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Turns Out, You Can Charge a Phone With Water. But How Much Does It Take?

Posted in mobile phones

Have you ever wondered how much water is needed to charge an iPhone? Probably not, because it takes electricity to charge a phone, not water. But, say if you had a hydraulic generator, you could be able to generate some electricity using only your garden hose. That is precisely what is being done in a video by the YouTube channel The Action Lab

The owner of the channel, James Orgill, demonstrates the power output of his setup, and how the voltage output goes up as he increases the water flow. The power that comes straight out of the generator is AC power, so he connects a full bridge rectifier to the output to convert it to DC. He makes sure the generated voltage is 12V at maximum by adjusting the flow, to prevent the iPhone from frying.

But, if you ever decide to do this at home, you should probably buy a voltage regulator, just to be safe. He then proceeds to charge his phone to figure out how much water would it take to fully charge his phone, and calculates that he would need 528 gallons (2,400 liters) of it! If you want to watch the demonstration, make sure you watch the video above.

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