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Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/26/2015

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Lifeboat Foundation — Futurism Update — Feb/26/2015





READWRITE-COM: Hadoop Creator: If You Want To Succeed With Big Data, Start Small

FORBES: How The Internet Of Things Can Enhance Human Relationships

MIT OPEN COURSEWARE: Brain and Cognitive Sciences
ENTREPRENEUR-COM: Is Bitcoin Speculative Foolery or a Financial Services Breakthrough?

TED: 30 futuristic spacecraft driving the new space age

TECHCRUNCH: Defining the digital currency professional

ACCENTURE: Software intelligence, elevated by the cloud, is a game-changer across business & industry:

IEEE SPECTRUM: Internet-of-Things Radio Chip Consumes a Little Power to Save a Lot: MIT engineers build a 100-fold more effic…

THE ECONOMIST: Why James Wilson and The Economist supported compulsory vaccination in 1853

FINANCIAL TIMES: Pharmacyclics considers sale as drug deals roll on

PWC: to discuss leading practices in #databreach preparedness & response at the IAPPSummit on 3/5. Join us:

BUSINESS INSIDER: This is what it’s like to drive the McLaren 650S Spider,

SCI TECH DAILY: Yale Neurobiologists Discover Surprising Trigger of New Brain Cell Growth

BBC NEWS: Skin may helps spot Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease

THE DAILY MAIL: Will holidays soon be uploaded to our MINDS? Dr Michio Kaku reveals how we could use our brains in the next 50 years

SCIENCE DAILY: Tissue engineering: Scientists grow leg muscle from cells in a dish

FINANCIAL TIMES: Urwin quits JPMorgan for Deutsche Bank

These crowdfunding campaigns are weirder than yours

NEW YORK TIMES: Limited High-Speed Internet Choices Underlie Net Neutrality Rules

NEW SCIENTIST: Google DeepMind AI outplays humans at video games

THE ECONOMIST: America’s mortgage-insurance giants are making bigger profits than before the crisis

FINANCIAL TIMES: Video: Google’s European shake-up

HUDSON INSTITUTE: “Executive Tell All: Progress, Challenges, Opps”

NEW YORK TIMES: Bits Blog: A Google Computer Can Teach Itself Games

NEW YORK TIMES: Machine Learning: Video Feature: High-Quality Smartphones for Less Money

BUSINESS INSIDER: Product Hunt founder: Here’s how we could make money someday

IT WORLD: Mobile is pushing the boundaries of IT security (registration required)

IEEE: Computer scientists want to make a form of AI that can play a game only knowing the rules of it:

MEDICAL XPRESS: Hidden gene gives hope for improving brainfunction

CNBC: This is taking a bigger economic toll on U.S. »

ROCKEFELLER FUND: NASA warns of a ClimateChange-fueled “mega-drought” in North America if CO2 levels don’t decrease

DER SPIEGEL: Interview with Naomi Klein: ‘The Economic System We Have Created Global Warming’

THE ECONOMIST: Why James Wilson and The Economist supported compulsory vaccination in 1853

KPMG: Cloud technology helps enable A&D companies to leapfrog over competition


REUTERS: Astronomers find giant black hole in early universe

DER SPIEGEL: The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet?

THE ECONOMIST: From Espresso: Cards on the table: the hacking of Gemalto

BUSINESS INSIDER: NY investigators have flagged “millions” of potentially illegal money laundering transactions — all at one bank

TECHCRUNCH: Hands On With The New Moto E

MEDICAL XPRESS: Researchers find link between inflammation, tissue regeneration and wound repair response

NIH: A2 When genes mutate, they can lead to genetic disorders. There are 3 types &you can learn more about them:

MONEY: Boomers’ homes are once again their castles

CSIS: Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs speaks on China’s emerging role in the Arctic: watch live

BUSINESS INSIDER: This chart shows how China, India, and Japan are competing to develop own aircraft carriers

VENTURE BEAT: Google built a machine that’s better at games than you are

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: Are people willing to pay more for fair trade products?

