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👽 Many experts, for years, believe that the scientific community no longer has a way to hide it. Life outside the earth exists. 🛸VIDEO 🛸

O’Connell reveals that life is capable of surviving in environments inhospitable to humans. For this reason, he believes that life can be found in a lake of sulfuric acid, inside barrels of nuclear waste, in water superheated to 122 degrees Celsius and even in Antarctica.

Furthermore, he adds that Mars was once an ideal place for life. He believes that the presence of methane in its atmosphere is proof that extraterrestrial life existed there.

Obviously, this brings us closer to the theory that Mars, not only had life, but was able to adapt to survive in the climate caused by some nuclear disaster.

These words are the closest to a situation in which you do not want to mention. Also, what is wanted to be kept hidden: there could be life on Mars as on Earth.

That a recognized scientist ensures that we are at the gates of extraterrestrial contact is something incredible. In addition, he affirms it with a surprising bluntness.

That is why many experts, for years, believe that the scientific community no longer has a way to hide it. Life outside of Earth exists and we are about to contact it.

University of Melbourne researcher, Cathal D. O’Connell, assured that the discovery of life and its subsequent extraterrestrial…

What if climate change and the housing crisis already had a solution? What if we just need to reevaluate our relationship with the Earth — and with our garbage? A day at the Earthship Biotecture can make anyone a believer in a brighter, greener future.

A tsunami advisory has been issued for Hawaii and parts of the U.S. Pacific coast after an undersea volcano erupted in spectacular fashion near Tonga on Saturday.

California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska and the Canadian province of British Columbia could all be affected, the National Tsunami Warning Center said in a bulletin.

Residents living near beaches, harbors, marinas and other coastal areas should move away from the shore and make their way inland or uphill, the bulletin added.

Similar projects in Denmark have used recaptured heat from smaller structures, such as supermarkets, to supply a nearby building or two. The Facebook project scales the technology to a level not yet reached in the world by producing up to 25 MW per hour of usable heat.

“Facebook opened their new data center in Odense,” said Denmark’s Minister of Climate, Energy, and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen, on Instagram. “It’s based on renewable energy only (from their own wind farm) and feeds their surplus heat into the district heating system. Good news for the transition to green energy!”

As a nation, Denmark has set a goal to eliminate the use of coal by 2030. The heat recovery project supports Odense’s even more aggressive goal to phase out coal (which 30 percent of the city still depends on for heat) by 2023 — a modern feat for a city that just celebrated its 1,031st anniversary. Facebook’s data center is estimated to reduce Odense’s demand for coal by up to 25 percent.

UK domestic flights could be operated by electric and hydrogen aircraft as early as 2028, a new policy paper by Transport & Environment (T&E) finds.

2022 is a crucial year in climate change policy terms for UK aviation. The UK government will consult and decide on both how to make the UK ETS net-zero compliant; what the specific details of the sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) mandate are; and lay out a final Jet Zero strategy.

In its new policy paper, T&E recommends the path forward to set UK aviation on a net zero trajectory. The recommendations include:

The world we experience is governed by classical physics. How we move, where we are, and how fast we’re going are all determined by the classical assumption that we can only exist in one place at any one moment in time.

But in the , the behavior of individual atoms is governed by the eerie principle that a particle’s location is a probability. An atom, for instance, has a certain chance of being in one location and another chance of being at another location, at the same exact time.

When particles interact, purely as a consequence of these quantum effects, a host of odd phenomena should ensue. But observing such purely quantum mechanical behavior of interacting particles amid the overwhelming noise of the classical world is a tricky undertaking.

Recharging Drones in only 45 minutes.

Recently, Autel Robotics released a new drone charging platform that allows drones to take on multiple recursive missions independent of weather across a wide variety of industrial applications, including industrial energy inspection, natural disaster monitoring, and more.

But another tilt-rotor VTOL drone from Autel can transition to a “fixed-wing” mode, and “scout areas after a hurricane, with a lot of different really high-end camera options,” said John Simmons, a representative for Autel Robotics at the CES 2022 exhibit.

The drone charging platform is called EVO Nest, while the long-range, fixed-wing VTOL is called the “Dragonfish” series. And it could simplify the energy needs of visual surveillance, monitoring, and public service.

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During long portions of the past 2.4 billion years, the Earth may have been more inhospitable to life than scientists previously thought, according to new computer simulations.

Using a state-of-the-art climate model, researchers now believe the level of ultraviolet (UV) radiation reaching the Earth’s surface could have been underestimated, with UV levels being up to ten times higher.

UV radiation is emitted by the sun and can damage and destroy biologically important molecules such as proteins.