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Dec 5, 2021

Navy’s MQ-25 Stingray Tanker Drone Goes Aboard A Carrier For The First Time

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A series of deck-handling trials aboard a supercarrier is part of the buildup toward planned operational capability in 2025.

Dec 4, 2021

Reith Lectures: AI and why people should be scared

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Prof Stuart Russell, founder of the Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence, at the University of California, Berkeley, is giving this year’s Reith Lectures.

He said: Because I think it’s really important and really urgent.

And the reason it’s urgent is because the weapons that we have been talking about for the last six years or seven years are now starting to be manufactured and sold.

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Dec 3, 2021

‘If Human, Kill’: Video Warns Of Need For Legal Controls On Killer Robots

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A new video released by nonprofit The Future of Life Institute (FLI) highlights the risks posed by autonomous weapons or ‘killer robots’ – and the steps we can take to prevent them from being used. It even has Elon Musk scared.

Its original Slaughterbots video, released in 2017, was a short Black Mirror-style narrative showing how small quadcopters equipped with artificial intelligence and explosive warheads could become weapons of mass destruction. Initially developed for the military, the Slaughterbots end up being used by terrorists and criminals. As Professor Stuart Russell points out at the end of the video, all the technologies depicted already existed, but had not been put together.

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Dec 2, 2021

An Advanced New Perching Drone Can Actually Snatch Objects From the Air

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Don’t worry, you’re safe.

Engineers from Stanford University created a robot that can grasp irregular objects.

The robot, called Stereotyped Nature-inspired Aerial Grasper (SNAG), is inspired by peregrine falcons, which is the fastest animal on earth reaching 200 miles per hour (320 km) when diving. … See more.

Nov 30, 2021

New discovery opens the way for brain-like computers

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Research has long strived to develop computers to work as energy efficiently as our brains. A study, led by researchers at the University of Gothenburg, has succeeded for the first time in combining a memory function with a calculation function in the same component. The discovery opens the way for more efficient technologies, everything from mobile phones to self-driving cars.

In recent years, computers have been able to tackle advanced cognitive tasks, like language and image recognition or displaying superhuman chess skills, thanks in large part to artificial intelligence (AI). At the same time, the is still unmatched in its ability to perform tasks effectively and energy efficiently.

“Finding new ways of performing calculations that resemble the brain’s energy-efficient processes has been a major goal of research for decades. Cognitive tasks, like image and voice recognition, require significant computer power, and mobile applications, in particular, like mobile phones, drones and satellites, require energy efficient solutions,” says Johan Åkerman, professor of applied spintronics at the University of Gothenburg.

Nov 30, 2021

Drone Without Exposed Rotor Blades the Dronut

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For scanning underground structures and caves. Maybe scanning buildings, and doing security stuff, but doors would be a problem. Also too loud, but would be a nice start point for an Ion Drive flight system.

By Jim Magill

Looking like a micro-sized version of the Death Star, the Dronut X1, which Boston-based start-up Cleo Robotics released for commercial use earlier this month, is the first professional-grade bi-rotor ducted-fan drone – a drone without exposed rotor blades – built to conduct inspections in close-quartered and hazardous environments.

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Nov 29, 2021

SpaceX drone ship heads to sea for record-breaking Starlink launch

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SpaceX’s newest drone ship is on its way out into the Atlantic Ocean for a Starlink mission that will break the company’s record for annual launch cadence.

Somewhat confusing known as Starlink Shell 4 Launch 3 or Starlink 4–3, the batch of 53 laser-linked V1.5 satellites is scheduled to fly before Starlink 4–2 for unknown reasons and at the same time as Starlink 2–3 is scheduled to fly before Starlink 2–2 on the West Coast. Regardless of the seemingly unstable launch order, perhaps related to the recent introduction of Starlink’s new V1.5 satellite design, drone ship A Shortfall of Gravitas’ (ASOG) November 27th Port Canaveral confirms that SpaceX is more or less on track to launch Starlink 4–3 no earlier than (NET) 6:20 pm EST (23:20 UTC) on Wednesday, December 1st.

In a bit of a return to stride after launching 20 times in the first six months but only three times in the entire third quarter of 2021, Starlink 4–3 is currently the first of four or even five SpaceX launches scheduled in the last month of the year. Nevertheless, if Starlink 4–3 is successful, it will also set SpaceX up to cross a milestone unprecedented in the history of satellite launches.

Nov 29, 2021

Boeing’s MQ-25 Has Taken One Step Closer to Aircraft Carrier Tests

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Substantially extending the strike range of fighter jets.

Boeing’s unmanned air tanker MQ-25 Stingray is currently completing ground tests at the Naval Station Norfolk in Virginia in preparation for a carrier demonstration, the U.S. Navy confirmed in a press release.

Unveiled over three years ago, the MQ-25 or T1 tanker is designed to refuel naval fighter aircraft mid-air. Although mid-air refueling is common practice for the U.S. military, this is the first attempt with an unmanned drone. The MQ-25 has been making rapid strides since its unveiling and has successfully completed a refueling attempt of the F-35C aircraft in September this year.

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Nov 26, 2021

Walmart launches drone-delivery system for customers in Arkansas

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Walmart has launched an instant drone delivery system for customers living within a 50-mile radius of its headquarters in northern Arkansas.

The retail giant has partnered with drone company Zipline to launch the new system that will offer on-demand delivery for health and wellness and consumable items within 50 miles of the Walmart Neighborhood Market in Pea Ridge, according to a press release.

“It’s unbelievably exciting, we’ve been working towards this day for many many years,” Zipline’s CEO Liam O’Connor told CBS News.

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Nov 26, 2021

Dronut X1 drone keeps its rotors safely inside its body

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It’s a cool concept; the blades cant get caught, or stuck, or broken. but, it’s pretty loud, there’s no audio in the demo videos. Still, i think a flying drone would be superior for exploring underground structurers and caves, til it hit a door or something anyways. Anyhow, i think the flight system should focus on some kind of a total silence ion drive.

It was three years ago that we first heard about the Cleo, a robust, donut-shaped prototype drone made by Cleo Robotics. Well, its successor is now commercially available, under the new (and apt) name of the Dronut X1.

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