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Breakthrough Diabetes Cell Therapy Could Be A Game Changer

Posted in biotech/medical, innovation

Research is edging us closer to a cure for type 1 diabetes, with encapsulated insulin producing cells that could last for years — ending daily injections

Over 400,000 in the UK alone live with type 1 diabetes, and daily injections are far from a ‘cure’ for the condition. Although these have saved millions worldwide, they’re inaccurate in comparison to the body’s own finely tuned insulin producing cells. This leads to progressive damage and complications.

The wonders of cell therapy

In type 1, and some later stage type 2 diabetics, the body lacks capable insulin producing beta cells. These carefully release packets of insulin in response to fluctuating blood sugar levels, and keep your blood sugar in check. Harvesting beta cells from deceased donors has been attempted in the past, but they’re quickly attacked by the immune system and patients must take unpleasant immunosuppressant drugs alongside the treatment.

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