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IRobot Finally Announces Awesome New Terra Robotic Lawnmower

Posted in robotics/AI

Since the first Roomba came out in 2002, it has seemed inevitable that one day iRobot would develop a robotic lawn mower. After all, a robot mower is basically just a Roomba that works outside, right? Of course, it’s not nearly that simple, as iRobot has spent the last decade or so discovering, but they’ve finally managed to pull it off.

More than 10 years in the making, Terra wants to do for your lawn what Roomba has done for your floors.

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  1. As an owner of a landscaping company, I have mixed feelings on this. I think for certain yards it could work, but a lot of yards have way too many obstacles to deal with, and areas that require the machine to be physically moved to the other areas. I also worry about animals and children, a vacuum is one thing to have running automatically, but a high power lawn mower is much more dangerous.

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