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We’ve known about gravity since Newton’s apocryphal encounter with the apple, but we’re still struggling to make sense of it. While the other three forces of nature are all due to the activity of quantum fields, our best theory of gravity describes it as bent space-time. For decades, physicists have tried to use quantum field theories to describe gravity, but those efforts are incomplete at best.

One of the most promising of those efforts treats gravity as something like a hologram — a three-dimensional effect that pops out of a flat, two-dimensional surface. Currently, the only concrete example of such a theory is the AdS/CFT correspondence, in which a particular type of quantum field theory, called a conformal field theory (CFT), gives rise to gravity in so-called anti-de Sitter (AdS) space. In the bizarre curves of AdS space, a finite boundary can encapsulate an infinite world. Juan Maldacena, the theory’s discoverer, has called it a “universe in a bottle.”

But our universe isn’t a bottle. Our universe is (largely) flat. Any bottle that would contain our flat universe would have to be infinitely far away in space and time. Physicists call this cosmic capsule the “celestial sphere.”

Real holograms?

Science fiction has repeatedly promised a future filled with holographic 3D displays, but that fantasy has always eluded reality — until now. A startup says it has created a new “solid light” display that renders photos and videos in three dimensions.

Photography and filmmaking have historically only existed in two dimensions without the aid of specialized headwear and viewing angles, but a new technology developed by Silicon Valley startup Light Field Lab wants to change that. The company has developed what appears to be the first successful 3D holographic display that can provide a true sense of depth to content from a variety of angles and free of glasses.

The company explains that in real life, light photons travel in all directions, ultimately reflecting bundles of rays that human eyes interpret as objects and depth. Lightfield Lab says that traditional flat displays can never replicate this experience, but thanks to its technology, it has been able to replicate it in a way that has never been done before.

Smartphones have become old technology by now and is soon going to be replaced by the next big thing. Vuzix has created the first lightweight Smart AR Glasses that can project holograms at high contrast while still looking like regular glasses.

The Vuzix next generation smart glasses feature futuristic micro-LED display technology to project augmented reality images onto the glasses. You can interact with virtual objects and more. Companies like Apple and Facebook will soon follow with their own variations of AR Glasses due to them soon replacing smartphones as the main medium of interaction as they phones become obsolete.

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This video gives and overview of human neuroscience and applies it to the design of an artificial general intelligence named Eta.

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What we usually think of as Artificial Intelligence today, when we see human-like robots and holograms in our fiction, talking and acting like real people and having human-level or even superhuman intelligence and capabilities — is actually called Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), and it does NOT exist anywhere on earth yet. What we do have is called Deep Learning, that has fundamental limitations that will not allow it to become AGI.

For an AI to pass the threshold of human intelligence, and become an artificial general intelligence requires an AI to have the ability to see, hear, and experience its environment. It needs to be able to learn that environment, to organize it’s memory non-locally and store abstract concepts in a distributed architecture so it can model it’s environment, events, and people in it.

It needs to be able speak conversationally and interact verbally like a human, and be able to understand the experiences, events, and concepts behind the words and sentences of language so it can compose language at a human level.

It needs to be able to solve all the problems that a human can, using flexible memory recall, analogy, metaphor, imagination, intuition, logic and deduction from sparse information.

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Holograms have been a staple of science fiction for centuries, but now they may be on the verge of reality thanks to PORTL, a startup based in Los Angeles.

How it works: The startup has designed large, vending-machine-sized booths that they call “PORTL Epic” to generate real-time, life-size holograms. 100 of these booths are currently located all around the world from Abu Dhabi to Miami.

Forget science fiction — Silicon Valley start-up Light Field Lab has created a hologram so real that I could put my hand right through it.

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I hope we get the hologram interfaces depicted too.

It’s becoming clear that aging is just as curable as other diseases such as the cold or a broken bone. Advancements in biotechnology now allow for targeted gene therapy and supplements to be invented that can both stop aging and even reverse the aging process through new Longevity Technology. The field of Longevity has expanded and evolved a lot during the past few years and have invented new treatments for diseases of old people which could increase the average lifespan of people by a ton according to the leading scientists such as David Sinclair and Aubrey De Grey. Anti Aging Supplements such as Metformin and NAD+, NMN are just the start.

Every day is a day closer to the Technological Singularity. Experience Robots learning to walk & think, humans flying to Mars and us finally merging with technology itself. And as all of that happens, we at AI News cover the absolute cutting edge best technology inventions of Humanity.

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00:00 A new Benchmark in Longevity.
01:04 Living longer lives today.
03:13 How Genomics will extend our lifespans.
05:19 What are the societal concerns?
07:58 Last Words.

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