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The Ultimate Supercomputer in Space

Posted in alien life, internet, supercomputing

Recently, the SETI, or Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, released an application called SETI AT HOME, which allows any regular computer to help the SETI researchers find alien intelligence. This idea is brilliant since it saves an enormous amount of money by distributing processing power throughout computers all around the globe instead of buying super expensive supercomputers. So, anyone can go to their website and download this application to help the SETI researchers crunch data to find extraterrestrials. This way, the entire internet can be turned into a giant supercomputer! But what if we needed a processing capacity that far exceeded all the computers on Earth used in conjunction? Well, for such vast computational power, we may have to look beyond our planetary resources, directly to the stars! This is where the idea of the Matrioshka Brain proposed by Robert J. Bradbury comes in!

In his 1960 paper “Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infra-Red Radiation”, physicist and mathematician Freeman Dyson proposed the idea of a megastructure. Now commonly known as a Dyson Sphere, it was conceived to spot other advanced civilizations in the universe, particularly, Kardashev Type 2 civilizations that are capable of controlling all of the available energy in their stellar system! Dyson believed that a Type 2 civilization should be able to build this hypothetical megastructure around its star which would completely encircle it and harness all its energy.

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