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China unveils 600 km/h Transrapid train

Posted in transportation

CHINA’S NEW 600 KM PER HOUR LEVITATED TRAIN is the next step in its system of 38,000 km of high speed rail lines covering the nation. China’s land area is almost exactly the same as the USA’s, but, by contrast, the USA has ZERO km of high speed rail. China is financing this and other massive infrastructural networks in the same way that the US formerly financed all its major infrastructure— with governmental financing. Every highway, every railway system, every waterway, etc., etc., in the USA was built in the same way, but we stopped building such systems.

It’s fast, very fast.

In fact, it is the fastest train the world.

Capable of speeds up to 600 km/h ((373 mph), China’s high-speed Maglev electric bullet train could very well close the gap between rail-based trains with a maximum speed of 350 km/h and aircraft with a flight speed of 800 to 900 km/h.

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