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Rooftop Panels Can Purify Polluted Air 100x Faster Than Trees Using Photosynthesis of Plants
A Conversation with Jackie Ying
Understanding the power of honey through its proteins
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data (ACS Publications)
For The First Time, Scientists Turn Human Stem Cells Into Insulin-Producing Cells
Michael Phelps: The ‘natural’ transhuman athlete
German Bionic to present its first robot exoskeleton for industrial IoT
Yara and IBM join forces to transform the future of farming
Dino: Autonomous Weeding Robot Covers 12 Acres in 9 Hours
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Hahn showcases ‘broad spectrum’ of automation solutions at Automate
Cold Plasma Torch Produces a Cleansing Flame that Never Consumes
Solar Electric Propulsion (SEP)
World’s largest medical drone delivery network takes flight in Ghana
Why China’s electric-car industry is leaving Detroit, Japan, and Germany in the dust
A phase I fixed-dose feasibility study of MK615 and gemcitabine in patients with advanced or metastatic pancreatic cancer
Interfering trajectories in experimental quantum-enhanced stochastic simulation
Man Makes and Sells Compostable Wild Grass Straws
Qualcomm launches QCS400 SoC series: An AI-enabled chipset with far-field voice capabilities for smart speakers
As Brain Organoids Mature, Ethical Questions Arise
The University Is Proud and Congratulates Its Graduate Dr. Thabat Al-khatib and Researcher in Applied Neuroscience for Receiving Two Patents of Medicine for the Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
Fit to drive? The car will judge
MD Stem Cells New Alzheimer’s Stem Cell Treatment Shows Early Benefits
Russian TV launches robot news presenter
Metamaterials Embedded with Geometrical Optics Could Simplify Optical Devices
Biophotonic Therapy Can Destroy Bacteria and Viruses in Organs Before Transplantation
Robotic Machine Vision Solution Can Process Shiny Objects
Even moderate intake of red meat raises cancer risk, study finds
Discovery! 3rd Planet Found in Two-Star ‘Tatooine’ Star System
New discovery makes fast-charging, better performing lithium-ion batteries possible
Scanning for cancer treatment
The War to Remotely Control Self-Driving Cars Heats Up
Researchers Use Sound to Make a Range of Objects Float for the First Time
VA to Offer New Ketamine-Based Nasal Spray for Depression
Artificial Intelligence Creates a New Generation of Machine Learning
Scientists Kept Rats Sober
Anti-aging research: ‘Prime time for an impact on the globe’
Stem Cell Therapies for Treating Diabetes: Progress and Remaining Challenges
4D printing multi-metal products with a desktop electrochemical 3D printer
The Nobel Prize
Ethicist Warns: Future AI Could Take Revenge for How We Treat It Now
5 of Einstein’s Most Epic Fails That Prove He Was Human
Fungi cause brain infection and memory impairment in mice
How to Steal DNA With Sound
UDrone: Drone with Brain & Gesture Control
Bugatti uses SLM Solutions additive manufacturing systems in component production
Don’t adjust your sets – new research could revolutionise fiber-optic communications
Yaron Fuchs Awarded Sartorius & Science Prize
THE AOA PROBLEM – WHAT WE CAN DO ABOUT IT (reprinted from Curt Lewis Flight Safety Information News)
The Smart Cities of the Future Are Already Taking Off
The World’s Most Valuable AI Companies, and What They’re Working On
Intel Unveils the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 at Intel AI Devcon Beijing for Building Smarter AI Edge Devices
A systematic study of microdosing psychedelics
Rwanda Has Just Completed Over 10,000 Deliveries of Health Supplies Via Medical Drones
New species of ‘golden death’ bacterium digests parasitic worms from the inside out
Scientists discover predictors that determine toxic fats in the liver
Study finds that in mice, lycopene in tomatoes reduced fatty liver disease, inflammation and liver cancer
U-Md. researchers develop smart fabric that automatically warms or cools you off
Researchers develop fire-retardant coating featuring renewable materials
ToRPEDO Privacy Attack on 4G/5G Networks Affects All U.S. Carriers
UCF Researchers Develop First Supersymmetric Laser Array
NVIDIA Transfer Learning Toolkit
Meet the ‘preeminent AI company on earth,’ but can it succeed in healthcare?
