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Scientists Just Used a Tractor Beam to Levitate the Largest Object Yet

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The world’s most powerful tractor beam just lifted a 2 centimeter ball, but could it make levitating humans a reality?

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Thumbnail image courtesy of University of Bristol.

The world’s most powerful acoustic tractor beam could pave the way for levitating humans.
“Acoustic tractor beams use the power of sound to hold particles in mid-air, and unlike magnetic levitation, they can grab most solids or liquids. For the first time University of Bristol engineers have shown it is possible to stably trap objects larger than the wavelength of sound in an acoustic tractor beam.”

Weaponizing Sound: How a ‘Silent’ Sonic Weapon Might Work
“A super secret sonic weapon being used to attack diplomats in a foreign country may sound like the start of a sci-fi novel, but that’s exactly what several US diplomats in Cuba may have been exposed to, the US State Department recently announced.”

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