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What can Google’s army of robots do?| Physicists have turned back time | High Tech News

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You are on the PRO Robots channel and in this form we present you with high-tech news. What can Google’s army of robots really do? Can time turn backwards? Catapult rockets and a jet engine powered by plastic waste. All this and much more in one edition of high-tech news! Watch the video until the end and write your impressions about the new army of robots from Google in the comments.

0:00 In this issue.
0:23 Everyday Robots Project.
1:20 California startup Machina Labs.
2:01 Aero cabs try to become part of transportation systems.
2:47 Renault decided to create its own flying car.
3:39 Startup Flytrex.
4:32 Startup SpinLaunch.
5:28 A rocket engine powered by plastic waste.
6:10 NASA launched the DART mission into space.
7:02 Parker Solar Probe.
7:48 Fitness Instructor Winning a Flight on Virgin Galactic’s Space Plane.
8:24 Quantum experiment by MIT physicists.
9:28 Quantum systems can evolve in two opposite directions.
10:19 Apple to launch its augmented reality headset project.
10:58 The world’s first eye prosthesis fully printed on a 3D printer.
11:38 South Korea announced the creation of a floating city of the future.
12:30 Moscow City Council approved the list of streets available for unmanned transport.
13:15 SH-350 drone of Russian Post from Aeromax company has successfully made its first test flight.
14:00 Concern “Kalashnikov” patented its own version of a miniature electric vehicle.

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