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Australian Company Works to Make Energy From Nuclear Fusion — But Without the Fiery Ball of Plasma
World’s northernmost Palaeolithic settlement found on Kotelny island in the Arctic
Lawrence Livermore claims a milestone in laser fusion
Beamed Energy Propulsion / Beamed Laser Energy Propulsion Documents
China unveils 600 km/h Transrapid train
Dubai makes its own RAIN to tackle 122F heat: Drones blast clouds with electrical charge to produce
China unveils design for first waterless nuclear reactor
Say goodbye to your camera bump: Miniaturized optics through new counterpart to lens
Gigajot Unveils World’s First Commercially Available Quanta Image Sensors
Advances in Detectors: The Quanta image sensor (QIS): Making every photon count
Approaching a Singularity, When The Number of Humans Alive Will Equal The Number Who Have Ever Died
SeeDevice’s QUANTUM IMAGE SENSOR may be the first to appear on the market, and will allow better low-light imaging than the Sionyx “black silicone” color night-vision cameras
Counting single photons at unprecedented rates
Navy engineer devises new way to enhance night vision for ground forces
Interim Retinal Projection With Metalenses
A metalens for virtual and augmented reality
DARPA program seeks night-vision goggles as light and compact as glasses