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2017 only just arrived, but one manufacturing company is already looking 45 years into the future.

Arconic, a materials science company, has envisioned a 3-mile-high (4.8-km) skyscraper built from materials that are either in-development or have already been brought to market, including smog-eating surfaces and retractable balconies.

The tower was concocted as part of the company’s larger campaign known as The Jetsons, an homage to the 1962 cartoon set in 2062. Arconic’s engineers worked alongside futurists to imagine the technologies that will be most useful several decades from now.

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I usually don’t post things from business insider since it is broadcasted everywhere already. However, I saw this and we way too cool not to share.

The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower will include 23,000 trees and shrubs to eat CO2 — nearly the same amount found in Central Park.

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Bigger question is what happens when it begins to impact it’s other neighbors including Japan and Tiawan?

Bigger question is what happens when it begins to impact it’s other neighbors including Japan and Taiwan?

Hongkongers were forced to breathe China’s airpocalypse smog over the weekend when monsoon winds from the northeast pushed the poisonous air from the mainland down to the city.

According to South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s Environmental Protection Department reported that 11 of 16 stations in different districts recorded Air Quality Health Index readings by Sunday afternoon.

The districts of Tung Chung and Tuen Mun posted a score of 10, the highest mark in the “very high” health risk category.

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Changing another world to support Earth life is called terraforming. But maybe it’s a better idea to just change Earth life to live on other worlds.

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This is a nice vid but there are two things to note.

1. he does not mention Callisto in place of Europa. Europa gets enough radiation to kill you in a day where on Callisto you would not even get the radiation you get here on Earth.

2. It might be possible to puff up a given asteroid by creating a cylinder within as he points out, but filling it with water and then heating it from outside and once it’s molten the water will expand and blow the asteroid to a larger size. It may be possible to turn a 1 mile wide asteroid into a ten mile wide habitat. I do not know how well it scales up to larger asteroids.

This episode continues our team up with Fraser Cain to look at Colonizing the Solar System, we move from the inner solar system to the Asteroid Belt and beyond, all the way out to the Oort Cloud.

Part 1: The Inner Solar System, can be watched here:


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