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Nuclear Secrets Smuggler A.Q. Khan is Now Free

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According to the Associated Press, Abdul Qadeer Khan is now free to “move around” and is no longer under house arrest (where he was confined since 2004).

“In January 2004, Khan confessed to having been involved in a clandestine international network of nuclear weapons technology proliferation from Pakistan to Libya, Iran and North Korea. On February 5, 2004, the President of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, announced that he had pardoned Khan, who is widely seen as a national hero.” (Source)

For more information about nuclear proliferation, see:

See also this recent post by Michael Anissimov, the Fundraising Director of the Lifeboat Foundation.

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  1. AQ Khan demonstrated considerable technical abilities. He also demonstrated the ability to establish a global network. He was able to obtain Chinese nuclear weapons blueprints. He was willing to take considerable risks. He was willing to pass on nuclear weapon technology to both Iran and Libya. He presumably still has connections in the government, military, and probably the ISI.

    What’s more, he’s a fanatic.

    Here’s what he had to say about the US after his release. “Are they happy with our God? Are they happy with our prophet? Are they happy with our leaders? Never! So why should we bother what they say about us?”

    And now he’s free!

    What confidence do we have that he or one of his associates will not work to get nuclear technology into the hands of Islamists?

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