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Defense company Raytheon has clinched a US Navy contract to provide engineering and technical services for the Evolved Seasparrow Missile and NATO Seasparrow Missile programs, the Pentagon has said.

A press release by the Department of Defense on December 30 stated, “Raytheon Company [of] Tucson, Arizona, is awarded a $55,121,826 modification to a previously awarded contract for engineering and technical services in support of the Evolved Seasparrow Missile and NATO Seasparrow Missile Systems programs.”

The contract combines purchases for the US government (99%); and those of Japan and the United Arab Emirates (1%) under the Foreign Military Sales program.

Sometimes, good things come in small packages. Extremely tiny packages such as a microrobot that can pollinate fields of crops, help rescue people, and so on. Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) are already working on that and they’re making significant progress.

You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this video we present to you the news digest for December 2021. New robots, the most realistic humanoid robot in the world, luxury flying cars of the future, xenobots — nanorobots that have learned to reproduce, nanochip for reprogramming living matter, drones with legs, universal robots, robotic cleaners, flying humanoids, Neuralink chip testing on people, new smart augmented reality glasses, the launch of the telescope, which will tell about the evolution of the universe, and much more in one release! All the most interesting high-tech news for December in one release. Watch the video till the end and write in comments, which news interested you most of all? And what areas of science and technology we should cover in the next issues?

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An initial series of test flights with drones has been launched in Poland as part of the EU-funded Uspace4UAM project. The first of these trials is now underway in Rzeszów, a city of close to 200,000 people.

The test flights are being carried out by three Uspace4UAM consortium members: Dronehub, the developer of -in-a-box systems for automated monitoring and data collection; drone equipment and sensor supplier Honeywell; and drone software technology company Altitude Angel. About 160 flights will be carried out in the Rzeszów area during the first phase, under 3 scenarios of autonomous drones flying for public service missions. The first scenario will involve emergency aerial monitoring of accident sites, the second will take ortho-and photogrammetric photos for public institutions, and the third will replicate the transportation of automated external defibrillators for use in life-threatening situations.

“Dronehub demos within Uspace4UAM started in November 2021, and we will end in June 2022. During this time, amongst other objectives, we will check how drones react to different and rapidly changing ,” states test flight project manager Jakub Węglarz of Dronehub in a news item posted on the SESAR Joint Undertaking website. The SESAR Joint Undertaking—which is funding Uspace4UAM—is a partnership between European private and public sector institutions formed to speed up the delivery of smarter, connected, accessible and more sustainable air transport solutions through research and innovation.

The future imagined in “The Jetsons” is almost here — smart watches track our steps, Zoom connects us to the people we love, and camera drones steadily increase the views on any vlogger’s YouTube channel. The only thing we’re missing from the animated sitcom is air traffic in the form of flying cars. Although, it looks like we’re not too far from that reality, either. Consequently, robots and AR will also be commonplace.

If all of this seems too “Black Mirror” for you to process, we suggest taking a step-by-step approach. Invest in a watch that tells you how much you’ve walked but not how much you’ve slept. Until further notice, only board airplanes to fly. Instead of hiring your own Rosey the Robot housekeeper, meet with a robot every other week.

More about “autonomous” (robot) vehicles.

The vehicle’s abilities were demonstrated on snowy terrain, at low temperatures, and in difficult road and weather conditions. The multi-purpose robotic platform is ideal for military units as it is designed to perform logistics, evacuation, reconnaissance and other special tasks.

It is engineered with low-pressure tires and built on a stable and durable transmission base. This base has amphibious properties, a long-range, and a low noise level while driving making it inconspicuous during military missions.

The vehicle can maneuver through lakes, rivers, swamps, snowy areas, deserts, and trenches up to ~3.3 ft (1 m) making it ideal for combat zones. The goal of the vehicle is to allow the military to increase both mobility and security for future missions.

Real Time Heart Rate Detection using Eulerian Magnification + YOLOR is used for head detection which feeds into a Eulerian Magnification algorithm developed by Rohin Tangirala. Courtesy of Dragos Stan for assistance in this demo and code.

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Israel is nearing the halfway mark of its national drone initiative – an ambitious pilot program seeking to test and prepare operational capacities for UAV use in daily life and business, and place participating companies at the forefront of rapidly approaching aerial services.

According to an official statement, the purpose of the trials is to “integrate the use of drones in routine activities such as transportation of basic products, first aid; (and) deploying a drone attached to a vehicle for real-time monitoring of traffic movement with AI-based elements that can provide forecasts, and much more.”

The implant, which costs 100 euros, will allow people to have their vaccine passports implanted to make them easily-scannable.

Militaries around the world have focused on aerial drones. Now, a DARPA project wants to put a drone underwater for months.