That Keeps Learning, Scientists Say
Scientists are on a path to sequencing 1 million human genomes and use big data to unlock genetic secrets
New Type of Battery Can Charge 10x Faster Than Lithium-Ion Models
Autism Develops Differently in Girls Than Boys
First-ever vaccine for brain tumors reported safe, effective in early trial
Toxic chemicals discovered in water systems across the US
Researchers manipulate antimatter using laser for the first time
Earth’s magnetic field flipped 42,000 years ago, study shows
Scientists discover microbes that have not evolved for 175 million years
Poor sleep could be core feature of autism, related conditions
Island Gigantism and Dwarfism: Evolutionary “Island Rule” Confirmed
Process simultaneously removes toxic metals and salt to produce clean water
Scientists Create Early Embryos That Are Part Human, Part Monkey
A Northrop Grumman robot successfully docked to a satellite to extend its life
Superbug killer: New nanotech destroys bacteria and fungal cells
Plastic Is Falling From the Sky. But Where’s It Coming From?
BPA-like chemicals likely causing “alarming” damage to brain cells
Hearing AIDS for the Masses
First GMO Mosquitoes to Be Released In the Florida Keys
How a shocking environmental disaster was uncovered after 70 years
Researchers create light waves that can penetrate even opaque materials
The Gas Engine Is Dead. Welcome to the Electric Revolution
Reproductive Life Span of U.S. Women Increasing
ADHD and Autism Associated With In-Utero Heavy Metals and Essential Minerals
Norway’s huge oil-backed wealth fund invests in an offshore wind farm
Genetic Engineering 2.0: An On-Off Switch for Gene Editing
Experimental oral pills auto-release insulin when glucose levels are high
Chronic Sinus Inflammation Appears to Alter Brain Activity
Amazon warns Texas: Don’t pass bill that would drive up wind power costs
Connecting the dots to artificially restore vision
Something Is Killing Trees, Creating ‘Ghost Forests’ Along The Atlantic Coast
Food supplements that alter gut bacteria could ‘cure’ malnutrition
Exoskeletons improve mobility in individuals with spinal cord injury
Bioengineers Learn the Secrets to Precisely Turning on and off Genes in Living Cells
Glass nanopore pulls DNA like spaghetti through a needle
First Infection of Human Cells During Spaceflight Analyzed
CRISPR-Chip advance streamlines genetic testing for medical diagnostics and research
Artificial intelligence has advanced so much, it wrote this article
A Genetic Link Between Face and Brain Shape
Scientists connect human brain to computer wirelessly for first time ever
Gene Changes Linked to Severe Repetitive Behaviors Seen in Autism, Schizophrenia, and Drug Addiction
Revolutionary Research: Scientists Create First Model of an Early Human Embryo From Skin Cells
A Single Injection Reverses Blindness in Patient with Rare Genetic Disorder – Another RNA Success
Researchers identify genes responsible for healthy aging process
The Fossil Fuel Industry Used Deception To Conceal Damage To BIPOC — NAACP Report
Faulty brain circuit helps explain obesity–depression link
1st Americans had Indigenous Australian genes
‘Neutrobots’ smuggle drugs to the brain without alerting the immune system
US fossil-fuel companies took billions in tax breaks – and then laid off thousands
Not So Sweet: Sugary Diet Early in Life Could Lead to Cognitive Problems Later
Cancer May Be Driven by DNA Outside of Chromosomes
Could CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology Be an Answer to Chronic Pain?
State’s Largest Business Lobby Sues Environmental Regulators Over PFAS Sampling Of Wastewater
Astellas gene therapy repairs damage in neurodegenerative disease models
Researchers identify mechanism for regenerating hair follicle stem cells
DNA can be collected from air, scientists show for first time
Young Female Twitter Star Turns Out to Be 50-Year-Old Man Using Deepfakes
Selenium Supplementation Protects Against Obesity and May Extend Lifespan
Visual Illusion Reveals That Depression Can Change How We Physically See The World
Japan Becomes Latest Country to Issue Digital Vaccine Passport
64% of Farmland at Risk of Pesticide Pollution – Revealed in Global Map of Agricultural Land Across 168 Countries
Researchers Find The Gene Responsible For One of The Deadliest Breast Cancer Types
Natural Drug Approved for White Blood Cell Recovery Can Be Repurposed To Improve Cognition in Alzheimer’s Patients
New drug to regenerate lost teeth
Boston Dynamics unveils Stretch: a new robot designed to move boxes in warehouses
Exoskeleton with eyes and AI — scientists are developing special robotic legs for disabled people
Brain cell clusters, grown in lab for more than a year, mirror changes in a newborn’s brain
A Sleep Disorder Associated With Shift Work May Affect Gene Function
Researchers invent new gene-editing tool
Targeting senescent cells: approaches, opportunities, challenges
Scientists use lipid nanoparticles to precisely target gene editing to the liver
Firms backed by Robert Downey Jr. and Bill Gates have funded an electric motor company that slashes energy consumption
Researchers build a swimming robot that works in the Mariana Trench
Evolution drives autism and other conditions to occur much more frequently in boys
Imaginary Numbers May Be Essential for Describing Reality
Roundworms ‘read’ wavelengths in the environment to avoid dangerous bacteria that secrete colorful toxins
Life Expectancy Falling for Adults Without a Bachelor’s Degree
Should We Genetically Engineer Carbon-Hungry Trees?
This L.A. start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors
Biotech Companies Seek to Restore Functions to Spinal-Cord Injury Patients
Bacteria Could Be The First Organisms Found to Use Quantum Effects to Survive
Where Electric Car Batteries Go When They Die
Scientists are weaponizing viruses to solve a huge problem
Oops! The “World’s Oldest Meteorite Impact Crater” Isn’t an Impact Crater After All
The Disturbing Link Between Psychiatric Illness and Accelerated Aging
Study finds cancer cells may evade chemotherapy
Exoskeleton legs can think and make control decisions on their own
FDA Approves VA-Made 3D-Printed Hearing Device for South Carolina Veteran
The U.S. Leads The Way in Citywide Fossil Fuel Bans
We Finally Know How Sperm ‘Remember’ And Pass on Non-DNA-Coded Traits to Embryos
Living a Stress-Free Life May Have Benefits, but Also a Downside
Sangamo, Sanofi Show Positive Early Data for SCD Gene-Edited Cell Therapy
Upgrade for CRISPR/Cas: Researchers knock out multiple genes in plants at once
New study shows microplastics turn into ‘hubs’ for pathogens, antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Researchers Warn: Preservative Used in Hundreds of Popular Foods May Harm the Immune System
‘Superbugs’ kill more than 35K people in the US each year. Doctors may be partially to blame, study suggests
‘Zombie’ genes? Research shows some genes come to life in the brain after death
55 Chemicals From Unknown Origin Discovered in Pregnant Women
Google’s unusual move to shut down an active counterterrorism operation being conducted by a Western democracy
DNA damage “hot spots” discovered within neurons
FDA Approves First Cell-Based Gene Therapy for Adult Patients with Multiple Myeloma
CRISPR Fixes Rare Mutation for the First Time in a Live Animal