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What is A.I. and how it will affect our $200 billion Digital Ad Market?

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Nowadays, the latest buzzword of attraction is “Artificial Intelligence” and its immediate impact on our advertising sector. As the CEO of Gravity4, I thought it to be only appropriate to help dissect this new evolutionary phase of our industry as we apply it. It is no doubt that ‘Deep Learning’ is our future, and it is on course to have a huge impact on the lives of everyday consumers and business sectors. In the scientific world, deep learning is referred to as “deep neural networks”. These involve a family of artificial intelligence, popularly known as AI, something named way back in 1955, and something which Facebook, Google and Microsoft are all now pushing for with Herculean force. In fact, according to the international data corporation, it is estimated that from a global standpoint, by 2020, the artificial intelligence market could reach close to $50 billion.

Getting to Grips With the Terminology

AI refers to a collection of tools and technologies, some of which are relatively new, and some of which are time-tested. The techniques that are employed allow computers to use these tools and technologies to imitate human intelligence. These include: machine learning such as deep learning, decision trees, if-then rules, and logic.

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