FORBES: FCC scheduled to vote tomorrow to make broadband providers the equivalent of common-carrier telephone companies:

UN FOUNDATION: “Social good needs to be a part of life. It is a part of our DNA” —

WORLD BANK: Why being your whole self — and not just your “good” self, drives success and fulfillment.

CRITICAL THREATS: Yemen Special Forces camp west of capital

BUSINESS INSIDER: Russia considered a plan to split Ukraine before the president’s overthrow

NETWORK WORLD: “The change for @ExtremeNetworks vs where we were prior to the Enterasys acquisition is pretty dramatic.”

CNET: Google is making an enterprise push with Android for Work

YAHOO: U.S. oil jumps nearly 2% as distillate stocks narrow.

JetBlue gives out free flights, just for being nice

Women are more likely to feel sharp upper body pain when having a heart attack.

FINANCIAL TIMES: Is your lawnmower too loud? The growing campaign for quieter garden machines:

REUTERS: Life in Hong Kong’s illegally divided apartments that are just large enough for a bed.

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Train derails after colliding with truck in Oxnard, California

BUSINESS INSIDER: The stock market is not attractive at this price — but it could be worse

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: CRN Exclusive: HP CEO Whitman On IBM’s Partner Run-Off, The Battle With Cisco And AWS Integration

FRANCE 24: DEBATE — Swissleaks and the Banks

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Only effective tests for chronic fatigue syndrome will change its image.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: The IRS audited 0.86% of individual taxpayers last year, the lowest rate in a decade:

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: “We need to respond to Russia’s blatant breach of intl. law”- Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Robots might take some people’s jobs, but they still can’t fold the laundry:

REUTERS: Pink cloud from NASA rocket lights up sky over U.S. Southwest

FRANCE 24: Israel court okays Charlie Hebdo distribution for vote

REUTERS: Study links common food additives to Crohn’s disease, colitis

NATGEO: Thanks to big government and high taxes, Scandinavia is a success story—mostly:

ACCENTURE: AccentureCloud: Software intelligence, elevated by the cloud, is a game-changer across business & industry:

BLOOMBERG: ScottWalker’s economic record

FINANCIAL TIMES: MPs grill HSBC chiefs over tax scandal

BLLOMBERG: Finding opportunities in a low-volatility market:

SCIENCE FRIDAY: Leave your headphones at home- the most effective way to learn another language is to interact with a native speaker.

PWC: PwC to discuss leading practices in databreach preparedness & response at the IAPP Summit on 3/5. Join us:

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT: Did you miss this? AMA Picked 2014’s Most Notable Biz Influencers:

CSIS: China’s new cybersecurity rules could ruin the progress on Beijing-Washington relations

BOSTON CONSULTING GROUP: Consumers would rather sacrifice other luxuries than lose use of their

DEFENSE NEWS: Singapore is moving closer to ordering the Lockheed Martin F-35 joint strike fighter Avalon Airshow Avalon 2015

FORTUNE: Why Mercedes wants to export more vehicles to the U.S.

STANFORD UNIVERSITY: “Today Turkey has just 1% e-commerce penetration compared to 10% in the U.S. and 8% in Europe.”

FOREIGN POLICY: Does the euro project even make sense anymore? Did it ever?

PC MAG: The 10 Best Gaming Monitors:

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Will oil prices fall to $10 or rebound to $100? (+video)

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Chronicfatigue is real, and women are 2–4x more likely than men to be diagnosed with it.

