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The War to Remotely Control Self-Driving Cars Heats Up

Posted in robotics/AI, transportation

Livingston is sitting comfortably in his office in Portland, Oregon, when he appears on the screens inside the car and announces he’ll be our teleoperator this afternoon. A moment later, the MKZ pulls into traffic, responding not to the man in the driver’s seat, but to Livingston, who’s sitting in front of a bank of screens displaying feeds from the four cameras on the car’s roof, working the kind of steering wheel and pedals serious players use for games like Forza Motorsport. Livingston is a software engineer for Designated Driver, a new company that’s getting into teleoperations, the official name for remotely controlling self- driving vehicles.

Designated Driver is just the latest competitor to enter the market for the teleoperation tech that will make robo-cars work.

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  1. To be sitting in front of a screen all day monitoring views of cameras mounted on cars would be quite boring. After reading this article it makes me thankful to work fast food. Even thought the pay is low. I am wanting to get into tree removal. Thanks for the great post.

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