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Nuclear Terrorism Blast Maps

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That’s what the radius of destruction would look like if a 10 kT nuke were detonated on top of my house! Put in your own zip code, and see how bad it would be for you.

I found this page by following a link from NTI, the global security organization founded by Ted Turner. Warren Buffet is another billionaire who supports NTI and encourages his shareholders to read books and watch films about the threat of nuclear terrorism.

You can order a free DVD of Last Best Chance, a film warning against nuclear terrorism, by visiting here.

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  1. If there are so many of these terrorists running around wanting to blow us up, why haven’t we seen more low-level incidents with truck bombs and the like? Even 9/11 required nothing more than two dozen people with a modicum of intelligence and a willingness to blow themselves up. The level of expertise required to even assemble a nuclear weapon guarantees that it will be much more difficult and thus much less common than a two-bit backpack bomb. We consider it national news when someone brings a gun to school and shoots people, and there are a hundred million-odd guns in this country. In comparison, how many sites are there for fissile materials? Even the poorly-secured ones at least have dedicated security guards. While my high school’s computer censor didn’t even block a blatant list of instructions for making RDX.

  2. Nice picture; I honestly didn’t know that even a 10 KT nuclear weapon would only level a few city blocks. As compared with a full-out nuclear war, which would just kill tens of millions, set research back years and thoroughly decimate every transhumanist organization I know of.

    It also requires IE, and so I can’t use it.

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