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Which Ego? And, ergo, P.Q. By Lifeboat Foundation’s Own Andres Agostini — Amazon, LinkedIn

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Which Ego? And, ergo, P.Q.

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There is no “…Ego…”, but SELF-INTEREST WITH SELF ESTEEM, fueled only by SELF OWN WILL POWER and hence directed by OWN ETHOS and OWN COGNITION and OWN SENSING.


P.Q. equates to Prudential Quotient or, better yet, to PRUDENTIAL INTELLIGENCE (P.Q.).

With Prudential Intelligence Plus Interculturalness, You Have Serenity and Productivity and, therefore, Five-Star Corporate Generals (High-Brass CEOs) are subsequently enable to structurally cope with the ‘Global Marketplace”s business-like theater of military operations.


Authored By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini

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