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At various places I have seen, or posted myself, posts about helping equal out gender representation in science and technology
Landmark NASA Twins Study Reveals Space Travel’s Effects on the Human Body
PRESS RELEASE: Anthony Watts Joins The Heartland Institute
AI systems should be accountable, explainable, and unbiased, says EU
Exclusive: Google cancels AI ethics board in response to outcry
Robotic ‘gray goo’
Computer scientists create reprogrammable molecular computing system
Politician who opposed mandatory chickenpox vaccine has been hospitalized after getting chickenpox
Correcting the scientific record on gender incongruence: The PLOS ONE blog
Water-resistant electronic skin with self-healing abilities created
Our Mission
Research set to shake up space missions
Amazon Pulls 2 Books That Promote Unscientific Autism ‘Cures’
Made In Space Archinaut Program Reaches Major Milestone as Development Continues
Google+ Communities Won’t Go Down Without a Fight
Unmasking Clever Hans predictors and assessing what machines really learn
Researchers turn liquid metal into a plasma
Few pathways to an acceptable climate future without immediate action
Gateway Around the Moon Gains Support
Transhumanism, the Lazy Way to Human ‘Improvement’
YouTube’s “Brie Larson” search result shift shows how YouTube could fight trolls
What to do with the lignin?
Daily intake of nutritional supplements cannot prevent depression
Goals for collecting and studying samples from Mars
Asteroid Research Points to Planetary Defense Issues
Chemists find method to replace hydrogen with fluorine in organic molecules
Momo Is as Real as We’ve Made Her
China bans 23m from buying travel tickets as part of ‘social credit’ system
Open-source software tracks neural activity in real time
Hybrid material may outperform graphene in several applications
Nanotechnology makes it possible for mice to see in infrared
Whetstone: A New Tool for Neuromorphic Programming
Dr. Marin’s Work on Generation Ships – Updated
Anti-vaxx propaganda has gone viral on Facebook. Pinterest has a cure
NASA facility in West Virginia renamed after native and ‘hidden figure’ Katherine Johnson
YouTube Just Demonetized Anti-Vax Channels
The magical thinking of guys who love logic
Artificial Intelligence Crime: An Interdisciplinary Analysis of Foreseeable Threats and Solutions
The “Impossible” Tech Behind SpaceX’s New Engine
Violent video game engagement is not associated with adolescents’ aggressive behaviour: evidence from a
Is It Good to Cooperate? Testing the Theory of Morality-as-Cooperation in 60 Societies
Engineers develop room temperature, two-dimensional platform for quantum technology
International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Mars One is dead
Smart textile uses sweat as switch to keep wearer cool or warm
Penny-Sized Ionocraft Flies With No Moving Parts
Russian media threatens US with 100 megaton nuclear doomsday device after key arms treaty fails
A single transistor process that can create connections
What Happened to the 100,000-Hour LED Bulbs?
This Wild Moon Base Idea Came from Architecture Students (Video)
Co4Robots — Milestone 2 Demonstrator
Unshackling Robots: Self-Aware Machines
Outdoor Autonomous Flying of Flying-LASDRA with Onboard Sensing
Expert: Bill Gates Is “Completely Wrong” About Global Poverty
Engineers translate brain signals directly into speech
Mayhem, the Machine That Finds Software Vulnerabilities, Then Patches Them
Quantum structure of buckyballs
Artificial skin could give superhuman perception
A Cooler Cloud: A Clever Conduit Cuts Data Centers’ Cooling Needs
Announcing Hyperledger Grid, a new project to help build and deliver supply chain solutions!
Plunging Prices Mean Building New Renewable Energy Is Cheaper Than Running Existing Coal
Ethereum Plans to Cut Its Absurd Energy Consumption
NASA’s Technosignatures Report is Out. Every Way to Find Evidence of an Intelligent Civilization
Astronomers aren’t pleased about a Russian plan to put billboards in space