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Society of Immortals

Posted in life extension

When immortality is available to the masses and not just the rich.

This is when immortality is granted on a large scale: to an entire civilization, or a village. Species that are naturally immortal such as elves fall under this as well. This can sidestep some of the problems inherent to immortality because when everyone is immortal then no one is alone and the general culture and mindset is that immortality is ‘normal’ and death is not.

Their source of immortality may be a large or mass-produced Immortality Inducer. If their immortality involves Immortality Immorality it may overlap with Town with a Dark Secret. There’s also the question of what type of Immortality the civilization has; a society whose members can respawn quickly after death will be different from one whose members never die from old age and both will be different from one whose members never die, period. Regardless, Immortal Procreation Clause is likely to be in effect and little attention will be paid to the traditional gender roles.


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