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Nov 8, 2021

What If You Traveled One Billion Years Into the Future?

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If you traveled 10,000 years into the future, what would planet Earth look like? Would most of its surface be covered in volcanoes? Or would it be frozen in ice? What if you traveled even further, to one million years in the future? Would all of the oceans have evaporated? Or would it have become one giant water world? Now, what about one billion years? Would there be any humans left? Or would they have settled in other parts of the galaxy?

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Nov 7, 2021

At the risk of contradicting on of the most influential and forward thinking leaders of our time, Mark Zuckerberg This technology isn’t isn’t the future…

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We… See more.

Nov 7, 2021

Reinforcement learning frustrates humans in teamplay, MIT study finds

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A new study by MIT Lincoln Laboratory shows Hanabi players are frustrated when teamed up with top-performing reinforcement learning systems.

Nov 7, 2021

These hologram machines bring us a step closer to our sci-fi dreams

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Holograms have been a staple of science fiction for centuries, but now they may be on the verge of reality thanks to PORTL, a startup based in Los Angeles.

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Nov 6, 2021

It’s not just Jack Ma. More and more Chinese tech founders and CEOs are retreating from the spotlight

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Bytedance founder Zhang Yiming has reportedly left the board of the TikTok parent. He’s the latest to step back as China cracks down on Big Tech.

Nov 6, 2021

Israel Just Unveiled Its Massive Blimp to Detect Low-Flying Missiles

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The newest addition to Israel’s already impressive air defenses is a blimp-shaped aerostat radar system, and It is huge!

Nov 5, 2021

California Factory Producing 50,000 Lbs of Lab Grown Meat Per Year

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It’s not a dream.

Nov 5, 2021

50 Years Ago, Scientists Were on The Trail of ‘Memory Molecules’

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In the 1970s, scientists found the first “memory molecule.” Several other candidates have popped up in the decades since.

Nov 5, 2021

Yes, you can see sounds — it’s called cymatics

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If the alcohol percentage in the glass allows it, let us look at what happens inside the glass. A slight, constant rubbing of the rim can cause a pretty big storm. Droplets detach from the smooth surface of the drink and rhythmically bob up and down, while the troubled waves bounce off the see-through sides. The whole show creates dynamic forms and shapes that depend on the frequency of the sound, which is sensitive to the smallest caress of the fingertip. Stories about rubbing genie lamps only gained academic interest in the 1970s. The field of research that studies the shape of sound waves became known as However, sound waves and the effect they have on matter had become an object of fascination long before that.

When glasses were clinking at the Philadelphia Convention in 1,787 to celebrate the signing of the Constitution, 6,505 kilometres away in the town of Lipsk amateurs of various scientific curiosities were avidly reading Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges (Discoveries in the Theory of Sound), written by Ernst Chladni, a lawyer, geologist, inventor, designer and acoustician. This exemplary son of a law professor graduated in the same field of study as his father, on Dad’s orders. Nevertheless, the heir dreamed of a different future. He waited for his father to pass on, then abandoned paragraphs in favour of his fantasies – sound experiments – without remorse. Admittedly, it was too late to go for the career of a musician, but the young man’s proclivity for performing slowly became more and more apparent. Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni was sucked into a whirlwind of soundwaves for good. He toured all over Europe, amazing his audiences (and Napoleon himself) with various sound shows and instruments of his own making. His signature moves must have inspired the jealousy of local illusionists. Chladni proved that sound can be seen, and developed his own technique of visualizing vibrations on a metal plate. He produced images that were never dreamed of, even in philosophy.

Nov 4, 2021

The Rise of Super Intelligent Robots — DIGIT AI: Most Advanced Robots of 2021

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A new kind of Technology developed by Meta AI will enable more intelligent and efficient robots to enter our homes and replace humans in warehouses through advances in Artificial Intelligence. DIGIT and ReSkin are two advanced technologies that enable Robots to have better feelings than even some humans. One of the biggest and best AI Scientists, Yann LeCun is working on this very futuristic technology that may be considered one of the best robots and AI’s of 2021. Through Deep Learning and machine learning robotics, the smart humanoid robots will be abilities previously thought impossible.

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00:00 A new type of Robot.
02:25 A new way to sense the world.
04:45 Is this technology for everyone?
07:13 DIGIT and the Metaverse.
08:32 Last Words.

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