Korea: Researchers 3D Printing Tracheas with Epithelial Cells & Chondrocytes
Apple Plans Sleep Tracking Feature for Future Watch
New milestones in helping prevent eye disease with Verily
Mammalian Near-Infrared Image Vision through Injectable and Self-Powered Retinal Nanoantennae
Powerful Magnetic Energy Blows Up a Lab
The foods that might help with dementia
The Effect of Cannabis on Dementia Related Agitation and Aggression
Cannabis Therapeutics and the Future of Neurology
New material could ‘drive wound healing’ using the body’s inbuilt healing system
This Fast Food Drive-Thru Is Now Using AI to Take Orders
Breastmilk microbiome linked to method of feeding
Video: Glitter-sized ‘metalenses’ may soon power your smartphone camera
New NASA Team Tackles Next Challenges in Detecting Life Beyond Earth
A New Treatment Can Relieve Food Allergies, But Few Doctors Offer It
Forget the Blood of Teens. This Pill Promises to Extend Life for a Nickel a Pop
India Just Swore in Its First Robot Police Officer
A philosopher argues that an AI can never be an artist
Israeli team develops way to find genetic flaws in fetus at 11 weeks
Chinese news station unveils world’s first female AI news anchor
Common acid reflux medications linked to increased kidney disease risk
Talga reports positive test results on its graphene silicon Li-ion battery anode project
These are the Russian-speaking Jewish Americans you never knew changed your life
Investors bet billions on health-care start-ups with paltry publication records
How to use Twitter to further your research career
Machine learning unlocks plants’ secrets
New pill can deliver insulin
Fresh evidence overturns the identification of a factor involved in blood-vessel dilation
Small research teams ‘disrupt’ science more radically than large ones
Optical cooling achieved by tuning thermal radiation
How broken sleep promotes cardiovascular disease
Potential food allergens in medications
Oncology Meets Immunology: The Cancer-Immunity Cycle
Cholesterol Metabolism Is a Druggable Axis that Independently Regulates Tau and Amyloid-β in iPSC-Derived Alzheimer’s Disease Neurons
Stem Cells, Genome Editing, and the Path to Translational Medicine
A Paradigm Shift in Cancer Immunotherapy: From Enhancement to Normalization
Safer-by-Design Fluorescent Nanocrystals: Metal Halide Perovskites vs Semiconductor Quantum Dots
Exponential Medicine
Combine AI With Crowdsourcing and What Do You Get? Turbocharged Innovation
Nonmechanical on-chip waveguide device steers mid-infrared beams
Cesarean Section — A Brief History
Robert Felkin MD (1853–1926) and Caesarean delivery in Central Africa
Eva Ramón Gallegos’s research works
Real life Experience of Medical Cannabis Treatment in Autism: Analysis of Safety and Efficacy
Potential Alzheimer’s Therapy UB-311 Safe, Effective, Phase 2a Trial Finds
Caltech Building Agile Humanoid Robot
A MEMS Device Harvests Vibrations to Power the IoT
Plant-e: roots, shoots, leaves
This AI Can Tell Your Age
A Non-Toxic Thermoelectric Generator for Wearable Tech
DNA-Functionalized Metal–Organic Framework Nanoparticles for Intracellular Delivery of Proteins
Omnidirectional Robots Used for Lab Automation
Celebrate the women behind the periodic table
IRobot Finally Announces Awesome New Terra Robotic Lawnmower
What’s Better Than 40 GPU-based Computers? A Computer With 40 GPUs
Healbot-T Rehabilitation Robot
Meet the Bots That Review and Write Snippets of Facebook’s Code
Lab-Grown Chicken Nuggets Made From Feathers to Hit Shelves
A gut punch fights cancer and infection
Business Forum: Photons are good business — An interview with Akira Hiruma
A Magnetically Controlled Soft Microrobot Steering a Guidewire in a Three-Dimensional Phantom Vascular Network
Linbots: Soft Modular Robots Utilizing Voice Coils
Soft Radio-Frequency Identification Sensors: Wireless Long-Range Strain Sensors Using Radio-Frequency Identification
Bricks Made From Human Waste Could Be The Future of The Construction Industry
All-photonic quantum repeaters could lead to a faster, more secure global quantum internet
Design and Clinical Evaluation of the Interoperable Artificial Pancreas System (iAPS) Smartphone App: Interoperable Components with Modular Design for Progressive Artificial Pancreas Research and Development
We analyzed 16,625 papers to figure out where AI is headed next
AI Helps Amputees Walk With a Robotic Knee
AI technology accelerates and augments legal work
‘Build the wall’ with fiber optics
Can AI Really Be a Game Changer in Cervical Cancer Screenings?
