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A high-tech lab in Nanjing in the eastern Jiangsu province of China has claimed that it has made a breakthrough in next-generation communications technology, South China Morning Post reported. The lab was working on a special government project on 6G technology in association with Fudan University and the nation’s telecom giant, China Mobile.

The world is yet to see the potential of 5G and how it could change our world. Although the low latency and high transmission speeds are notable features of the technology, there does not appear to be a common world application that could put this technology to use en-masse. The high deployment costs of the technology have also put a dampener on its rollout, with operators opting for a slow pace until usage really picks up, SCMP reported.

This hasn’t, however, perturbed the engineers’ desire to build the next big thing. Last year, we reported how LG Electronics was working on ushering in the 6G of wireless communication and how China had already deployed a 6G capable satellite back in 2020. The problem, however, is that there is no standard that has been accepted to define what 6G constitutes.

The deal will involve SpaceX installing ground stations inside google’s data centers to link with Starlink satellites. This synergy will provide ultra-fast internet services to enterprise clients. We could start seeing the outcome of the partnership as early as this year, especially since Musk has promised Starlink would exit beta mode despite the size of googling this deal is enormous because it is giving an edge in its competition the software behemoth Microsoft and online retail king Amazon in the cloud computing market.

Google needs to diversify as quickly as possible because its advert business is no longer growing at the usual rate. The cloud is a way for Google to shore up its revenue to sustain its growth, so landing a client like SpaceX is a big deal for Google because its cloud computing service will be delivered to clients at high speed the first at Google data center to host a starling the base station is in New Albany Ohio followed by other data centers in the US. Still, ultimately most of google’s data centers worldwide would be connected.

Google and SpaceX had a bit of history back in 2015; the search giant invested 900 million dollars into SpaceX, which was meant to cover various technologies, including making the satellites themselves. Hence, it is natural that the two companies would do business together. The deal benefits all the parties involved, and Google brings its cloud services to more customers through a secure and fast internet network.

Three pilot tests for digital transactions without the internet were successfully completed by India’s central bank (RBI). Based on the experience of 240,000 transactions, the RBI has created a framework which will be available on the platforms of banks, credit cards, and payment apps.

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The ongoing dispute between wireless carriers and the aviation industry heated up over the holidays, with AT&T and Verizon on Sunday refusing a request from Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to delay their planned 5G deployments.

Why it matters: The Federal Aviation Administration has warned that potential interference from 5G signals, especially in bad weather, could cause flight cancellations or force planes to divert to different airports.

Instead of further postponing their 5G plans for a second time, the wireless providers offered to beef up protections around airports to address concerns about potential signal interference with aircraft equipment.

It looks like Elon is putting more of his money into SpaceX. This makes sense as he has tons of money and SpaceX seems to have more growth potential than Tesla because his Starlink and Starship will both be very hard for other companies to compete against. (Just the amount of capital it would take to make competing products is staggering.)

I’m not saying that Tesla won’t be worth $10 trillion one day, I’m just saying SpaceX has more growth potential. Elon seems to agree.

What’s Elon Musk doing with the billions he’s collected in the past two months from selling shares in Tesla?

It seems possible, maybe even likely, that he’s put at least some of the money into SpaceX, the other company of which he is CEO and primary shareholder.

Most of the proceeds from his $16.4 billion in Tesla stock sales since November 8 will go to pay an estimated $11 billion federal tax bill, leaving him with more than $5 billion to do whatever he sees fit.

SpaceX drone ship Of Course I Still Love You (OCISLY) departed Port Canaveral on January 1st, heading to sea on the first day of the year for SpaceX’s first launch of 2022.

With a launch manifest that’s never been more jam-packed and seemingly achievable, it’s no surprise that SpaceX is wasting no time kicking off what could be its third record-breaking year in a row. Barring delays, drone ship ASOG will arrive about 640 km (400 mi) downrange at its recovery site – just northeast of the Bahamas – a day or two before Falcon 9’s first launch and landing attempt of the year. Known as Starlink 4–5 (Group 4 Launch 5) and scheduled to lift off no earlier than (NET) 4:49 pm EST (21:49 UTC), Thursday, January 6th, it will be SpaceX’s 34th dedicated Starlink launch since May 2019.

Perhaps more importantly, if the mission goes to plan and doesn’t have rideshare payloads, SpaceX will start 2022 having just launched its 1997th Starlink satellite, including two prototypes that came to be known as Tintin A and B and kicked off the constellation’s in-space hardware testing phase in February 2018. Excluding all prototypes, Starlink 4–5 will mark the launch of more than 1900 (1922) nominally operational Starlink satellites.

US authorities asked major telecoms operators to hold off on their planned rollout of 5G networks for a second time, after aerospace giants Airbus and Boeing voiced worries about potential interference. US requests delay on 5G rollout amid air traffic concerns.

The rollout and delay represent financial problems for two key US industries.

The telecom operators that paid billions for frequency licenses are eager to launch the commercial use of the 5G technology.

On the other hand, the aviation industry fears potential problems caused by frequency interference that could have widespread ripple effects.