MICROSOFT: Have a burning question about digital marketing, SEO, etc? See if it’s on this list:

MICROSOFT: Certified in an older version of Windows Server? Earn your MCSA: Windows Server 2012 with just one exam:

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Among Trillions of Microbes in the Gut, a Few Are Special

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Net Neutrality and the Open Internet

SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: Critically Endangered Plant with Brilliant Purple Flowers Discovered in Hawaii

WIRED: How to win at Facebook, according to its strategy guru

POPULAR MECHANICS: Consumer Reports has named its 2015 top automotive picks, and Tesla is still on top

MASHABLE: Winners and losers: A breakdown ahead of the net neutrality vote

BUSINESS INSIDER: Iranian general: We’ve tested a ballistic missile that can destroy aircraft carriers —

TED: 4 ways to donate to good causes more effectively:

BUSINESS INSIDER: Portfolios with penny stocks were three times more likely to lose money in 2014

ZDNET: Only 40 percent of the global population ever connected to the internet: report

FAST COMPANY: How to spot future leaders

BUSINESS INSIDER: HP buyout report sends Aruba’s shares skyrocketing

INC: Rebecca Minkoff’s Store Of The Future Will Blow Your Mind

NATURE: The quest for artificial intelligence starts w Pong & Space Invaders, at Google’s DeepMind lab

MASHABLE: Apple has been ordered to pay half a billion dollars to a company many are describing as a ‘patent troll’

PWC: PwC shares an integrated framework for moving to the new revenue recognition standard:

THE ECONOMIST: The Milky Way is not as young as it looks. The secret of galactic youth? Eating hydrogen gas clouds, of course

ACCENTURE: Here’s a great read on how #retailers can ‘combine traditional & online shopping to enhance CX’:

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Accident victims are the first to get mind-controlled bionic hands

FORBES: IBM Smarter PlanetVoice: Three ways to build the next-generation of startups with cloud

REUTERS: U.S. government says 8.84 million people signed on for 2015 Obamacare plans

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Y Combinator-Backed Bright Aims To Bring Solar Power To Mexico

BUSINESS INSIDER: Russia can’t defeat NATO, but Putin might still try —

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: International travelers to the U.S. spent a record $222 billion in 2014

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Android for Work is Google’s latest attempt to win over the enterprise:

MASHABLE: Motorola’s new Moto E is bigger, faster and has 4G LTE for $150

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: China could stage an IPO next year that would be even bigger than Alibaba:

RAND CORPORATION: Some say int’l norms for drones/ UAVs would limit US while doing nothing to constrain others. Our experts weigh in:

NEW SCIENTIST: Drug-resistant malaria is on India’s doorstep. If not contained, it could soon threaten Africa

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: FedEx is refusing to ship a tool that makes untraceable metal gun parts

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: A morning for artificial intelligence, with Demis Hassabis profiled and a warning

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Kickstarter Says Today’s 2-Hour Long Outage Wasn’t Pebble’s Fault

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Why You Won’t Be Able To Buy An Apple Car

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Study examines tweets from disasters, providing key information for emergency managers & their communications teams

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: 31% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction…

MIT: “Open Internet” rules are on the verge of being approved in the U.S., but crucial details remain unclear.

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: Consumers would rather sacrifice other luxuries than lose use of their mobiles:

FUTURE OBSERVATORY: The State of the Future (February 26, 2015 Update!)–

CAPGEMINI: Cybersecurity: Is your enterprise system protected or vulnerable?

DELOITTE UNIVERSITY PRESS: Amplified intelligence.

MIT NEWS: Radio chip for the “Internet of things”. Circuit that reduces power leakage when transmitters are idle could greatly extend battery life.

MIT NEWS: How brain waves guide memory formation. Neurons hum at different frequencies to tell the brain which memories it should store.

FASTCOEXIST: Meet The Robots That Are Taking Over Japan. At this pace, the country’s robot population is going to outnumber people.

ACCENTURE: Follow @AccentureOps for news and insight on all things critical to business operations today.

THE VERGE: The worst policies from the war on terror are now in our backyard

THE ECONOMIST: In the corporate world digital defences are being overwhelmed alarmingly often

THE ECONOMIST: The fire that did not cease in Ukraine

THE ECONOMIST: Record numbers of Americans living abroad are now renouncing their citizenship

AMERICAN MANAGEMENT: 10 Tough Questions Every Self-Aware Leader Needs to Answer—

CNN: Ice. Snow. Sleet. How the nation is coping with winter’s wrath.

