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Samsung is letting users re-imagine what their spaces can be.

It’s not often that a tech company presents a consumer product that feels truly new, but Samsung might have done it.

It’s not the tech specs that make the company’s new Freestyle projector stand out. They’re good but not groundbreaking. What’s different about the product unveiled this evening at a keynote address in the Venitian hotel on the Las Vegas strip is — ahem — the vibe.

Will that be enough to make the $899 projector-speaker-lifestyle engine the next big thing in tech? That’s in cusomers’ hands now.

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“Our consciousness is everything. You become what you think about.” Buddha.

In the few minutes that you are reading this article, I will tell you about a completely new type of artificial intelligence, I will name the design features and advantages, I will outline the immediate prospects and possible long-term consequences of the introduction of this technology into real life. Together we will touch the future.

The definition of precision public health is sprawling and variable: for most researchers in the field it includes a sweep of data-driven techniques, such as sequencing pathogens to detect outbreaks and turbo-charging data collection to monitor harmful environmental exposures. It also encompasses an ambition to target interventions to specific people who need them.

Some public-health researchers are embracing data and technology to target small groups with precise health interventions. Others fear that these tactics could fail millions.

The photonic future of cpu’s and gpu’s — lightelligence PACE.

The new Photonics Hardware company Lightelligence has just announced their Photonics AI Accelerator card PACE that’s eventually supposed to be put into consumers personal computers in conjunction with their regular CPU’s and GPU’s. The crazy speed and efficiency of those Photonic chips are supposed to make Artificial Intelligence model training much faster and keep the heat down.

00:00 A New Hardware Maker.
02:13 Why are Photonic Chips better?
04:23 How do Photonic Chips work?
06:45 The Future of Photonic Computing.
09:47 Last Words.

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Sure, a refrigerator can keep your veggies fresh… but LG’s tiiun can keep it fresher! Designed as a unique home appliance that lets you grow your own herbs and veggies the LG tiiun was announced in the run-up to CES 2022. The indoor gardening appliance is roughly the size of a dorm refrigerator, standing at approximately 3 feet tall, and features two shelves that can accommodate up to 6 all-in-one seed packages and various seed kits.

The term tiiun comes from the Korean word meaning ‘to sprout’ and is LG’s way of indicating that this appliance is an all-in-one self-sufficient garden. The appliance creates a perfect microclimate and all the right conditions for the plants to grow, even mimicking light cycles so you could potentially keep your tiiun anywhere in a room without worrying about access to proper sunlight. LG’s Flexible Weather Control System creates the ideal situations for organic growth while also keeping pests at bay. An internal watering system also delivers water to the plants (8 times a day) to keep them hydrated. All you really have to do is install the tiiun and sit back while your plants grow on their own!