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NVIDIA Thinks we Live Inside a Simulation — Earth 2.0 Supercomputer

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The Hardware Giant NVIDIA is now working on one of the craziest projects I’ve ever seen. They’re attempting to build the fastest supercomputer ever made in hopes of simulating the entire earth in real time for climate research and potentially even more. They call this super computer Earth 2 and it’s going to feature their most powerful next generation GPU’s in the world. It’ll feature multiple exaflops of performance and be supported by the government. I can’t wait to see how this crazy project works out. It was announced by Jensen Huang at NVIDIA GTC 2021.

00:00 The Simulation Hypothesis.
01:29 What is Nvidia attempting to do?
03:10 What are supercomputers usually used for?
05:54 What is NVIDIA doing differently now?
07:02 Last Words.

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