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This heartfelt documentary follows their journey.


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Hope Frozen: A Quest To Live Twice | Main Trailer | Netflix

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2:31 Who is Peter Voss and what is Ai-GO?
6:51 Problems with AGI: Cognitive-Psychology, Mathematics, and Intelligence
10:12 AI and Life-Extension : Robotic surgeons, machine learning, and gero-disease modeling
14:03 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) VS Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI)
19:41 Will Ai and Life-extension ever intersect? : similarities, funding, and the “Narrow AI-Trap“
24:37 Virtual Medical Assistants and Personalized-Medicine
28:28 Can Death-Anxiety lead to self-aware A.I? : Chatbots VS Metacognition
30:34 Is Quantum Computing necessary for AGI? : The “Quantum Supremacy” Grift
33:02 Is there “Moore’s Law” growth in Quantum-Computing? : The Error-Correction problem
35:27 Does consciousness arises at the atomic level? : Penrose-Hammeroff ORCH/OR Theory
41:12 “Being and Time” : Language, grounding concepts, and Voss’s “Hellen-Hawking” theory of A.I
46:32 Voss’ Life-Extension Praxis : Cryonics, Caloric Restriction, Sleep and Longevity Escape Velocity
49:25 Call-to-Action : Business, Marketing, and Financial Escape Velocity
1:02:02 1st Wave A.I (logic trees), 2nd Wave A.I (neural networks), & 3rd-Wave A.I (adaptive architecture)
1:06:31 Elon Musk, Open-AI, and Government regulation of Voss’s approach to A.I (adaptive)
1:10:00 Using A.I based Epidemiology models to prevent Pandemics (Coronavirus/Covid-19)
1:11:51 Where will A.I be in the next 10 years? : Voss VS Kurzweil
1:15:33 Intelligence Explosion : Could AGI ever become ASI? (Artificial Super Intelligence)
1:19:00 Hollywood on AI : Terminator, Ex Machina, Her, Millenial Man
1:19:43 Conclusion : What can we do to help fund AGI?

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:22 Gene The Chromosome intro
:14 José interview begins. Follow José Cordeiro on social media:
:55 Watch 2019 RAADFest Roundup
:20 Transhumanist’s 3 core beliefs
:22 Law of Accelerating Returns
:45 José believes we will cure human aging in the next 2–3 decades
:31 quantum computers
:33 Ray Kurzweil
:02 Longevity Escape Velocity
:56 The Singularity is Nearer
:46 the world is improving overall thanks to science and technology
:35 overpopulation fallacy
:14 Idiocracy
:53 Zero to One
:10 human aging and death is the biggest problem for humanity
:45 José plans to be biologically younger than 30 by 2040–2045
:02 How to convince religious people to believe in science and biorejuvenation
:44 everything is “impossible” until it becomes possible
:44 Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)
:20 José is not afraid of Artificial Intelligence. José is afraid of human stupidity.
:00:20 Brent Nally & Vladimir Trufanov are co-founders of Watch to learn more
:01:15 Watch Brent’s interviews with Dr. Alex Zhavoronkov &
:02:40 José shares what he believes causes human aging and the best treatments for aging
:09:04 Watch Brent’s interviews with Dr. Aubrey de Grey &
:11:30 Dr. David Sinclair
:12:01 non-aging related risks for human death
:13:08 Watch Transhumania cryonics video
:22:30 We wish everyone incredible health and a long life!
:23:26 first ~3 minutes of Idiocracy
:25:55 Gennady Stolyarov II
:32:05 there are many biologically immortal species
:33:02 telomerase gene therapy
:37:38 Viva la Revolución!

Why is Alcor in Arizona? The main reason is that the risk of earthquakes and other natural disasters is fairly low. People opting for cryonics expect that their bodies might be in stasis for timescales measured in centuries.

As far as financial matters go, many of Alcor’s clients use life insurance policies to cover the cost of preservation and maintenance ($200,000 for a whole body or $80,000 for just the head). People use trust funds if they have net worth they want to recover when revived in the future.

The rationale presented to those considering cryonics is that there’s no guarantee they will ever be revived, but that it is reasonable that they might be. Along with chemicals called cryoprotectants, bodies getting preserved receive a host of medications. The list of the agents used is constantly evolving and continuing research is likely to reveal alternative methods that preserve organ function and cell integrity better. This means that cryopreservation is likely to work better years and decades into the future than it works now, even before getting to the milestone of having somebody revived.

I interviewed transhumanist thinker Anders Sandberg, research fellow at Oxford Universities Future of Humanity Institute. We discuss how the global transhumanist movement has changed, the potential political impact of technological revolutions and the debate around cryonics. Fairly new channel so very grateful for any subscribers smile

My interview with Anders Sandberg, a prominent transhumanist thinker and research fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University.

We discuss how the transhumanist movement has changed, how it should engage in politics, whether pre-natural death cryogenics should be allowed and how long humans could live for amongst other things. Hope you enjoy!

The UK Cryonics and Cryopreservation Research Network is a group of UK researchers who, together with international advisors, aim to advance research in cryopreservation and its applications.

Although we are a small group, we hope to promote academic and industrial activity on cryopreservation, and discuss its potential applications, including the idea of cryopreserving whole humans, commonly known as cryonics. We acknowledge that cryonics is a controversial topic, but like any unprovable approach we think its scientific discussion is necessary to permit its understanding by the public and by the wider scientific community, and it allows us to address many of the misunderstandings surrounding cryonics. We also think that cryopreservation, cryogenics and cryonics are fields with a huge potential impact on human medicine whose societal implications should be considered and debated.

We hope to attract and excite students and other researchers about cryobiology, contribute to knowledge exchange and help attract interest and funding to the field.

Had a very frank discussion with Greg Mustreader about transhumanism, learned helplessness of society in the face of aging and death, insufficient sense of urgency among researchers of aging, epigenetic rejuvenation, cryonics, and so on. No filter! 😁.

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In my previous post “Cryonics for uploaders: WTF is consciousness?” I didn’t elaborate on the spiritual implications of emerging theories of consciousness and reality. Here’s a unified theory of consciousness, physics, Deity, reincarnation, afterlife, eschatology, and theo/technological resurrection wink