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Joanna Bensz — Founder and CEO, Longevity Center And International Institute of Longevity (IIOL)

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Science, Technology & Protocols For Healthy Longevity And Sustainable Health — Joanna Bensz, Founder and CEO, Longevity Center & International Institute of Longevity (IIOL), joins me on Progress, Potential, And Possibilities Geopolitical Intelligence Services #Health #Wellness #Aging #Longevity #JoannaBensz #PrinceMichaelOfLiechtenstein

Joanna Bensz is Founder and CEO of Longevity Center (, a boutique preventive health and longevity medical center, that focuses on scientifically and medically advanced technologies and protocols for healthy longevity and sustainable health.

Joanna is also Founder and CEO of the International Institute of Longevity (IIOL —, an international organization with offices in Liechtenstein and Poland, co-founded in partnership with H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein, focusing on developing a healthy longevity agenda in Europe, identifying, highlighting and promoting solutions, technologies and lifestyle choices that prevent chronic and age related diseases leading to increasing vitality and healthy life spans.

Over her career, Joanna has spent time in a range of regional, general and business development director positions, with a number of Fortune 500 companies across Central and Eastern Europe, including at the international project management, architectural and engineering PM Group, Lockheed Martin, and at Geopolitical Intelligence Services, an organization providing independent political intelligence, strategic analysis and future scenarios to companies, governments, organizations and individual leaders, also founded by H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein.

Joanna has also served as the Vice Chairman and Board Member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Poland, and was responsible for development and leadership of AmCham regional offices in Wroclaw and Kraków.

Joanna holds a Master of Arts degree in German Studies from University in Wroclaw, as well as a Diploma in Strategic and International Marketing at the Dublin Business School. She also completed the Advanced Management Program at IESE, University of Navarra in Barcelona.

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