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These Boston Dynamics Robots Perform Parkour Maneuvers to Push Their Limits

Posted in robotics/AI

Parkour is not for the weak-hearted. Luckily, the two latest freerunning champs don’t have a heart at all because, you know, they’re robots.

In a YouTube video released Tuesday, Boston Dynamics—the Waltham, Massachusetts-based robotics company known for its viral clips of machines performing surprisingly human activities—shows off two humanoid robots (both named Atlas) performing the leaps, bounds, and backflips required to complete a parkour course.

The first robot hops across wooden ramps, climbs stairs, and jumps across several-foot-wide chasms between obstacles before a second robot picks up the routine, running across a balance beam à la Simone Biles. By the end of the video, the robots have hopped over pieces of the course as you might leap over a fence, performed backflips in sync, and even dusted off their shoulders like it’s nothing.

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