Saint Jean Carbon is developing graphene gel salt water batteries
Near-infrared metasurface reflects only one direction of circularly polarized light
Tech Trends 2019
Engineering CRISPR-Cas9 RNA–Protein Complexes for Improved Function and Delivery
BrainRobotics’ EMG Controlled Prosthetic Hand
3D eye simulation directs noninvasive process to prolong glasses-free vision
Scientists analyzed the gamma rays emitted during the NPDGamma Experiment and found parity-violating asymmetry
Flexible Loudspeaker Made of Nanowires Will Stick to Your Skin and Play Music
On-chip optical link is created on electronic chip for the first time
A Review of the Potential of Phytochemicals from Prunus africana (Hook f.) Kalkman Stem Bark for Chemoprevention and Chemotherapy of Prostate Cancer
Say ‘bye bye’ to faulty mobile phones and solar cells
MIT Quantum Computing Online Courses for Professionals
Harvard researchers see alien potential in mysterious object
​In 1983, Isaac Asimov predicted the world of 2019. Here’s what he got right
Tiny, implantable device uses light to treat bladder problems
Facility for Rare Isotope Beams
A weird type of zirconium soaks up neutrons like a sponge
Using AI to detect and deter poachers
How AI is Working to Crush Financial Fraud
‘Flipped’ metal oxide cage can sort CO2 from CO
Quantum scientists demonstrate world-first 3D atomic-scale quantum chip architecture
TresClean: The #TresClean Project will develop high- throughput laser-based texturing for fluid- repellent and antibacterial metal surfaces using innovative industrial high-average power ultrashort-pulsed lasers in combination with high-performance scanning heads
Share Your Thoughts and Gain Perspective with IBM Project Debater
Intraoperative detection of blood vessels with an imaging needle during neurosurgery in humans
Researchers discover new drug cocktail that increases human beta cell proliferation at rapid rates
Immune cells track hard-to-target brain tumours
A fast quantum interface between different spin qubit encodings
Qubits Communications
Carbon Nanotubes and Related Nanomaterials: Critical Advances and Challenges for Synthesis toward Mainstream Commercial Applications
New Gene Therapy for Vision Loss Proven Safe in Humans
“Bionic Mushrooms” Fuse Nanotech, Bacteria and Fungi
Innovative ‘Mega Library’ Gives Materials Engineers New Hope
AI Will Create Millions More Jobs Than It Will Destroy. Here’s How
Vaccination-induced skin-resident memory CD8+ T cells mediate strong protection against cutaneous melanoma
Toward unhackable communication: Single particles of light could bring the ‘quantum internet’
‘Chemo brain’ caused by malfunction in three types of brain cells, study finds
Why the Future of Solar Power Is from Space
Engineers create an inhalable form of messenger RNA
Binghamton University researchers design a more durable MEMS switch
Novel fiber-optic device lays foundation for quantum-enhanced measurements
Industry Predictions: AI, Machine Learning, Analytics & Data Science Main Developments in 2018 and Key Trends for 2019
IBM CEO Ginni Rometty Delivers Opening Keynote at CES 2019 on What’s Next in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Quantum Computing