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The Future of Scientific Management, Today!

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FEBRUARY 06/2014 UPDATES [LIST]. By Mr. Andres Agostini at The Future of Scientific Management, Today! At


Faraway Planets May Be Far Better for Life

Six Trends That Will Shape Consumer Behavior This Year

Viewing Cancer as a Physics Problem Suggests New Treatments

Brain Scans Show Promise for Early Detection of Cognitive Problems

DNA-origami nanotubes self-align with self-organized nanoscale patterns to create nanoelectronic circuits

First single-molecule LED

Virus-free, cord-blood-derived stem cells repair retinal tissue in mice

Will ‘borophene’ replace graphene as a better conductor of electrons?

The mind-blowing mathematics of sunflowers

Miniature satellites utilize UDP-based multicasting over WIFI to relay data in a more secure and direct way.!usmgT

First Single-Molecule LED

The Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense 5.0 Opens to Public Comment

Six Simple Insights to Become a Better Innovator

13 Predictions About The Future That Were Spectacularly Wrong

The future of wearables: 8 predictions from tech leaders

India’s first ‘school in the cloud’ aims to elevate kids

Nationalism could destroy global economy, warns Christine Lagarde

“Perception” and “Prediction” Goal of Ford’s MIT/Stanford Automated Driving Partnership

Johnson & Johnson Takes Newspaper Readers Back With Ads That Smell Like Baby Powder

Scratch-Off Bus Stop Ads Reveal Hidden Art

How Architecture Could Shape Your Microbiome

Expansion Boom in the UK from Overseas Internet Shoppers

Twitter Is Hiring Commerce Specialists

Teaching Surgery With Google Glass–Will This Actually Work?

Lightwaves used by neuroscientists to improve brain tumor surgery–+ScienceDaily%29

DARPA wants self-destructible computer chips

Spare parts for fighter jets made by 3D printers

A market for anti-NSA technology emerges

Construction’s Growing Role in Renewable Energy

CDM Jan 2014 is out for free – Welcome 2014: The Year of Mobile Spying and Privacy Concerns

Solving the Mobile Device Dilemma: InZero Systems offers 2-Tablets-in-1

4 Things You Need to Know About Future NSA Director Michael Rogers

Bank Financing Played Big Role in Trade Collapse

What We Talk About When We Talk About Economies Of Scale In Tech

Al-Qaida Cuts Ties with Syrian Rebel Group

House Approves Bill on WMD Medical Countermeasures Expenditures

Moscow Agrees To Process Uzbekistan’s Spent Nuclear Fuel

Top 13 Cyber Security predictions for 2014…

Cyber Security Market Forecast 2014–2024

Obama hooks up new school broadband plan

Sailors allegedly cheated on nuclear reactor tests

Secret Service urges lawmakers to do more on cyber crime–sector.html

As Cyber Crime Matures, More Hacked Accounts Expected

Cyber-defence boss joins security company, warns: ‘You can’t keep a determined adversary out’

Military Force vs. Diplomacy: Can You Have One Without the Other?

Nation Faces Many Threats, Intelligence Chief Says

Change Agents: William Li’s robot wants to police you

Troubleshooting TBI: How to Beat the Odds

Narratives in the analytics era

Rural carriers start connecting customers to doctors via mobile video chat

Out in the Open: Man Creates One Programming Language to Rule Them All

From Secondary Intelligence Shortage to Secondary Intelligence Surplus

The networked car is no longer just an idea; it will be mandated in future vehicles

Why the only thing better than big data is bigger data

QUOTATION: “…Thirty-five years ago, psychologist and visionary Dr. Abraham Maslow warned, ‘life is moving far more rapidly now than ever before in the rate of growth of facts, knowledge, techniques, and inventions. We need a different kind of human being able to life in a world that changes perpetually, who has been educated to be comfortable with change and situations in which he has absolutely no forewarning. The society that can turn out those people will survive. Societies which do not will die.’…”

RECOMMENDED BOOK: Ending Aging: The Rejuvenation Breakthroughs That Could Reverse Human Aging in Our Lifetime by Aubrey de Grey and Michael Rae. ISBN-13: 978–0312367077


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