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A Japanese doctor who studied longevity — and lived to 105 — reveals the key to living a long life
Japan Unveils a Buddhist Funeral Robot
The new Abraham Lincoln animatronic is so life-like the viewers will feel like they’re in Gettysburg in 1863
With genetic morph, a weird type of anthrax has emerged—and it’s on a rampage
Chinese Chatbots Apparently Re-educated After Political Faux Pas
This Self-Flying Drone Is a Taxi That Can Fly 30 Miles
This Tattoo Changes Colors As Your Blood Sugar Levels Change
Meet The World’s First Adult ‘Service’ Droid
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Robot Lifts And Parks Your Car
Kniterate will print your next sweater
The FDA Just Greenlit the First Consumer DNA Tests for Disease Risk
Cubans Have Had a Vaccine for Lung Cancer Since 2011, and Now the U.S. Can Finally Use It
Norway Gets a New Doomsday Vault That Stores Data
This Little Girl Befriended A Water Heater
Scientists find a low-cost way to build genomes from scratch
Major Breakthrough Could Enable Mass Produced Artificial Blood
Farmers of the Future Will Sit Behind Screens
Minitaur Has Never Met an Obstacle It Couldn’t Overcome
IBM Has Devised a Way to “Grow” Computer Chips
This could be the future of human burial sites
These 12 Superbugs Could Wipe Out Humanity
Robots are about to make your beer runs
Forget Mammoths, We Could Bring Dinosaurs and Neanderthals Back to Life
Do Robots Deserve Rights?
Google’s “DeepMind‘ AI Understands The Benefits Of Betrayal
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station remotely controlled robots on Earth this week
DARPA’s Robotic Arm Snatches Drones From Mid-Air
This creepy robot walks like a chicken and could someday deliver your groceries
Japanese AI Writes a Novel, Nearly Wins Literary Award
This could be revolutionary
Boston Dynamics “nightmare inducing” wheeled robot “Handle”, presentation video close-up
Printed human body parts could soon be available for transplant
GM and Honda will mass-produce hydrogen fuel cells together
Until we create replacement eyes
Researchers create first viable hybrid human-pig embryo
Scientists are making genetically modified cyborg dragonflies
China Says Its World-First ‘Exascale’ Supercomputer Is Almost Complete
Did You Know?
Woman In The US Dies After Infection From Bacteria Resistant To 26 Antibiotic Drugs
Designing Robots For Future Space Exploration
Body-Pierced Gadget Turns You Into a Human Compass
Pentagon Tests ‘Drone Swarm’ Super Weapon
MEPs vote on robots’ legal status
A little vaudeville to brighten the day