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Bionic Athletes With Exoskeletons, Robotic Limbs, and Brain-Control Devices to Compete in 2016 Cybathlon

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Jason Dorrier — Singularity Hub

While traditional sports only grudgingly accept technological augmentation, the 2016 Cybathlon, a kind of hybrid between the XPRIZE and Olympics, embraces it with both robotic arms. Disabled competitors (or pilots) will compete using assistance devices like powered exoskeletons, robotic prostheses, and brain-control interfaces.

We’ve chronicled the continuous evolution of such technologies over the years, but they’re still largely out of reach for most folks.

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  1. It’s exciting to think that so much progress has, and is being made, in these technologies. I believe the public’s awareness will go through the roof once they are demonstrated at the upcoming World Cup. Specifically, this will be where much of the world will see a paralyzed teenager wearing a mind controlled exoskeleton will do the initial kick of the ball to start the games.

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