FORTUNE MAGAZINE: Nasdaq nears its dot-com bubble-era record

WHARTON SCHOOL: the #economy is coming back, but why wages are stuck in a rut:

INC-COM: 2015 Best in Class Design Awards: Meet the Applicants (Entry Deadline: 3/11/15)

BLOOMBERG: “Apple reigns undisputed as the most popular hedge fund stock”

FORBES: The value of instant messaging platforms in the modern smartphone ecosystem:

MARKET WATCH: 4 stock plays that are attracting investor dollars this year:

CIO-COM: Security offers a marketing advantage for ADP

WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM: Are the assumptions about human nature that underpin mainstream economic models wrong?

STRATFOR: Petrobras is enormously significant to the Brazilian economy. It controls more than 90 % of Brazil’s oil production.

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW: If work is starting to take up more of your time, here’s how to help your family adjust

FORBES: Researchers have raised concerns about common pain drugs for people who’ve had heart attacks:

THE ECONOMIST: Schumpeter: In the battle for software talent, other industries can learn from Silicon Valley

THE ATLANTIC: Why light from your smartphone may be causing you to get a worse night sleep

HARVARD RESEARCH: Nanometer-sized “drones” could become a new way to prevent heart attacks

BUSINESS INSIDER: India’s beef traders say they’re being violently attacked by Hindu nationalists

TECHCRUNCH: The 9 largest tech-focused startup funding rounds of the past 2 years

WALL STREET JOURNAL: In new study, patients control bionic hands with their thoughts

DELOITTE: Next-generation technologies will usher in a new era of educational opportunities

TED: “Self-control is not a problem in the future. It’s only a problem now when the chocolate is next to us.”

DIGG: Google And Apple Fight For The Car Dashboard

MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW: Five Loopholes That Could Undermine Net Neutrality. “Open Internet” rules are on the verge of being approved in the U.S., but crucial details remain unclear.

FRANCE 24: Russia’s ruble slides on ‘junk’ rating downgrade

BROOKINGS: How does your city compare to the fastest growing economies in the U.S.?

FAST COMPANY: How Japan’s Line app became a culture-changing, revenue-generating phenomenon

SAP-COM: Real-time data is now helping people make “real-life healthcare choices” —

BUSINESS INSIDER: HP CFO indicates more layoffs after it finishes cutting 55,000 people

STANFORD MEDICINE: Sex biology redefined: Genes don’t indicate binary sexes:

THE ECONOMIST: Latin America’s social progress has stopped. What is to be done?

5 Cyber Security Predictions for 2015

BBC: Brain-controlled drone shown off by Tekever in Lisbon

FORBES: What Would Orwell and Huxley Think About Big Data?

FINANCIAL TIMES: Petrobras downgraded to junk by Moody’s. The corruption investigation into Petrobras and the subsequent liquidity pressures have prompted its first significant downgrade into junk status since the crisis unfolded.

MIT NEWS: Inventing “civilization 2.0”. Conference explores how wearables and other technologies are changing how we connect and conduct business.

IBM: “z13: The New Possible”

MASAHBLE: Police puzzled as multiple drones spotted over Paris landmarks

TECHCRUNCH: Undercuts Amazon And Walmart With New Free Shipping Minimums

ROYAL SOCIETY: Don’t miss The Long Road to the Higgs Boson — and Beyond, with Prof John Ellis on 3 Mar

FASTCOEXIST: Meet The Robots That Are Taking Over Japan. At this pace, the country’s robot population is going to outnumber people. FASTCOEXIST: Meet The Robots That Are Taking Over Japan. At this pace, the country’s robot population is going to outnumber people.

WASHINGTON POST: Here’s how the clash between the NSA Director and a senior Yahoo executive went down.

PHYS-ORG: NASA satellite sees a warm winter in the Western US

ACCENTURE: #HigherEducation must make the grade in #digital: 85% high school seniors say innovation is key to their selection.

ZDNET: Oracle updates big data portfolio, aims to be ‘visual face of Hadoop’

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