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Robots patrolling around shopping malls, casinos and places of work actively looking for criminal activity might no longer be something straight out of a science fiction novel or movie. Knightscope, Inc., a Silicon Valley Based startup, is building and deploying fully autonomous security robots that deter, detect and report crime.

Yahoo Finance’s Dani Romero reports on the increasing use of robots and automation by restaurants and retailers amid the pandemic and labor shortages.
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Watch the 2021 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting on YouTube:

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Hackers breached the computer networks of a southeast Florida health care system in October and may have accessed sensitive personal and financial information on over 1.3 million people, the health care system announced this week.

Social Security numbers, patient medical history and bank account information are among the data that have been exposed in the breach of Broward Health, a network of over 30 health care facilities serving patients across roughly 2 million-person Broward County, Florida, according to a notice the health care provider filed with the Office of the Maine Attorney General.

About 470 of the data breach victims live in Maine. Like other states, Maine law requires organizations that hold state residents’ personal data to file a disclosure when they’ve been hacked.

Today, technical decision-makers at companies, whether big or small, try to look for flexible ways to speed up application development and ensure long-term scalability for their engineering teams. Configuring solutions such as AWS requires a team of in-house experts, which is expensive and takes time to build. In fact, more than 77% of all tech companies run into DevOps challenges across the board, including cost, risks, security, optimization of the deployment pipeline, and scaling.

San Francisco-based Zeet, a platform that solves DevOps challenges and accelerates application deployment for startups, has raised $2 million in a seed round of funding led by venture capital firm Race Capital. The company plans to use the funding, which also saw participation from GGV Capital, Founders Inc, and multiple engineering leaders, to build out its teams across areas ranging from engineering to marketing and meet growing demand from customers.

Founded in 2020 by Johnny Dallas and Zihao Zhang, Zeet strives to tackle these bottlenecks through automation. The solution connects to a cloud account and automates traditionally manual DevOps tasks, allowing a team to quickly go from code to a scalable application.

The University of Copenhagen in Denmark is a very unique place. Apart from being one of the oldest universities in Scandinavia, it is also one of the top universities in the world. So far, 39 Nobel laureates have been affiliated with the University and it sports a spectacular center for healthy aging which hosts the Biology of Aging lab. In September 2021 the University of Copenhagen hosted the 8th annual Aging Research and Drug Discovery (ARDD) meeting.

This year’s ARDD meeting, held at the Ceremonial Hall of the University, was the largest conference on aging and biopharma in the world for the second consecutive year.

The conference, which took place from August 31 to September 3, brought together leaders in the field of longevity research with the focus on aging research, drug discovery and biomarker development. Those who regularly read my articles know that I believe that aging research is the emerging trend in the biopharmaceutical industry. The field is well and truly emerging and ARDD is one of the first conferences to credibly bring together pharmaceutical companies, startups, clinicians, venture capital firms, and representatives from academia to the same table.

The first ARDD meeting was held in 2014 at Basil, Switzerland. Back then, the meeting was known as the Aging Forum and was part of the MipTec and Basel Life congresses. From its inception, the conference was intended to bring together the pharmaceutical industry, leading academics, investors, and startups while maintaining a very high level of scientific credibility, while focusing on the translational potential.

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Blockchain Technology on Mars.

Can a Mars economy be established on top of Blockchain Technologies?

In this youtube we’ll review the basic principles of Blockchain Technologies, and how they can be applied on another planet.

Mars is an isolated planet, with travel time of ~ 6 month and communication time of 5 – 20 minutes to Earth. Sometimes, when the Sun is between Earth and Mars communication can’t be established without a relay station, which may slow communication even further.

The initial settlements on Mars will have a small number of people when compared to Earth. So, Mars can’t effort to have a financial and legal system similar to Earth. Those system must be cheaper, faster and more efficient to operate.

Can a Mars economy be established on Blockchain Technologies?

In this presentation we’ll review the basic principles of Blockchain Technology. Something that can benefit the financial status of this channel’s viewers right here on Earth.

Then we’ll explore what are the challenged of using this revolutionary technology on Mars rather then on Earth.

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US authorities asked major telecoms operators to hold off on their planned rollout of 5G networks for a second time, after aerospace giants Airbus and Boeing voiced worries about potential interference. US requests delay on 5G rollout amid air traffic concerns.

The rollout and delay represent financial problems for two key US industries.

The telecom operators that paid billions for frequency licenses are eager to launch the commercial use of the 5G technology.

On the other hand, the aviation industry fears potential problems caused by frequency interference that could have widespread ripple effects.

China has cheap labour and huge market so still EV companies will invest in China.

BEIJING, Jan 1 (Reuters) — China will cut subsidies on new energy vehicles (NEVs), such as electric cars, by 30% in 2022 and withdraw them altogether at the end of the year, the Finance Ministry said on its website on Friday.

The ministry had said in April 2020 that NEV subsidies would be cut from 2020 to 2022 by 10%, 20% and 30%, respectively.

For NEVs for public transport, subsidies would be cut by 10% in 2021 and by 20% in 2022.

Trivergence is starting to affect every industry. In financial services, the wallet has become a smart app that can collect data and learn. On a blockchain, users can exchange, save, borrow, invest and protect this digital money peer-to-peer without the intermediation of banks. In manufacturing, 3D printers are manufacturing aircraft parts in a Boeing facility with a blockchain network facilitating all the patented files, contracting and payments peer-to-peer. Telecommunications companies are no longer negotiating complex, costly and ever-changing roaming agreements, but using blockchain-based smart contracts among providers to automate the web of payments and settlement globally.

Over time, the Trivergence will usher in a next-generation internet where nearly every animate and inanimate object on Earth generates data, a distributed ledger records and secures this data and AI analyzes the data, communicates with the objects, alerts their owners and continuously adjusts and improves the efficiency of the economy and the sustainability of its effects on the environment.

New business models enabled by this Trivergence are beginning to disrupt many industries and provide platforms for innovation in the economy for decades ahead. This second era has weighty implications for every business, government and individual, as well as technology strategy, architecture and leadership. If we can overcome the dark side — and that’s a big “if” — this Trivergence helps us reclaim our digital identities, effectively fight climate change and help solve some of the world’s most intractable problems.

Semiconductor equipment makers from Japan and China were among the biggest winners of Asia’s stock market in 2021.

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SINGAPORE — Semiconductor equipment makers from Japan and China were among the biggest winners of Asia’s stock market in 2021, doubling their valuation from the end of last year amid robust demand for high-tech manufacturing.