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Reverse Aging of 54% Study Extension — Dr. Harold Katcher’s E5 Project Update July 2021

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Encouraging Mid Trial data update! Great to know Dr. Katcher is applying for IRB approval for their human clinical trial for E5.

In this video we provide an update on Dr. Katcher’s experiment where he is treating rats with E5 (formerly called Elixer) on a regular schedule to see how long they will live for. Dr Katcher’s team have kindly provided some intermediate updates that we share in the video.
0:00 — 00:50 Introduction.
00:51 — 04:02 Project Background/Overview.
04:03 — Project Update.

Papers referred to in this newsletter.
The original study is documented here:

Reversing age: dual species measurement of epigenetic age with a single clock.

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