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Regulating the rise of Artificial General Intelligence

Posted in governance, robotics/AI

If you are interested in artificial general intelligence (AGI), then I have a panel discussion to recommend. My friend, David Wood, has done a masterful job of selecting three panelists with deep insight into possible regulation of AGI. One of the panelists was my friend, Dan Faggella, who was eloquent and informative as usual. For this session of the London Futurists, David Wood selected two other panelists with significantly different opinions on how to properly restrain AGI.

As research around the world proceeds to improve the power, the scope, and the generality of AI systems, should developers adopt regulatory frameworks to help steer progress?

What are the main threats that such regulations should be guarding against? In the midst of an intense international race to obtain better AI, are such frameworks doomed to be ineffective? Might such frameworks do more harm than good, hindering valuable innovation? Are there good examples of precedents, from other fields of technology, of international agreements proving beneficial? Or is discussion of frameworks for the governance of AGI (Artificial General Intelligence) a distraction from more pressing issues, given the potential long time scales ahead before AGI becomes a realistic prospect?

This 90 minute London Futurists live Zoom webinar featured a number of panellists with deep insight into the issues of improving AI:

*) Joanna Bryson, Professor of Ethics and Technology at the Hertie School, Berlin,
*) Dan Faggella, CEO and Head of Research, Emerj Artificial Intelligence Research,
*) Nell Watson, tech ethicist, machine learning researcher, and social reformer,

The webinar took place from 4pm UK time on Saturday 30th May. The video resolution is low, but the quality of the panellists contributions shines through.

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