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The flying car company, funded entirely by Larry Page, has been testing for several months now at a secret lake location. I had the cool opportunity to see them in action a while back, but could not talk about it until now.

The vehicle has a floating pontoon that is excluded from the 250 lb. weight of the vehicle in the regulations for ultralight aircraft because it is “safety equipment”. This regulation covers lightweight craft that are excluded from FAA certification and pilot license requirements. Clever!

The startup thinks that aerial commuting is inevitable within the next 10 years.

New test flight footage shows that we are in the midst of the flying car revolution, propelled by new eVTOL designs that are taking to the skies with increasing frequency.

London-based startup Bellwether Industries released footage of the first untethered flight of a half-scale prototype of its ‘Volar’ eVTOL private flying car. The company says it believes it is an inevitability that people will commute in the skies within the next decade.

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The UK start-up Bellwether Industries foresee that people commuting in the sky will be inevitable within the next 10 years.

Italian design outfit Lazzarini Design Studio is known for its larger-than-life concepts that give us a deep dive of transportation in the future. Their new concept design breaks all the confined barriers of propulsion on water and in the air, taking things to the next level with the Air Yacht.

This compressed helium-powered flying yacht (yes, an airborne yacht!) is targeted towards private owners who will stop at nothing, and push the envelope of adventure – laden in luxury and style. The mega yacht (or should I say a big catamaran) measuring 492 feet will be a revolution in the aviation industry with its twin airships filled with helium. These gigantic airships will be connected via a central carbon deck measuring 33 feet wide consisting of a master cabin, living area, and a large dining section. The outer edges of the airship have five en suite staterooms each, so taking along best buddies for the adventure of their lifetime is certain.

Tesla has signed a new deal to source nickel for battery cell production from an upcoming new mine in the United States. It’s a landmark deal to start sourcing the critical battery material in the US and help boost upcoming new mining projects.

Over the last few years, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been pushing for nickel producers to boost production as he expects the resource could become a bottleneck for battery production.

The company gets its nickel overseas. Vale, the Brazilian mining giant, is Tesla’s main nickel supplier, and the company has recently done a big deal to secure nickel supply from New Caledonia. But, North American production of nickel is limited, and Tesla is not sourcing locally.

After bringing in €3.2 million in funding and raking in a list of pre-orders, Podbike says it will deliver its first electric bike-car known as the Frikar later this year.

The Norwegian mobility company Podbike has attracted attention for years as its innovative and curious-looking four-wheeled electric vehicle has taken shape.

The enclosed bike-car offers better all-weather protection and improved aerodynamics compared to a typical commuter electric bicycle, though the top can be removed for summer operation if all-weather protection isn’t required.

Amazon says it will buy thousands of Ram ProMaster electric vans a year beginning in 2024.

The folks at Inside EVs noticed something in a press package from CES 2022 that most others missed. It said, “As part of a separate agreement with Stellantis, Amazon will be the first commercial customer for Stellantis’ new Ram ProMaster Battery Electric Vehicle launching in 2023. Stellantis, with input from Amazon, designed the vehicle with unique last mile delivery features and Amazon will deploy the vehicles to routes across the United States. Building on the current relationship and as part of the long-term agreement, Stellantis and Amazon will be putting thousands of BEV ProMasters on the road every year.”

Amazon has bought thousands of delivery vans from Mercedes, Ford, and Stellantis to bring packages to its customers in North America for years. Even though it has a 20% ownership stake in Rivian and expects to purchase 100,000 of its electric delivery vans, its need for such vehicles is so massive that it will continue to buy trucks from traditional manufacturers to get the hundreds of thousands of packages it delivers every day from its warehouses — called fulfillment centers — to its customers.

The upcoming battery-powered Ram ProMaster will be the brand’s first ever all-electric model when it debuts in the second half of 2023 as a rival for Ford’s E-Transit and Rivian’s EDV. Stellantis hasn’t yet revealed any details about its electric delivery van, Inside EVs says, but it’s expected to be based on the updated 2022 Ram ProMaster unveiled last August.

The MagRail technology makes use of existing tracks to allow use of both magnetic and traditional trains; can later be upgraded for Hyperloop. Expo 2020: Nevomo’s tech upgrades existing railway tracks for high-speed supertrains. Dubai, Expo 2020, Expo 2020 dubai, hyperloop, Nevomo, Railways, Virgin. Business.

Late last year, the popular new auto manufacturer Rivan finally released its R1T electric truck, but now it looks like they’re ready to jump into different market segments. In fact, Rivian could be getting ready to make electric bikes according to its latest trademark filings.

Spotted by TechCrunch, it appears the company wants to expand its Rivian name trademark into the bicycle and electric bike category. Not to mention all the components, structural parts, and the rack system it’ll pair with the Rivian R1T and R1S vehicles.

Companies often file trademarks for products that never see the light of day, but this is a logical step for Rivian. For starters, e-bikes are easier and cheaper to produce at scale than fancy electric trucks, which Rivian is struggling with. The company shipped very few R1T trucks in 2021, mainly to employees, and could be having a hard time keeping up with production and demand.

The car market is changing, and quickly.
it seems combustion engines are declining quickly in popularity, as electric vehicles, led by @Tesla 0, are taking the market by storm, selling as fast as they can be produced, and outselling all but the very cheapest city cars in most markets.

But are they for you?
Do they have the range and can you afford to make the switch?

Well in this video I take the most important factors and line the two up, head to head, to give you the answers you need.

So sit back and enjoy the ride, because the future is coming, faster than anyone predicted.

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