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Ginsburgs Give to Create New Quantum Center and Building at Caltech

Posted in engineering, quantum physics

The center will unite researchers exploring quantum systems and their potential uses.

In the Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg Center for Quantum Precision Measurement, Caltech researchers will develop tools and concepts with the potential to influence all areas of science and technology through unprecedented sensing, measurement, and engineering capabilities.

The fulcrum of a major initiative in quantum science and technology, the center will unite a diverse community of theorists and experimentalists devoted to understanding quantum systems and their potential uses (see a video about the new center). It will bring together researchers in three fields that progress hand in hand: quantum sensing, quantum information, and gravitational-wave detection—the direct observation of ripples in spacetime.

The center will be housed in a six-story building to be constructed thanks in part to a generous donation by Dr. Allen and Charlotte Ginsburg to name the facility. The new building, fully funded by philanthropy, will bring architectural innovation to a historic campus entrance on California Boulevard.

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