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With the world turning to electric vehicles and other battery-powered machines, a strong supply and demand gap is expected with lithium in the coming years. A new solar generator using sodium-ion batteries might just be the solution we need.

If you’re wanting to be prepared for any situation that arises, having a portable power station in an emergency kit is a solid choice all around. The DBPOWER model on sale today offers a few crucial features to have on hand in an emergency. The 250W AC plugs can power small appliances and other crucial devices if the power goes out, and there are two USB-A and an 18W Type-C port in addition to an LED light and the ability to recharge via solar panels or your car. It’s a solid package all around for its sale price of $135, making now a great time to pick it up. You’ll also find discounts on electric lawn mowers and much more below, as well. We also have a wide selection of Tesla, Greenworks, and other e-bike discounts in today’s New Green Deals, so you won’t want to miss that either.

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Natrogix (96% positive lifetime feedback) via Amazon is offering the DBPOWER 250Wh Portable Power Station for $134.99 shipped once you clip the on-page coupon. For comparison, you’re saving $45 here and scoring one of the best prices of the year here. This portable power station delivers an AC wall outlet with 250W of power available to run things like small appliances, TVs, coffee makers, CPAP machines, and more. On top of that, there are two USB-A ports with 2A/1A outputs, an 18W Type-C output, and more. This portable power station also delivers three charging methods that range from a standard 110V socket to a car 12V/24V adapter or even solar panels. You’ll find a built-in LED flashlight that features three modes as well allowing your new portable battery to be very multi-functional.

We have just checked the Tesla estimated delivery times (for new orders) of all four electric car models available in the U.S.

There are some interesting findings, as the hectic extension of delivery times has slowed down, and in some cases, even stopped or reversed. The prices have also remained unchanged since November 12.

Let’s start with the Model 3. The queue for the entry-level RWD version with an LFP battery appears to decrease as the estimated delivery time is the same as over one and a half months ago (June or October, depending on the wheel option). The Long Range AWD and Performance versions moved up a bit — to March and February. As we can see, the higher price/higher margin versions are prioritized (it will be common for all models).

Let there be darkness.

That is the potential catchphrase for those that are concerned about nighttime light pollution.

More formerly known as Artificial Light At Night (ALAN), there is an ongoing bruhaha that our modern way of living is generating way too much light during the evening darkness. It is an ongoing issue and the amount of such pollution is likely to keep on increasing due to further industrialization and expansion of societies into additional geographical areas.

In short, you can expect more light to be emitted in existing populated areas, along with nighttime light being unleashed in regions that had so far not been especially well lit due to insufficient means or lack of a light-producing populace. When you start adding more office buildings, more homes, more cars, more lampposts, and the like, this all translates into a tsunami of unbridled light at night.

You might be puzzled as to why the mere shepherding of artificial light is considered a pollution monstrosity.

One obvious facet is that you cannot see the stars at nighttime, or they are otherwise generally blotted out of view by the abundance of overwhelming artificial light.

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Rather than waiting for multiple crashes to happen at a location before intervening to improve road safety, a new study suggests we can identify dangerous areas proactively — by measuring cyclist stress levels as they navigate city streets.

The challenge: When designing a city’s transportation infrastructure, urban planners must balance the needs of drivers with the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. This is often done through surveys of local residents and best practices learned over time.

This process doesn’t always get it right, though, so sometimes cities have to install safety improvements, such as crosswalks, bike lanes, or stop lights, at dangerous intersections or stretches of road.

China has cheap labour and huge market so still EV companies will invest in China.

BEIJING, Jan 1 (Reuters) — China will cut subsidies on new energy vehicles (NEVs), such as electric cars, by 30% in 2022 and withdraw them altogether at the end of the year, the Finance Ministry said on its website on Friday.

The ministry had said in April 2020 that NEV subsidies would be cut from 2020 to 2022 by 10%, 20% and 30%, respectively.

For NEVs for public transport, subsidies would be cut by 10% in 2021 and by 20% in 2022.

Imagine a future where living in close quarters will be the norm, and so will the vehicles in about five decades from now reflect that societal bond. The Arrival Chemie is a true example of a minimalist future that will revolve around simplicity, function and of course human bond!

Automotive design is going through a metamorphosis stage wherein the gradual shift to an eco-friendly set of wheels is becoming the priority of manufacturers and consumers alike. This shift in perception has had a domino effect in the basic design of vehicles since the propulsion mechanisms and their placement in the vehicle have changed. This gives more freedom to experiment with the interior as well as exterior form. More emphasis is now on the comfort and lounging experience while traversing from point A to B. While on the exterior the multifunctional approach takes precedence.