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Methane tank sections were moved into the High Bay as SpaceX prepares to fully stack Booster 7. Meanwhile, crews were spotted using the Klemm drill rig at the Launch Site once again.

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Brooklyn, New York-based Tarform Motorcycles began sketching out designs for its slick-looking electric motorcycles almost five years ago. Despite pandemic-related setbacks that delayed production, the company is now beginning deliveries on its first electric motorcycles.

These aren’t just any run-of-the-mill bikes though.

Unlike many of the electric motorcycles we see today that take on a more conventional design intended to please the widest audience, Tarform focused on a more bespoke, hand-made direction from the beginning.

The number of malware infections targeting Linux devices rose by 35% in 2021, most commonly to recruit IoT devices for DDoS (distributed denial of service) attacks.

IoTs are typically under-powered “smart” devices running various Linux distributions and are limited to specific functionality. However, when their resources are combined into large groups, they can deliver massive DDoS attacks to even well-protected infrastructure.

Besides DDoS, Linux IoT devices are recruited to mine cryptocurrency, facilitate spam mail campaigns, serve as relays, act as command and control servers, or even act as entry points into corporate networks.

Microsoft has pulled the January Windows Server cumulative updates after critical bugs caused domain controllers to reboot, Hyper-V to not work, and ReFS volume systems to become unavailable.

Tuesday, Microsoft released the January 2022 Patch Tuesday updates for Windows Server that includes numerous security updates and bug fixes.

These updates are KB5009624 for Windows Server 2012 R2, KB5009557 for Windows Server 2019, and KB5009555 for Windows Server 2022.

Guilherme Pereira.

“Having robots working without human direction, for several days or weeks or years, is something we are worried about,” Pereira said. “The problem is that for a robot working long-term, say days at a time, the environment will change. Over years, the environment will change even more. In the forest, you will have plants and trees growing, seasonal changes, sometimes snow, sometimes sunshine, sometimes rain. And indoors, furniture gets moved around, people will be moving around, even other robots will present obstacles.

If a robot recognizes a chair and table, it will know it’s in the dining room, for example. If that changes, the robot will have a rough time localizing itself and figuring that out.

What if climate change and the housing crisis already had a solution? What if we just need to reevaluate our relationship with the Earth — and with our garbage? A day at the Earthship Biotecture can make anyone a believer in a brighter, greener future.

Billions of years from now, the Sun’s finale will turn the entire inner solar system into a very nasty place.

The Sun is an ordinary star. It bathes the solar system with light and heat, making life possible on Earth. It’s as regular as clockwork, and it sets our daily life cycles in conjunction with Earth’s spin. Little wonder ancient peoples revered the Sun as a god. Yet the Sun will not always be steady and reliable. Billions of years from now, the Sun’s finale will turn Earth — and the entire inner solar system — into a very nasty place.

At 4.6 billion years old, the Sun is about halfway through its life. Its adulthood, called the main sequence phase, lasts 10 billion years. When the Sun runs out of hydrogen fuel, it must generate energy by fusing heavier elements.

The need to rejuvenate amidst nature is crucial in stressful times to heal and grow. This has sparked a trend for a nomadic lifestyle without any compromises in living comfort. Yes, I’m talking about the growing popularity of towable trailers, RVs, caravans, and houses on wheels that promote an upbeat mobile lifestyle. So, how will things be, say, a decade or more from now?

Industrial designer Jason Carley imagines a future where the urban lifestyle will be punctuated by life on the road triggered by sky-rocketing living costs and the aging infrastructures that are dependent on ecologically disruptive fuels and technologies. Jason thinks of a time in the year 2035 where nomadic life will revolve around mastery of resources and an efficient mode of travel. Thus comes into the picture this towable trailer that gives love back to nature. Targeted for the young and resilient urban customers, the rig is an accessible retreat to escape from the stresses of life for a few weeks or even months.

The Throne goes further in its realization of a circular economy by composting the waste produced by users and using this compost locally. Eventually, the teams want to put the technologies and tools in the hands of local communities. When innovation is shared fairly and the carbon footprint created by logistics and shipping of these products can be greatly reduced. The Throne is just one example of the possibilities of what additive manufacturing can do for scaling sustainable design and development – it’s only waste if you waste it!

Designer: Nagami and To:.

According to 热心市民描边怪 “Enthusiastic Citizen”, a tech leaker known from Bilibili and Chiphell social platforms, AMD is now preparing its new series of Ryzen processors for launch. Those should be considered a direct response to the just-released Intel Alder Lake non-K series.

It goes without saying that AMD is in trouble with its low-end to mid-range products. With the release of 65W Alder Lake CPUs, the blue team took the indisputable lead in the cheap processor segment, often offering better performance than AMD’s more expensive 6-core CPUs. AMD is in a tough spot because the company did not launch any quad-core Ryzen 5,000 series on Vermeer silicon, only on Cezanne but even those are hard to come by (Ryzen 3 5300G is OEM only). There were also Ryzen 5,000 PRO series but those are not targeted at consumers.