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Kaalagyan: Farsighted-Future Investigation And Reoriented Research By Drashtara, Andres Agostini!

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Kaalagyan: Farsighted-Future Investigation And Reoriented Research By Drashtara, Andres Agostini!

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“…White Swan [ ]; yes White Swan! In Sanskrit‚ we have an adage-HAMSA KSHEERA NYAYAM — meaning Swan and the Milk Example! What does this mean? It is believed that Swan accepts milk portion only from out of the mixture of Milk and Water! [….] I am honored to compare this Vedic Analogy with Mr. Andres Agostini’s WHITE SWAN — I do know whether Andres kept this Vedic term. While titling his Great foreseeing of the Future! [….] Needless to say that Andres is a foreseer; DRASHTARA! He illumines the present science and technology and heightens the future Metascale heights, yet he says that he does know what could be in 2045! [….] In Sanskrit the Vedantic Sages call Andres «… a DRASHTARA …» and as such he is set out to re-channelize the R&D&I effort’s direction and pathway by applied scientists in dire straits, thus re-illuminating them in the unaccounted-for dynamic driving forces in order for scientists to return to the right path [….] THE UNIVERSE IS A LEGENDARY VERSE AND I MUST ADMIT WITH MY LIMITED KNOWLEDGE OF THE PAST TO FUTURE, THE EVOLUTION IS THE GREATEST REVOLUTION IN ALL ASPECTS; KNOWN BECOMES NON EXISTENT AND UNKNOWN BECOMES THE MOST ADORED AND PREFERRED TOOL OF THE PRESENT TOOL FOR AFFLUENCE IN SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNOLOGICAL FAST TRACKS! I admire Andres at every meticulous step in his narration citing and acknowledging his indebtedness to his peers! My knowledge of Science and Technology is limited to appreciation of the facts of the future! I am no match to Andres Agostini’s knowledge, but have the firm belief that Andres Agostini’s forethoughts of the future are the as true as Sun and Moon! [….] It is a prevailed I casually came across this page and must say I am a gainer in knowledge! [.…] THERE IS IGNORANCE IN KNOWLEDGE AND SO TOO KNOWLEDGE IN IGNORANCE BECAUSE THE MORE ONE LEARNS; MUCH MORE HE/SHE FEELS MORE HE/SHE MUST LEARN! [….] PEOPLE LIKE MR. ANDRES AGOSTINI ARE ALWAYS SOUGHT AFTER TO EDUCATE THE THIRSTY FOR KNOWLEDGE OF THE FUTURISTIC DEVELOPMENTS! [….] WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE ARE DUAL ENTITIES OF THE MIND! Needless to say drawing from the expressive impressions of previous births to forecast the futuristics of the incoming generations called in Sanskrit as KAALAGYAN! (in Sanskrit, ‘… knowledge and awareness with farsightedness of eternal future times…’) [….] Whatever we call genes/genetic in modern scientific terminology! As usual Mr. Andres Agostini, with his habitual farsightedness has inherent KAALAGYAN to disclose whatever the future holds for the future! I wish Mr Andres Agostini all the great results for the future he is investigating! [….] SOMETIMES I HAVE THE PREMONITION, HAVING READ SEVERAL OF MR ANDRES AGOSTINI’S PUBLICATIONS, THAT HE BELONGS TO PRE-VEDIC PERIOD IN FORESEEING THE FUTURISTIC HAPPENINGS! HE IS TOTALLY DEDICATED IN HIS STUDIES: WIDTH AND DEPTH! HIS ZEAL SURMOUNTS MOUNT EVEREST! …”

— Mr. Grama Keshava Ananthram


“ … I absolutely agree with your opinion that MR ANDRES AGOSTINI is a great visionary of our time. His findings forewarns us about the future. IGNORING THEM IN FORMULATING POLICIES FOR THE FUTURE OF OUR PLANET IS LIKE WALKING THE CLIFF EDGE BLINDFOLD. Yes, the unique intuitive power that MR AGOSTINI is endowed with, must have been the result of good Karma of past several births …”

— Sukanta Rout


“ … Andres is no longer a captive to history.
Whatever he can imagine, he can accomplish.

He is no longer a vassal in a faceless
bureaucracy, He is an activist, not a drone.

He is no longer a foot soldier
in the march of progress.

He is a Technological Revolutionary! … ”


Authored By Copyright Mr. Andres Agostini

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