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About 2 million cells are transplanted into each patient in the treatment. They were created from iPS cells stored at Kyoto University in western Japan, according to Keio University.

In the future, the university plans to increase the number of cells to be transplanted in order to enhance the effectiveness of the treatment.

Some 5,000 people sustain spinal cord injuries every year in Japan and the number of people living with spinal cord injuries is said to exceed 150,000.

At present time, these two are bold statements made by Michael Greve, Founder and CEO at Forever Healthy Foundation. I whish him full success in contributing to make them practical ones in the not so distant future:

* “First thing that you have to consider is what means healthy and healthy does not only means rejuvenation because you can be 25 and still be in bad place…”

* “Health is more than just taking people from old age to young age”

Designed and built by LEGO creator Mr. Platinum using 2,800 LEGO Technic pieces, this absolutely delightful mini replica of the DMC DeLorean from Back To The Future comes complete with a detailed exterior as well as interior, functioning doors, glowing lights, and a Bluetooth controller that lets you remotely drive the little car around!

The video above is a mashup of scenes from the original Back To The Future movie showing the DeLorean’s reveal, combined with video snippets of Mr. Platinum’s highly detailed build. The LEGO DeLorean is a stunning MOC (My Own Creation) that boasts of functioning headlights and taillights, glowing pipes around the car’s periphery as well as on the inside, motorized doors that open on command to reveal the detailed interiors, and for good measure, repositionable tires that become horizontal to resemble the car flying through space and time. If there ever was a near-perfect LEGO DeLorean build, this 2800-brick masterpiece is clearly it.

Designer: Mr. Platinum

The CycleBoard Rover is unlike anything I’ve tested before. It looks like a scooter and handles more like a skateboard. It’s a wild ride that is hard to describe, but that’s what I’m here to try and do.

Having tested plenty of electric scooters and e-skateboards before, I thought I could just hop on the CycleBoard Rover and blast away.

But I was woefully underestimating the learning curve here.