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Artificial intelligence (AI) has big promise to solve problems in almost every industry. AI-supported, AI-fueled, AI-based technologies are now present and capable of automating tasks in retail businesses and wealth management, to name a couple. These automations reduce error, manage increasingly vast datasets, and free up humans to do intelligent, strategic tasks. At the enterprise level, AI-architecture is transforming capacity and steadily shaping the way businesses of the future operate.

Connecting to Core Systems of Commerce Businesses Operationalizing machine learning or AI at scale is a key priority for the world of retail and commerce. Enterprise tech stacks leverage AI and predictions for high-frequency, ambiguous situations. Active learning and continuous improvement of AI are embedded in business applications and workflows. Making use of these requires contextual stitching of signals to create a single unified view of the truth, which empowers teams to make contextual decisions in the present. While the technological frameworks have existed for the better part of a decade, most businesses have been unable to overcome the barrier of applying technology in real world contexts, or at scale.

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CRISPR Gene editing therapy is used for the first time in living humans with amazing results.

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The SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch which was scheduled for October 9 pushed to early next year. It’s finally happening, after 3 years of no activity, SpaceX schedules more than 4 launches to happen next year involving the SpaceX falcon heavy.
SpaceX’s next Falcon Heavy launching and dual-booster touchdown looks to be just around the corner for the first time in more than two years. After additional delays caused by its U.S. military cargo, SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket’s next mission, which was previously intended for October, has been moved forward to early 2022. The Space Force’s USSF-44 mission was supposed to launch on Oct. 9 but it has been postponed.

In today’s video we look at how it all started, the developments made to date and we’re also going to take a peek into the future and see how glorious it is.

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Oou may have heard of the metaverse — but let’s be honest: do you really know what that means? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone: The metaverse is hard to pinpoint. It doesn’t even have a definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Cathy Hackl, tells Freethink. A “Chief Metaverse Officer,” Hackl is a professionally trained futurist and strategist, who has worked with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Magic Leap, and HTC VIVE, and helps brands understand how this new paradigm will affect their businesses.

If you think of Web 1.0 as the internet that connected us to information, and Web 2.0 as the social-media iteration, which connects people, Web 3.0 (which we’re now entering) is connecting people, places, and things, says Hackl.

“Sometimes, these people, places, and things can be in a fully virtual or synthetic environment, or they could be in a physical world with some level of augmentation,” she said. “It’s in the nascent phase,” I spoke to Hackl about the role of gaming in the metaverse, how it can change our sense of identity, and other subjects.

Brent Oster is the President and CEO of ORBAI. He has 28 years experience in 3D computer graphics, animation, simulation, and AI with Bioware, Electronic Arts, Autodesk, and NVIDIA. He was the co-founder Bioware and Check Six, and he has completed the Stanford Continuing Studies curriculum of classes in entrepreneurial business, along with his degrees in Aerospace Engineering at University of Toronto and Scientific Computing at UC Santa Barbara.

As a Sr Solution Architect at NVIDIA, Brent helped Fortune 500 companies (and startups) looking to adopt ‘AI’, but consistently found that DL architectures tools fell far short of their expectations for ‘AI’. Brent started ORBAI to develop something better for them.

Microsoft is entering the race to build a metaverse inside Teams, just days after Facebook rebranded to Meta in a push to build virtual spaces for both consumers and businesses. Microsoft is bringing Mesh, a collaborative platform for virtual experiences, directly into Microsoft Teams next year. It’s part of a big effort to combine the company’s mixed reality and HoloLens work with meetings and video calls that anyone can participate in thanks to animated avatars.

With today’s announcement, Microsoft and Meta seem to be on a collision course to compete heavily in the metaverse, particularly for the future of work.

Microsoft Mesh always felt like the future of Microsoft Teams meetings, and now it’s starting to come to life in the first half of 2022. Microsoft is building on efforts like Together Mode and other experiments for making meetings more interactive, after months of people working from home and adjusting to hybrid work.

AIOps startup Moogsoft has improved its unified cloud monitoring platform for enterprises with a host of new features, including integration with its observability service Datadog.

The updates, according to a statement from the company, improve workflow automation and increase incident context, giving organizations using the platform a more holistic view of their systems as well as deeper actionable insights to diagnose and fix problems in real-time.

“Monitoring alone can’t move businesses forward if they don’t understand the context of what went wrong. Context achieved through observability helps customers make sense of data and illustrates how to prevent issues from happening again,” explained Adam Frank, Moogsoft’s vice president of product management and user experience (UX) design.

This follows on from an earlier talk I posted by John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) on creativity in business. Mr. Cleese has many great talks on that as he did a tour for his book on creativity. Here Peter Thiel deals with a variety of topics like innovation, trends in business, the stagnation of most technology sectors (no, tech doesn’t just mean computers and consumer gadgets… that a narrow industry is now referred to as the “tech sector” should worry people), many topics… See more.

Speaking with Wired magazine editor David Rowan in London at an event on 25 September, Thiel said that “uniqueness”, “secrets”, and a monopoly on the marketplace were the key to successful startups.


WIRED brings you the future as it happens — the people, the trends, the big ideas that will change our lives. An award-winning printed monthly and online publication. WIRED is an agenda-setting magazine offering brain food on a wide range of topics, from science, technology and business to pop-culture and politics.

Peter Thiel: Successful businesses are based on secrets | WIRED

SRI Newsletter, a report from IAC2021 Dubaiby Prof. Bernard Foing, SRI President, and.

Paramount important too, space philosophy and humanities are now well recognized and accepted by the space community. The first IAF Congress I attended, 1998 at Melbourne, was dramatically void of philosophy, yet participants already were missing it. I saw many young people at IAC2021, scientists, designers, economists, scholars of various disciplines, including philosophy. And, heartwarming indeed, Space Renaissance had a great enthusiastic welcome. The space people know us (and know me!), many people which I didn’t know personally shook my hand, asked me for comments and short talks, were enthusiast about the Space Renaissance… All of that is for sure due to the big work we made for our recent congress, and of course to the great world-wide influence of our new President, Prof. Bernard Foing. Yet, there is something deeper, in the feeling of this peculiar sub-assembly of humankind, that was looking ahead enough to dedicate their life to human expansion into outer space. The last two years – characterized by the Covid pandemics — have worked hard, to shape and forge space leaders, raising the awareness of the urgency to kick-off the civilian space development. And it is now maybe a general acknowledge that the space philosophers were right, when they were rushing for an acceleration of the enabling technologies, low cost access to space, space tourism, space safety, … The need to get rid of space debris was well present in several speeches, even if only a few dare to target space debris as a huge source of business development, when we’ll start capturing and reusing them.