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FUTURISM UPDATE (February 12, 2015)

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FUTURISM UPDATE (February 12, 2015) — Mr. Andres Agostini, Amazon, LinkedIn


LINKEDIN: The Future of Scientific Knowledge Doubling, Today!

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Our Fear of Artificial Intelligence. A true AI might ruin the world—but that assumes it’s possible at all.

TRIBUNE-COM: ‘Pakistan Foresight Initiative’ launched

BLOOMBERG: The Return of Artificial Intelligence. Google, Facebook, Amazon spur rebirth of industry after decades of little corporate attention

POPULAR SCIENCE: Right Now, You’re Breathing A Potentially Dangerous Substance. Air: It’s one of the world’s most important, least understood, and possibly life-saving substances

PHYS-ORG: A collaborative of researchers from several U.S. universities has published a new paper that explains the major contradictions presented by the prevailing cold dark matter (CDM) cosmological model, and proposes approaches for reconciling cosmological observations with the CDM model’s predictions. The paper, titled “Cold dark matter: Controversies on small scales,” was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in December.

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Don’t Block the Sun to Cope with Global Warming

PHYS-ORG: Britain starts public trial of driverless cars

PHYS-ORG: Europe said it had launched a prototype space plane Wednesday in a strategy to join an elite club able to both launch a spacecraft and return it safely to Earth.

PHYS-ORG: Novel high-power microwave generator. High-power microwaves are frequently used in civil applications, such as radar and communication systems, heating and current drive of plasmas in fusion devices, and acceleration in high-energy linear colliders. They can also be used for military purpose in directed-energy weapons or missile guidance systems.

LINKEDIN: The Future of Biotechnology and The Future of Bravado Futures, Now!

Deloitte Review: The creation of products and services derived from crowd-based insights is the foundation of the “billion-to-one” experience. Taking your characteristics and behavior and contextualizing them with data from many thousands of other individuals allows designers to deliver products and services that are, or at least feel, unique.

NATURE-COM: Hubble successor will struggle to hunt alien life. Exoplanet researchers will vie with astrophysicists for access to James Webb Space Telescope, which is not optimized for studying Earth-like worlds.

NEWSWEEK: Off-World 3-D Printing Is How Humans Will Colonize Space

LINKEDIN: Homer Simpson on Rocket Science and Bart Simpson on Hi-Tech

FOREIGN POLICY: Why Arming Kiev Is a Really, Really Bad Idea

NATURE-COM: Brittle intermetallic compound makes ultrastrong low-density steel with large ductility

FINANCIAL TIMES: Greek bailout talks with Europe break down

LINKEDIN: The Personal Cosmology of Southern Europe and Eastern Europe!

FINANCIAL TIMES: Australia jobs market worse than expected in January

THE ECONOMIST: War against Islamic State needs not just guns and planes but the waging of a battle of ideas

THE ECONOMIST: Several studies suggest that when immigrants arrive, crime goes down, schools improve and shops open up

STRATFOR: Can Greece implement the strategy Argentina used to save its struggling economy?

THE ECONOMIST: After a while, like any feel-good drug, debt becomes addictive

FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Tesla hits a speed bump as sales and big spending disappoints

THE ECONOMIST: If freeing crude exports makes America richer, its allies stronger and the world safer, what stands in the way?

FINANCIAL TIMES: Private banks must be more than laundries

THE ECONOMIST: In recent weeks US airlines have been the victims of a dramatic spike in social-media bomb threats

MONEY-COM: Apple and Tesla are battling for this critically important resource

REUTERS: SpaceX rocket blasts off to put weather satellite into deep space

REUTERS: Apple deal, tax change could spark corporate solar stampede

GIZMODO: Saudi Arabia is building a 600-mile wall along the Iraq border.

FINANCIAL TIMES: Opinion: Differences that divide union in Europe

THE ECONOMIST: If freeing crude exports makes America richer, its allies stronger and the world safer, what stands in the way?

THE ECONOMIST: You, and me, and baby makes three. So who’s this other lady?

FORBES: Datto deals in the coma-inducing — but profitable — business of information recovery:

THE MOSCOW TIMES: Analysts: A Simple Cease-Fire Won’t Bring Lasting Peace to Ukraine

SCIENTIFIC AMERICA: Nicaragua [through China] Constructs Enormous Canal, Blind to its Environmental Cost

INC-COM: Robots Are Replacing Us Faster Than We Expected. As robots learn to react to the unexpected, the need for human workers continues to diminish.

Harvard B-school opens the flood gates with online courses


Authored By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini

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