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Fully Autonomous Delivery Robots Might Just Become An Everyday Reality

Posted in biotech/medical, mobile phones, robotics/AI

With plans for a nationwide rollout in the United States.

While the coronavirus pandemic undoubtedly brought grave hardships to most of us, it has also provided some opportunity for innovation. At this year’s CES 2022, the world’s largest technology show that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada, the tech startup Ottonomy IO presented tremendous progress in building fleets of autonomous delivery robots. Its machines have already been employed at retail locations around the U.S., with a very real possibility they are coming to a store or drive-through near you soon.

How the robots work.
At CES, Ottonomy IO explained how its robot delivery service functions. Once you make an order online through an app, the package you ordered gets placed in a cart-like robot, which navigates to a designated pickup location, which can be quite flexible. After the robot finds you, it scans your phone, then opens up a secure locker inside, allowing you to pick up your package. One major advantage of this human-less process from a Covid-safety standpoint is that the whole interaction is contactless.

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