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Join the Transdisciplinary Agora for Future Discussions, Inc. — TAFFD’s.

A bi-weekly virtual town hall-like show presenting in-depth discussions on issues connected to African advancement in the 21st century ranging from science, technology, … See More.

Creating a space for discussions on ideas and issues related to the African condition, and develop a suitable narrative through multidimensional approaches to drive progress in Africa towards a sustainable and more prosperous future.

Building from the present and critically reconstructed African past for a greater, highly advanced, cosmopolitan, peaceful, and prosperous future African civilization through meaningful and fruitful discourse and action.

Holding: TAFFD’s Africa.
Host: Chogwu Abdul.

To steer discourse and action for a needed cultural, scientific, and technological revolution in 21st century Africa.
To provide global exposure for African skills and innovations to opportunities for investments and industrial growth.
To provide a platform for dialogues towards creative solutions to contemporary African problems; social, political, and economic.
To drive consciousness and initiatives for conceptual, material, and infrastructural transformations necessary in actualizing the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Africa.
To promote Afrofuturism as a movement and philosophy of history, science, and development relevant for significant transformations and advancement in the technology, culture, and economy of Africa.
To pursue the vision of an African Enlightenment through the provision of an intellectual environment for stimulation and exchange of knowledge and ideas.

Mode of Execution.
The Africa Town Hall meetings will be conducted virtually, presumably as Zoom conferences, and streamed live on various TAFFD’s social media platforms.
Each session will consist of a focus either on a topical issue, idea, event, or institution(s) related to Africa and feature a panel of discussants (experts/resource persons drawn from diverse relevant fields) alongside an audience. The themes of discussion can range from science, technology, medicine, innovations, business, industry, education, art, creativity, entertainment, culture, politics, current affairs, futurism, etc., as connected to the African experience.
Each session further can either be a focus on a situation in a particular African country, the African continent/condition in general, the experience of Africans in Diaspora, or on a global issue/event as viewed from an African perspective or in the context of its implications for Africa.
Upon some necessary editing of the virtual meetings, these sessions may be developed/produced and uploaded as podcasts/videos on YouTube and/or other sites for wider public consumption.
Bi-weekly (i.e., once every two weeks and twice a month).
1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 18:00 WAT.
A one-hour (1 hour) program.
We help prepare people’s minds by talking about the current advantages of this new paradigm and what the future entails using a trans-disciplinary approach that is transposed through the TAFFD’s Quarterly Journal, TAFFD’s annual Magazine, TAFFD’s International/Local Conferencing, TAFFD’s Awards, and TAFFD’s Teens divisions of our organization.

TAFFD’s is grateful & honored to be supported/endorsed by the Lifeboat Foundation, USTP, International Longevity Alliance, Open Source Mode, Emerge, Aubrey de Grey, Catherine Demetriades, and by many people who wish to change the world through the proper use of technology.


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